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27.) the first fanfic you read

The first fanfiction story I read in this fandom was Trudy Brasure’s A Heart for Milton…and I paid for it first, before reading. That is odd for me, to pay for a fanfic story, I still can’t get over the fact that I did that! It was early on, during my “research” phase. My husband was gone on a business trip, the kids were at sleepovers and I had spent all evening surfing YouTube, watching the different films of Richard Armitage that were available to view (for free)

money is expensive

money is expensive

Here’s the thing though: I had not watched North & South yet. Nope, I read A Heart for Milton first. I always seem to do things backwards, I don’t know why. With my favorite book series, Outlander, I read book number three first. then books four and two, before finally reading book number one. I find it exciting to do things out of order sometimes.


Something that may also be worth noting is that up until that point, I would have rather had my nose broken on purpose, than to sink so low as to buy a published fanfiction story. That statement needs some background: as some of you know, the fandom I was involved in before this one was Twilight. I became quite an avid reader of Twilight fanfiction, for two years I had been living and breathing those stories. well, maybe not so much the living part (I have never, nor will I ever, own nipple clamps) just the breathing.


I enjoyed the alternate universe stories best, the ones where everyone was human and they worked in a hospital, or were attending college together, maybe they were mobsters or professional sports athletes; the possibilities were endless! So, I was one of the readers who subscribed to a little fic known as Master of the Universe. Bondage is not usually my cup of tea(thus the aversion to nipple clamps) but this fic was very popular and I was enjoying Edward’s part in the story. But as the story was nearing it’s close, suddenly the author started removing chapters, only giving us a short window of opportunity to read them. Well, damn! Here we go with the “pull to publish” bullshit again!

Free Smut! Down with Publishing Pimps!

Free Smut! Down with Publishing Pimps!

This was something that was happening more and more in our community and it was getting quite annoying! I was able to sympathize with both sides when the issue first arose: some of those authors pored their life’s energy into those stories, why shouldn’t they be able to make some money off of them? but the thing was, it wasn’t just one story they were editing and selling to the publishers, they were taking several of their previous stories and reworking them for profit. that became an integrity issue for me. publish one story to have something under your belt, prove to yourself that you were a good writer and that you could do it, but then take that new found confidence and channel it into original stories. This was (and is) a controversial subject that was slowly dividing the fandom, and then that particular author went and got herself famous. You might know her as  E.L.James…


Needless to say, after all the drama that followed, I had negative opinions regarding published fanfic. When I took a peek into this fandom’s fanfic though, one story seemed to get mentioned with much love and respect, and that story was A Heart for Milton. I followed a link to Amazon, and just decided to be daring and make a purchase. This circumstance was a little different since the author of the original book was deceased, making it more acceptable to tweak the story, as long as it stayed canon and didn’t veer off into unknown galaxies.  Thornton in a more modern setting could be enjoyable though. maybe as a baker?


anyways, I was hooked on the story as soon as I started reading it. I could not put it down! John Thornton passing a note to Margaret through a book was priceless “Margaret, do you like me? check yes or no”. okay, that’s not really what it said, it was a bit more eloquent

If you have had a change of heart, give me but a sign.
My heart remains forever yours.
John Thornton

Reading that fanfic caused me to not only hunt down other North & South fanfics within the fandom, and leading me to Guy and Marian as well (again, long before I actually watched the series) but it also caused me to give in to viewing the mini-series itself. You’ve met Richard as John Thornton, so you can imagine all the lovely things I was feeling after knowing him with my  eyes, and not just my mind.

did someone say eyes?

did someone say eyes?

…and now I’ve forgotten what my actual point was. Armitage eyes make me stupid.

so yeah, A Heart for Milton was my gateway to RA Fandom fanfic; best $4 I ever spent :cool:


music question: first song that you ever heard, that you still listen to regularly

Rocky Raccoon by The Beatles

I always pictured Rocky as an actual Racoon, Nancy as a pink Cat, and Dan as a gunslinging Fox. And the doctor was a drunk Owl.



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Fanvid Friday: She Visits Me

She Visits Me by MoonlightRus

Guy and Marian

I like the soft focus used in this, it reminds me of the soft focus that I enjoy so much in the My Confession fanvid. it also celebrates this scene too, which always makes me melt (eyes)


and this one too (lips)


my favorite part is when Guy gifts Marian the horse. his approving smirk as she rides away at 2:o5 tugs at my heart. he appreciates and encourages the things that make her unique. wonder what that feels like? kelbel is feeling bitter and melancholy tonight ;)

Guy understands bitter and melancholy



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The Hang-Over

Music & More challenge

26.) your least favorite photoshoot

2006 Victoria & Albert museum


The above pic is my all around favorite from the shoot. The neck/Adam’s Apple/necklace combo draws my eye away from the hair and clashing gold background. The somewhat bored expression makes it enjoyable too.


The legs are what save this one. and that piercing look that dares me to poke fun at him. you’ve got to ask yourself one question, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ well, do ya, punk?

*gulp* I’ll pass.


I refer to this shoot as the hang-over. I’m sure I looked much worse the first time I had a hang-over. I was 16 and I was convinced I was dying. I never drank again. true story.


music question: a song that you absolutely despise

old folktune “Babes in the Woods”

When I was small my mother and grandfather used to sing this song to me because they knew I hated it. I would yell and cry and my mom thought it was funny(she loves me, I swear) The song is about 2 small children who were lost or kidnapped, depending on the lyric choice, and died out in the woods. after they died, the birds covered them up with leaves. fun song, huh?


fun? I do not think that means what you think it means

One of my strongest childhood fears was that I would get taken, or “stolen” as the song said, and never be able to find my way home. part of this fear came from the “Adam Walsh” kidnapping story when a little boy was lured out of a shopping mall and ended up being decapitated by his captors. put those two stories together and you get major separation anxiety that lasted my whole childhood. so although I might normally find the melody of this song soothing , it still makes me tense up and sick to my stomach.


much like this scene

While searching Youtube for a version that most resembled the way it was sung to me, I ran across a video of a young man playing this song on his guitar. he jazzed it up a bit too much for my liking and the way he kept breaking in to talk was kind of lame. he said he used to sing this song to comfort himself when he was feeling homesick. what the hell? singing a song about little kids getting lost and dying comforted you?! but then the sarcasm became more clear when he talked about it being the cause of him wetting his bed until he was 12…and beyond :roll: but it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one traumatized by this song.

Parents, don’t be jerks :mad:

what she said

yeah, what she said!


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To Fly

Music & More challenge

25.) favorite young pic of RA


aww! so smiley, and maybe a bit mischievous too? I totally would have had a crush on him in school. Thinking about it though, it’s probably a good thing that he was all the way across the ocean. In my school, having a love of the cello might have been mildly accepted, but that whole dance thing? not so much. We didn’t even have a theatrical department until after I graduated. My senior year we did have a male join the cheerleading team, it was very shocking :shock:

Richard mentioned that he started taking tap lessons at a young age because all the other kids on his street were doing it too. While I’m glad to say that my daughter’s dance company has at least 3 or 4 boys in it each year, that would have been a foreign concept for me at her age. A boy in my tap class? no way! a High School boy who danced in musicals? so not happening, unless he wanted to get his ass kicked (or worse) on a regular basis. On the other hand, how would I have fared in a performing arts school? I was shy and secretly ramped up with anxiety most of the time, so performing of any kind probably would have sent me straight into a meltdown! of course, maybe if I was in an atmosphere that encouraged the things I liked (reading, writing, film, music) instead of forcing me to hide them, I might have come out of my shell a whole lot sooner :/


music question: oldest song you love

Volare by Dean Martin

not all that old, I know, but it’s something that I find myself humming quite often (humming because I can’t pronounce the Italian parts!) Dean Martin is a childhood favorite of mine and a hometown boy. I used to be very good friends with an older lady who dated Dean’s older brother, once upon a time. she liked to tell me stories about “Dino” and what a hellion he was (she didn’t like him, LOL!) I loved the Martin & Lewis movies when I was young. I thought Jerry was too silly though, I much preferred that swoony straight man and his dry humor.  Come to think of it, Dean had to leave in order to pursue his love of song & dance too…

Let us leave the confusion and all disillusion behind



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Swisher Armitage, a man for all ages


A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! Swisher Twinkle Stars…

Originally posted on preoccupiedwitharmitage:

Not long after discovering Richard Armitage, I stumbled across his lovely Bedtime Hour children’s storytelling episodes on YouTube, and soon after I had my daughter hooked, too. She’s three years old, and a proud member of the Armitage Army, CBeebies Division.

In keeping with the CBeebies script, Richard always starts off with “Hello, I’m Richard.” I’m not sure whether it’s his British accent that throws her, or just a kid thing, but she’s believed his name is “Swisher” from the get-go, and insists that we both call him by the especially sexy moniker of “Swisher Twinkle Stars”.

* * *

Several months ago, Hubby emerged from our daughter’s bedroom after reading her bedside story, completely baffled.

Hubby: “Have any idea what she means by ‘Swishers Stories’?”

I feigned confusion. “‘Swishers’?”

Hubby: “She made several requests for ‘Swishers Stories’… but I looked at every title on both kids’ shelves and I have no idea what that…

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sorry to be cheeky…

It seems I may not have been clear on the direction Guylty & I want to take with The Thorin Project quotes. after reading back through my posts, I can see where the confusion may have happened. I might have waxed a bit too lyrical about Richard (I do that. a lot *blushes*) and not emphasized the Thorin aspect enough. Let me try to clarify what we had in mind:

We want this book to be a celebration of Thorin for Richard. something that he can read, as a fan of Thorin himself, to look back on and remember what this character encompasses; how he (Thorin) inspires, as we share our thoughts about him with Richard. We’re all on the same level, us and Richard, as being fans of Thorin. I originally stressed the “Richard’s Thorin” because I wanted to focus on the Thorin we’ve gotten to know through the movies, not the original book Thorin. Some of your comments are mentioning what Richard has brought to Thorin, to differentiate between book and movie, and I’m not discouraging praise for Richard in this area; just try to word it in a way that doesn’t call Richard out by name.

If Richard is reading along and shaking his head yes in agreement with the different aspects of Thorin that we’ve shared, and then comes to a comment with his name in it…that’s going to pull him out of the “same level as a fan of Thorin” place and force him into a different level, apart from us, as “actor”; we don’t want him to feel that way with this book. So, for example, if your quote was something like: “the way Richard commands attention with his body while comforting us with his eyes draws me to Thorin.” say instead: “I find myself drawn to Thorin because of the way he is able to command attention with his body while comforting with his eyes.” you’re still giving Richard praise, in a round about way, because the Thorin we “see” is due to Richard, yet you’re attributing those traits to the fictional character. that is something that Richard saw in Thorin himself, and wanted to show us through his acting.

This book isn’t meant to be about Richard. We want to celebrate Thorin with Richard :)




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just a few notes

just a few notes regarding The Thorin Project:

1.) thank you for the positive feedback we’ve been receiving so far, in the form of your “likes”, reblogs, retweets, etc. and for those of you who have already started submitting your quotes. this makes us very happy! :cool:

2.) when submitting a quote, also include which name/username you would like used on the credit page. if you would rather remain anonymous and not be credited, that’s fine too, just let me know when you submit your quote.

3.) if you are finding it hard to choose between what you want to say, multiple quotes can be included in each submission. we reserve the right to pick our favorite from your overall submission, if space becomes limited. also, please try to limit each quote to a handful of sentences, to help with the flow and symmetry of the book.

4.) keep in mind that this is a book about Thorin for Richard, not a book about Richard for Richard. while he certainly deserves high praise for all he’s done in bringing Thorin to life, Mr. A  can sometimes be modest and bashful, so we don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable.  for this reason we’d like to keep the focus on Thorin as much as possible; subtle nods to Richard can be slipped in here and there, but try to keep a hold on those inner fangirls  :twisted:




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