Scotland the Brave

I’ll be headed off to Scotland in a few days.


I’m excited but also a bit nervous too. I’ve never been overseas before. I’ve never even been out of my own country before. Well, that’s not technically true. I did cross over into Canada once, on a school trip. It was very educational. I learned that….well…umm…I learned that I’m very good at stalking–I followed my crush around, unseen, practically the whole time; I learned that I value my sleep–two of my roommates stayed up the whole night singing Biz Markie’s “he’s just a friend” at the top of their lungs. I threw the bedside bible at them. it’s what Jesus would have done too, trust me; and I learned that the walkways around Niagara Falls are very slick on cold April mornings–did I mention that was the one moment my crush chose to notice me? Ugh.

there is a time and place for everything!

I never thought I’d actually find a use for this!

Everyone I talk to tells me I will have a wonderful time in Scotland, that it will be a trip worth remembering. I’m choosing to believe them. I hope they don’t let me down! I fell in love with Scotland, from afar, a little over 15 years ago. for the history, the scenery, and just the magical “of another time” quality of the place.




if Margaret tries to follow me back to the hotel with a pity basket, I’ll gladly accept. this trip is expensive!

and in just a few days time I will be there,

for REAL!


Hopefully I’ll have all kinds of fun things to tell you when I come back.

In the meantime:


That man is so wise



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Fanvid Friday: Need Your Love So Bad

Guy & Marian- need your love so bad, by werewolfie10na

What I really like about this fanvid, aside from it’s softly sensual tone, is that I feel Guy’s frustration. Marian is like a frightened doe, ready to bolt at any sudden movements. one step forward and two steps back. but when that one step forward happens, it is so worth it.

For him: it’s worth having her in his arms, holding her close and feeling her all around him

For us: it’s worth getting a peek at Guy’s gentler nature and seeing those sweet flirty smirks of his

I can’t watch this video just once, it takes multiple viewings at each sitting before I’m satisfied



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How to Write a Fan Letter

So remember that fan letter I was writing? I decided to rewrite it. It just wasn’t feeling right to me. Writing to the object of your affection is scary. I mean, he’s going to read it! I tend to think too much, so I had to just shut my brain off and write to him, not about him. make it from me, not from some nameless fan. I acquired this wisdom from some helpful friends; I’m not that smart all on my own! I didn’t know how to go about doing that though…so I Googled it.

What I found was mostly common sense but it was exactly what I needed. So, just in case you’re lacking common sense too and need help writing your first fan letter, here are 10 steps to guide you:


1.) give a 2-3 sentence introduction about yourself. start out basic: name, location, age. but remember, this is still a stranger you are writing to, so don’t get carried away with personal details



2.)share how you first discovered them.

3.)tell them how you feel, what it is about their work that you enjoy. be honest and sincere but try not to go overboard with the whole “crush” aspect.
4.)tell them how their work has touched you in a personal way
well, maybe not that personal

well, maybe not that personal

5.)include some compliments. everyone enjoys getting compliments!

-you could have been an Elf-

-you could have been an Elf-

6.)if you would like an autograph, ask politely. don’t be pushy or appear entitled.

7.)wish them luck or share how you are looking forward to upcoming projects

to anything that isn't Matthew Clairmont

to anything that isn’t Matthew Clairmont

8.)be careful how you sign your letter. no cutesy “lots of love” or “future Mrs. Armitage”. I doubt his sister-in-law would appreciate that
9.)include a self-addressed stamped envelope of the correct size if you’ve asked for an autograph

10.)find their professional address where they receive fan mail

not literally!

not literally!

I ended up including most of the steps naturally but I needed that push from steps 1-3 to get things going. I tweaked the explanations for this post but you can find the original list via Wiki How, video included! My finished letter did not include Star Wars references or scary warnings, sadly. but I might have worked in the Pina Colada song lyrics in there instead…
because I'm smooth like that

because I’m smooth like that



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Look Back at Me

I probably should have done a “looking back” post on my blog’s one year anniversary instead of now, but I don’t like to be pressured into doing things at certain times. I often do a faux Lent after Easter, I get lovey a few days before Valentine’s Day, I get fat in the summer and skinny in the winter. Lately I’ve been thinking about my experiences since I’ve started this Armitage journey, so I’ve decided to share some of those thoughts now. Here is what I’ve learned:
Once upon a time…I started a blog. it was unnerving yet exhilarating at the same time. the tagline of the blog was wandering through the Richard Armitage Fandom because I intended to write about the “path” I had been following as I discovered Richard’s work and things relating to it.
In the beginning (no pun intended) I would often mention how I had experience in another fandom prior to this one so I would most likely be bypassing the growing pains that most newcomers go through and be able to jump right in with abandon instead. pompous, much? that’s like saying I wouldn’t need a map of New York City because I had visited Washington D.C.

-shortcuts -

I may have experienced a similar community but it wasn’t this community. I mostly stayed on the outskirts previously, too shy to assert myself, mostly contributing behind the scenes. This time things were different, because I was different. I didn’t want to sit back and watch, I wanted to engage. This time I didn’t want to hide in conformity, I wanted to explore my creative side openly. I chose to take a lighthearted approach, showing the ways that the RA characters resembled me in my every day life and the lives of my readers (“readers” plural. I was aiming high!) I didn’t expect the community celebrating Richard and his work, to be such a living breathing thing.

When fans interact online, we bring ourselves to the table, whether we intend to or not. all of our fears, our baggage, our light and our dark. conversing with different kinds of people, from different walks of life, has bettered me in numerous ways. it’s enriched my understanding of many things and added greatly to the hues that color my world. but what I’ve learned the most is about me. my need to be heard, my need to be unique, my need to let go while still remaining in control. controlling how I appear to others, what behaviors I find acceptable, what my principals really are. I’m an idealist, you see, I make things so much more difficult than they have to be! rather quickly I found myself getting side-tracked and pulled into the politics of Fandom. this was supposed to be an escape, it was supposed to be fun! So I tried to remove myself from the heart of the action, bury the grievances and just do my own thing. It doesn’t really work that way, though.

In the end, I realized that the only thing I had control over was me: my words, my actions. I can’t control what others think of me, what they think of each other, what they think of Richard. Fandom isn’t an abstract thing, it’s made up of real people. each of us are fandom, individually and collectively. Yes, I got burned a few times along the way, some deserved and some not; that pesky human nature thing. so nowadays I seek out the positive, the thought provoking, the people and things that make me feel good. It still hurts when I see others being mean to each another. I have a soft heart, but that’s okay. I can acknowledge that part of me now, work with it and be proud of it; instead of trying to hide it and harden it like before. 

I still enjoy interacting on this blog as I continue to discover projects of Richard’s that I haven’t seen yet, and ones that I keep revisiting. recognizing things in myself through the characters he portrays, for better or for worse. and having fun, that’s the important part. it’s an escape, yes, but it also renews and recharges me. next year hopefully I’ll have learned some new things, maybe I’ll have had to relearn others. I’ve “felt” more in the past year than I have in a long time. Mr. Thornton wouldn’t be quite the same  man we grew to love if Margaret had accepted his proposal straight away, he was better for it, just as I am better for it.
I look forward to much more good from here on out. I’m sure there will be some bad in there too; there will always be lessons to be learned. when we stop learning, we stop living. If Richard continues to be the teacher, I’ll welcome whatever it is I have yet to learn…even if it’s math.

I think I might need some tutoring


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Fanvid Friday: Romantic Moments

Romantic Moments Valentine Video by Angela Smith

After yesterday’s Esquire video, I almost forgot what day it was. I forgot to eat dinner too so I asked my daughter to make something for me, she made an ice-cream sundae :)

So this video was a nice way to come down off my high and become grounded again. Grounded by the reminder of what Richard does so well, how he infuses life into each and every one of his characters. The music chosen for this fanvid is soothing and helps set the perfect mood for the romantic scenes chosen. There is a nice balance of talking parts and silent parts as well. I especially like that Alec Track was included in this montage, he’s not often thought of as romantic. I like his confident step as he walks up to kiss Jane in the street and then you can hear the lament in his voice later on when he says that he thought he had lost her. And of course there is Mr. Thornton.

I will always look back at you Sir,

always <3


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I don’t make split second decision fangirling posts…until now.

This video.


The parted hair (heart palpitation no.1)

The tying of the shoe (heart palpitation no.2)

The hands (breathing stutters)

The slicking back of the hair with the hands (serious lip bleeding)

The brow crinkle (indistinguishable noise)


erotica? porn? pff! no need.

I’ll just watch this for the rest of eternity.


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Frickity Frack!

I stayed up far later than I should have last night. I do odd things when it’s past my bedtime. Like going on Twitter sprees that I have to clean up the next morning,

-"SweaterWorld:all sweaters all the time" count me in!-

-SweaterWorld:all sweaters all the time? count me in!-

stalking former High School crushes on FaceBook,

writing fan letters to Richard Armitage…

well, technically just one letter, but still.


I have nothing against fan letters, I’ve just never written one before. How could I possibly condense all of the things I want to tell Richard into just a few pages? Where would I even begin? I wouldn’t want to gush about him to him, that would be weird. and I wouldn’t want it to turn into the Kelly show either, that could get even weirder.

-I like getting caught in the rain and making love after Midnight but not in the sand, that's just asking for trouble-

-I like getting caught in the rain & making love after Midnight but not in the sand, that’s just asking for trouble-

In my first draft I chose to write about you instead: how this blog and this fandom have shaped me in positive ways over the past year. It got a bit flowery at times, but there was enough dorky and awkward to balance things out. One part consisted of the phrase:

a Long Time Ago (a little over a year)

In a Galaxy Far Far Away (the Internet)…I started a blog.

-Mr. Lucas? I'd like to report a case of copyright infringement-

-Mr. Lucas? I’d like to report a case of copyright infringement-

I seem to recall another part where I dramatically exclaimed:

Fandom will find you!


and then I told him it was safe to come out from under the covers now,

because the scary part was over.

a pen in my hand is a dangerous thing

a pen in my hand is a dangerous thing

Yeah, I think I should probably go back to the drawing board :P

Have any of you written a fan letter before? (please put me out of my misery and say Yes) ‘fess up and tell me, so I don’t feel so alone! and then maybe I’ll be brave enough to actually finish mine and send it…

-we are so much alike! I bet we're 100% Emotionally Compatible or something...-

-we are so much alike! I bet we’re 100% Emotionally Compatible-


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