Fanvid Friday: Valentine

Valentine by mezzym01

I’m feeling sappy tonight <3


“If there were no words
no way to speak
I would still hear you”



you’ve opened my eyes
and showed me how to love unselfishly”



I’ve dreamed of this a thousand times before
but in my dreams I couldn’t love you more”



“you’re all I need, my love,

my valentine”



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A Momentary Distraction

Music & More Challenge

20.) character most likely to be an ex-boyfriend

Lee from Cold Feet


In my younger years I would have thought Lee’s flirty-girty ways “cute”. I wouldn’t have really taken him seriously, but might have eventually given in to his persistence. I find really bad pick-up lines funny and overly flirtatiousness can be fun. I mean, who doesn’t like positive attention from the opposite sex? Even though I know darn well he’s FOS, there’s still an endearing kind of charisma there.

I don't believe a word you're saying but you made me laugh, so you're off the hook

I don’t believe a word you’re saying but I want to keep you anyway

It would take very few instances of him checking out other women when in my presence to make me question things and eventually kick him to the curb.

he may be dressed in blue but all I see is red!

he may be dressed in blue but all I see is red

Lee could be an enjoyable distraction but not someone I would fall for in a serious manner. This is all based in an alternate reality where I don’t over think everything, of course, and could actually be capable of doing something reckless on a whim…


baby, let’s go find a whim to be reckless on!


music question: a song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend

Nothing Compares 2U by Sinead O’Connor

not for any deep meaning in relation to the ex, but just because he liked the song. He told me once that even with a shaved head, Sinead was still prettier than me; he didn’t last long.



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Music & More Challenge

19.) favorite Richard Armitage message to the fans

Instead of choosing just one message (it’s so hard to pick just one!), my favorite is a series of messages. They start in the summer of 2008 when Richard was filming Robin Hood in Budapest, Hungary. He seemed to be feeling guilty for not staying in contact with the fans like he had previously. So he switched his style and started coming up with silly instances of being arrested for “fan abandonment” and having a spokesperson speak for him in his absence.

The first message of this type was very short, a teaser, setting up those that would follow:

31st July 2008

Apparently, Richard Armitage was arrested on the streets of Budapest last night and is being held on charges of ‘fan abandonment’. He is facing a litigation and libel charges in which he used the term “Spokesperson for Mr Armitage”. The Spokesperson for Mr Armitage said “As spokeperson for Mr Armitage, I have to deny all charges. Mr Armitage refused to comment saying: “ask the Spokesperson I don’t have a brain”

With the thoughts you'll be thinkin' you could be another Lincoln If you only had a brain.

“With the thoughts you’ll be thinkin’
you could be another Lincoln If you only had a brain.”


The next message, just a month later, gave more detail about the “arrest” and added some cute self-depreciating words from Mr. Armitage about his grammar:

5th August 2008

Apparently, in a bizarre turn of events, RA has been rearrested by the Kolbasz counter in a well know Hungarian Supermarket. He is being held on litigation and libel charges for attempting to defraud the public.

A Hungarian bystander who witnessed the arrest said, in Hungarian, “it was terrible , the poor man had armfuls of Kolbasz in various shapes and sizes and the Police just tackled him to the ground.”

RA is being held under the controversial ‘365 day Showbiz detainment bill’. He is charged with never actually writing any of the messages posted on any web site, ever.

Gagged from speaking publicly about anything, ever, and voluntarily refusing to comment, RA said:

“Its not true, I always wrote everything myself. I even put in bad grammar, spelling and inappropriate humour to appear more down to earth.” RA was dragged from his interrogation screaming that he had an English degree.

Professors of English from Oxford, have been brought in to examine the archives of said messages, in a bid to get to the bottom of RA’s claims.

“If he really is as clever as he says we’ll find out”  but an preliminary examination of the material suggests that the poor content, style and mundane subject matter, along with the grammatical errors would be impossible to fake.

I knew I should have used your instead of you're!

I knew I should have used your instead of you’re

Another message followed two months later, reverting back to the thank you/this is what I’ve been doing lately style, but this time from the Spokesperson, who seemed obsessed with the word “said”…

1st October 2008

The Spokesperson for RA would like to issue a brief message of thanks on behalf of said bloke.

A large number of gifts have been received for said blokes birthday. Said bloke would like to thank everyone who sent said gifts and is currently in the process, with the help of said blokes Mum writing thank you letters for said gifts. Unfortunately, some gifts were sent without return addresses hence this posting.

Unable to comment and refusing to speak publicly about said gifts, said bloke, said: “wow a pair of pants with a cartoon caricature of me on the rear…just what I have always wanted”

Said bloke was said to have been last seen wearing, eating, riding, and climbing all said gifts at the same time in an effort to make a public display of affection for his fans who sent them. Unfortunately two of the gifts, a donkey and a horse called Will Scarlett, who were know to be rivals, kicked off during the stunt, literally, and ran riot

through the tree sanctuary where the stunt rehearsal was taking place. Apparently Will Scarlett was last seen scoffing all the chocolate gifts, slugging a bottle of German wine and trying on aftershave  whilst the Donkey, who had managed to get tangled in the caricature underpants was having a crack at a Guy of Gisborne knitting pattern whilst listening to some quite funky tunes, and studying various novels, some of them not even in English. Said bloke who was attempting to ride both animals at the time they kicked off, sustained a rather difficult injury.

The animals have since been separated and returned to their respective homes, unharmed, somewhat inebriated but fairly well read…and well fed. Said bloke was last seen hobbling back to work.

but wasn't that really you?

but wasn’t that really you?

The next message switches into story mode, with a whole lot of spy references. Richard was giving a nod to his Spooks/MI-5 character:

16th December 2008

Following the repatriation of the Robin Hood company to blighty, the spokesperson for RA has mysteriously disappeared. However, Hungarian ‘Rendorseg’ managed to locate a hotel room which was noted as his last abode. After searching the room and forensic dusting for fingerprints  an ‘ubersuperduper unbelievably teeny tiny mini me micro film’ was located, secreted in a particle of dust which was lodged in a greasy finger print left on the rim of a pot noodle, evidence of Spokes persons seriously compromised existence. The ubersuperduper unbelievably teeny tiny mini me micro film then had to be dipped in Russian Standard Vodka for processing. Viewing the film proved to be nearly impossible but for a lucky purchase from Wollies at 50% discount of the very last “Ubersuperduper unbelievable teeny tiny mini me micro film player/clock radio with microwave and bagless vacuum attachment….it contained the following message:

“Agent A would like to wish all his contacts/agents a wonderfully joyous, peaceful and fun filled Christmas. He wanted to thank them all for their continued support this year and hopes to deliver ‘in spades’ for 2009. He is once again overwhelmed by all the generous gifts and messages and is attempting to respond a soon as is possible. He would like also to offer a toast to 2009 wishing all ‘agents’, success and happiness. In the spirit of peace and good will this message will self destruct in 3 seconds or if option B is exercised recipients will be termin…………… “

now where did I leave that ubersuperduper unbelievably teeny tiny mini me micro film? they're so easy to misplace!

now where did I leave that ubersuperduper unbelievably teeny tiny mini me micro film?

The messages then went back to normal, after the one from August 3rd which was randomly signed by a “Spooksperson” *wink, wink*

did they catch that one?

Richard Armitage may think he appears the serious, brooding actor, but anyone who pays attention can see he’s actually very fun!!



music question: a song by one of your top 5 favorite bands

You Are the Everything- R.E.M.

Here’s a scene

you’re in the back seat laying down

the windows wrap around

to the sound of the travel and the engine

All you hear is time stand still in travel

and feel such peace and absolute

The stillness still that doesn’t end

but slowly drifts into sleep

The greatest thing you’ve ever seen

and they’re there for you

For you alone you are the everything

When I was young I loved to travel, whether it be by car, pick-up truck, school bus, etc. it was just very relaxing to stare out the window and let my mind off it’s leash, to think about anything and everything it wanted to. The world seemed full of possibilities when out on the road! And then after awhile, I’d lay my head against the window and fall asleep to the vibrations.



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Fanvid Friday: Sexy Back 3!

Sexy Back 3 by HeathDances

This video is funny while being hott at the same time, and the editing is SUPERB! seriously. It’s so well done, I could pick it apart frame by frame and fangirl all over it…but I won’t because then it will become apparent rather quickly how very many times I’ve watched this video *blushes*

objectification is wrong! so very very wrong…*clears throat*

I usually don’t like the fanvids that flash through several different characters/images quickly but this one breaks that motion-sickness nausea up by not only sticking to the beat of the music but also by flipping the images in different ways. and freezing them too, I really like that effect.

angels sing & the tattoo is bathed in a heavenly light when I see it too, what a coincidence!

angels sing & the tattoo is bathed in heavenly light when I see it too, what a coincidence!

My favorite parts are the snippets of scenes chosen to coordinate with the “yeah”s of the song; the matching up of hips and shackles references; and the John Porter crucified scene: first with how it freezes the image and then later when it reverses. So cool!!


it’s been 3 seconds since my last impure thought

and as if I didn’t enjoy the eye candy, snazzy dance beat, and creative editing all on their own, it ends with Guy uttering “so where do you want me to sleep, then?” which is my most favorite line of his!

oh right, I said I wasn’t going to fangirl…


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Love Me

Music & More Challenge

18.) a song you would like to hear Richard sing

Love Me by Elvis Presley

I’ve always loved this song and I think it’s damn sexy! It’s a fun song to sing if you’re trying to emulate Elvis but even when sung in a more serious manner, you have to really belt it out during those forceful parts.


Can you imagine Richard singing this?




off topic music question: your favorite music video

do they even make videos anymore? I think they need to change Mtv to Rtv, for “reality television”! so I’m going to fall back on a favorite of mine from “back in the day”,  Take on Me by a-ha.

The concept of being able to live inside of a book or having the book come to life, always appealed to me. Which is probably why one of my favorite movies as a kid was The Purple Rose of Cairo; to have the heartthrob walk down off the screen and into your life? *girly squeal*

Being a fangirl isn’t a new thing for me, I’ve been doing it forever ;)


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Music & More Challenge

17.) a romantic fanfiction

Journey by gusmi

This is a fluffy story consisting solely of the honeymoon from North & South. It’s not very long and doesn’t have much actual plot, but I enjoy it because of the feelings of “new love” that it provokes.


Propriety is very important to Margaret but all the new sensations that have been awakened in her by John are warring with that principal. There is a sweet sensuality revolving around simple pleasures like touching each other’s skin and the freedom to caress whenever the mood strikes, etc.


There is a scene in the very first chapter when they’re on the train and John has dozed off. Margaret is resting her hand upon his shirt and suddenly has a curious desire to touch his skin. The sense of forbidden wonder, from Margaret who is attempting it and John who is feigning sleep just so he can feel it, is addicting!


There are a lot of “you mean the world to me” sentiments but the way that the author chooses to describe what John and Margaret are thinking and feeling has a flow that is almost poetic at times. This is one of the first fanfics I read in this fandom and I go back to it from time to time when I need a quick fix :)



music question: a favorite love song

These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding

This song is full of heartache and yearning and I feel it in my chest each time that I listen. It doesn’t make me feel sad necessarily, but just the wanting.



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Music & More Challenge

16.) a gif that makes you smile


John Standring is just all kinds of adorable!

I <3 him



music question: a song that makes you happy

Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkel

Making love in the afternoon

with Cecilia up in my bedroom

I got up to wash my face,

when I come back to bed

someone’s taken my place

that part always makes me smile because I think of it literally, like he comes back to bed and their St. Bernard is all sprawled out in his place or something.

I’m weird.



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