Words Are Clever, Hands Are Better

Music & More challenge

23.) mannerism that you share with RA

talking with hands


I need to move while talking: fidgeting, pacing, bouncing of knees; I get a real workout! If I’m telling a story or trying to strongly convey something, the hands and facial movements take on a life of their own. Richard acts with his whole self, I talk with my whole self. it feels like the thoughts are trying to get out through my fingertips!


I used to be very self conscious about this trait, trying to rein it in whenever possible, but that only resulted in me appearing stiff as a board and never saying anything. this is why you’ll often find me with a water bottle in my hands now: if my hands aren’t gripping the bottle to stay grounded, then they’re screwing and unscrewing the cap while I speak.  it keeps my hands busy, affording me the freedom to speak, and hydrating me at the same time!

hands are mysterious creatures.



music question: a song that you would sing on an audition for American Idol

Jar of Hearts by Christina Peri

I love to sing but my High School choir teacher confused the hell out of me by constantly switching me from Second Soprano to Alto and then back again without any real instruction, which means I never know what key to sing in. While I may totally nail it on one song, the very next one will have me sounding like a teenage boy in the midst of puberty! So if  I were going to sing something for an audience, my best bet would be to pick something all emotional and angsty, so I could lose myself in it and not think.

And it took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed
‘Cause you broke all your promises
And now you’re back
You don’t get to get me back


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Fanvid Friday: Endlessly

multi-character fanvid by Vogon Fan Vids

Thornton, Guy, Lucas, John Standring, and…Ian. We don’t see him much, do we? I like when lesser known characters are thrown into the mix. It’s a welcome surprise.


This vid has a knack for focusing on the eyes, which so many of us love.

Hopelessly I’ll love you endlessly
Hopelessly I’ll give you everything
But I won’t give you up
I won’t let you down
And I won’t leave you falling
If the moment ever comes

That first chorus really does an excellent job of capturing the eyes and the intensity that goes along with them.


and that pattern persists throughout the rest of the video too. I love the eyes *sigh*

okay, I’m going to go watch it again :)


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Remember when Richard chose dogs over cats? Maybe he was on to something…


So there I was, doing a little yard work earlier today, when I accidentally wrapped my fingers around a hiding thistle weed. those sneaky suckers spear you when you’re least expecting it! after I said a few choice words while sucking on my injured finger, I decided to call it a day and go back inside. as I leaned over the kitchen sink to wash my hands, I stepped on a tack that the cats had, no doubt, left there on purpose. after the frenzy of hopping around on one foot and spewing more colorful words had subsided, I found a chair and sat down to inspect my injury. why do small wounds hurt so much?

C.) large wounds typically send your body into shock, preventing you from feeling the pain.                    (C is always the answer)

Next, I hopped down the hall to the small bathroom and bent down to rummage through the cabinet for a band-aid. this is when a sneaky black bug, who was in league with the cats I’m sure, decided to jump out and scare me. I’d like to say I handled it like an adult but really I screamed dramatically and fell backwards onto my ass.

the scariest bugs always wear black, it’s a rule.

it’s a very small bathroom, so I hit my elbow on the toilet and the back of my head against the wall before it was all said and done. I was not letting that bug just scurry away and live happily ever after though, so I jumped up…and tripped over the cat as I burst back out into the hallway, falling into the wall. I then hobbled toward the closet, in search of a shoe to kill the offending bug. die, die, die!! okay, that was done.

you wanna piece of me? who’s scary now, punk!

Next I crawled up the stairs, because it was easier than trying to hop on one foot, in search of that ever elusive band-aid. the cat upstairs thought I was playing and jumped out from around the corner…scratching the finger that had already been speared by the thistle! okay, this was getting ridiculous. after throwing things around dramatically in the kid’s bathroom in search of a band-aid

my kingdom for a plaster!

my kingdom for a plaster!

I then hopped to the third, and final, bathroom finally finding the F-ing band-aid! I washed up and slapped on the bandage, then sat there for a few minutes because I was afraid to get up. I gathered my courage and hobbled back out into the hallway…where I slipped on a plastic bag, that wasn’t there on my way in.

my cats are trying to kill me

my cats are trying to kill me

then the doorbell rang. I threw my hands up in the air exclaiming “seriously?!” and turned my face towards the door from the upstairs landing. it was a salesperson so I just laid there quietly until they left. the two cats cautiously crept near in the silence, to swarm around my head. I clapped my hands loudly, scarring them away, shook my head in mirth, and then proceeded to walk down the stairs

with dignity.


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Music & More Challenge

22.) favorite manip/enhancement



music question: another song from a top 5 favorite band

Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5

That whole album is so funky and sexy and I just loved it when it first came out! My toddler loved to dance to it too, which was fun. but the first time I heard her sing “struggled to memorize the way it felt between your thighs” very loudly from her car seat, I thought it might be time to switch up our music choices :P


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Waltzing Matilda

Music & More Challenge

21.) favorite photo from the 2013 Sydney, AU promotional tour


First, let me recover my breath due to a fear of heights *Eeek!* Okay, I like this pic because it appears so carefree and you can tell Richard had fun climbing to the top of that bridge; such a boy! and it’s a very nice shot of the hands too, we can’t forget that…


music question: a song that reminds you of Down Under (Australia) :

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda by The Pogues

This is a ballad about a soldier from Australia during the first World War who comes back from the battle of Gallipoli, crippled. It’s such a lovely tune and many of the videos, made to celebrate various versions of the song, include pictures from that time period to help illustrate the lyrics. Sad, yes, but I’ve always liked war ballads for some reason.

For no more I’ll go waltzing Matilda
All around the green bush far and near
For to hump tent and pegs, a man needs two legs
No more waltzing Matilda for me


 *remember: although the tune and the lyric of “waltzing” make it sound romantic, a Matilda is actually a cloth bundle that a hobo or “swagman” would have carried.


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Fanvid Friday: Valentine

Valentine by mezzym01

I’m feeling sappy tonight <3


“If there were no words
no way to speak
I would still hear you”



you’ve opened my eyes
and showed me how to love unselfishly”



I’ve dreamed of this a thousand times before
but in my dreams I couldn’t love you more”



“you’re all I need, my love,

my valentine”



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A Momentary Distraction

Music & More Challenge

20.) character most likely to be an ex-boyfriend

Lee from Cold Feet


In my younger years I would have thought Lee’s flirty-girty ways “cute”. I wouldn’t have really taken him seriously, but might have eventually given in to his persistence. I find really bad pick-up lines funny and overly flirtatiousness can be fun. I mean, who doesn’t like positive attention from the opposite sex? Even though I know darn well he’s FOS, there’s still an endearing kind of charisma there.

I don't believe a word you're saying but you made me laugh, so you're off the hook

I don’t believe a word you’re saying but I want to keep you anyway

It would take very few instances of him checking out other women when in my presence to make me question things and eventually kick him to the curb.

he may be dressed in blue but all I see is red!

he may be dressed in blue but all I see is red

Lee could be an enjoyable distraction but not someone I would fall for in a serious manner. This is all based in an alternate reality where I don’t over think everything, of course, and could actually be capable of doing something reckless on a whim…


baby, let’s go find a whim to be reckless on!


music question: a song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend

Nothing Compares 2U by Sinead O’Connor

not for any deep meaning in relation to the ex, but just because he liked the song. He told me once that even with a shaved head, Sinead was still prettier than me; he didn’t last long.



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