Unconditionally and Irrevocably

Once Upon a Time I didn’t know who Richard Armitage was. 

hard to fathom, I know

hard to fathom, I know

Then a friend posted this pic on our forum:


I’d like to say the clouds opened up and glittering rays of sunlight suddenly filled my world…but they didn’t.

I think I misheard you

I think I misheard you


Not to be deterred she then posted shots of Mr.Thornton and waxed lyrical about the cravat. 

or, rather, lack thereof

or lack thereof

I browsed happily but still no heralding trumpets were heard.

surely this cannot be?

surely this cannot be?


Then I saw this Richard Armitage fellow for myself in The Hobbit and something stirred.

tell me about this stirring

oh, did it now?


I was ready to take my friend seriously.

it's about damn time!

it’s about damn time!

Who is this guy? 

your density

your density

What else has he been in?


things that will bring you hours of entertainment


What should I watch next? 

it's not what you should watch, but what you should listen to

it’s not what you should watch, but what you should listen to

She suggested The Vicar of Dibley: The Handsome Stranger


…and my life has never been the same.


Today is that friend’s birthday and I’d like to thank her for sharing her crush with me. It’s changed my life irrevocably <3



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Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

55 Reasons Challenge

6.) THIS THING where they have one hand on their face and it’s like, peekaboo handsome.







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Off Topic Fanvid Friday: Outlander

Since a lot of us RA fans seem to be Outlander fans too, I didn’t think you’d mind if I went “off topic” a bit and featured an Outlander themed Fanvid Friday. As someone who appreciates the creative nuances that some vidders place in their fanvids, I could not pass this one up! “Uptown Funk” by E. Jamie

(Warning: several instances of nudity appear in video)

Yes, it’s that “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. And that’s one of the reasons I like this vid so much, because it’s such an unexpected song choice for 18th century Scotland! That funky beat starts and you wonder what am I getting myself into? Here are some of my favorite parts:

-the hand slaps that go along with the music in the beginning. I didn’t realize there was so much touching in Outlander…

-Jamie’s quick finger kiss after the lyric “kiss myself, so pretty”

-Geillis’ “hot damn!” LOL!

-Jamie’s slightly arrogant smirk after “say my name”

-that whole first set of “Hallelujah”s. Brilliant!

-“fill my cup, put some liquor in it”. the sheer amount of choices that could have been used for this part…

-the women waulking wool in time with the music

-Claire’s hand sways

**another Outlander fanvid by E.Jamie that I like is “Bohemian Rhapsody” . again, a song that you wouldn’t expect, but she uses the music and lyrics to her advantage in a poignant way.


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He’s a Keeper!

I’m an addictive note-taker. I’m constantly jotting down thoughts and ideas, quotes, random facts, etc. It’s funny sometimes when I go back through my notebooks, trying to decipher what I meant or why I thought something was important enough to write down.
did you write this ode to my hair?

did you write this ode to my hair?

The other day I came across a folder from my Christian Bale days. First, it was odd because I had actual pages from magazines and newspapers that I had stashed in there for keepsakes- everything is online and bookmarked nowadays.
do you have a magazine stash, Guy?

do you have a magazine stash, Guy?

 and second, because I had some notes to myself about how to perform certain functions on the fan-forum I frequented back then. I had written out in detail how to save a photo and post it on the forum, how to use the quote button, how to bookmark something;  things I can do without a second thought now.
URL, IMG...don't you think you should be writing this down?

URL, IMG…maybe you should be writing this down

While most people would just Google those things, I didn’t know about the wonders of search engines. So I spent forever looking through back posts in the technical section of the forum instead. What? I could have just asked someone, you say? but then they would know I didn’t know what I was doing!
I don't think I can be with someone who can't plaster my face on every visible surface

I don’t think I can be with someone who can’t plaster my face on every visible surface

I don’t have that problem anymore, I just admit that I don’t know and ask-it saves so much time! unlike my prefaces….
RA dla TheAnglophileChannel-teaser-1
So Anyways…something that I also found in those notes was how to make a signature on the forum and what I wanted mine to consist of, including my choices for “The Keepers List”. A Keepers List is a fun little thing that fans do where they chose particular belongings or attributes of a character (or the actor himself) that they want to be the guardian of.
if you want Paul's socks, you're going to have to go through me!

if you want Paul’s socks, you’re going to have to go through me!

 So for example, my three choices for Christian Bale were: Trevor’s Post-It notes, Dieter’s mirror, and Christian’s furrowed brow. Trevor was a character from the movie “The Machinist”, which dealt with a man who didn’t know what was reality and what wasn’t so he left notes to guide himself- something I could definitely see myself doing!
I have the biggest sword of all the Dwarves? HOLA!

I have the biggest sword of all the Dwarves? HOLA!

Dieter was a character from the movie “Rescue Dawn” which was about a prisoner in a war camp, the small mirror playing an important part in his survival.
Nori is envious

looks like Nori might be envious of a small mirror…

and I think anyone who has seen Christian Bale in interviews or photoshoots has noticed that he often furrows his brow while thinking or answering a question, so my last choice reflects my fondness for that habit.
furrowed brow, you say?

furrowed brow, you say?

If we applied a Keeper’s List to Richard, what would you choose to be the guardian of?

Ricky Deeming’s black leather jacket perhaps?


Mulligan’s swing at the playground?


Richard’s backpack?

Let’s share our choices in the comments- it’s first come first served, so try not to repeat picks and let’s limit it to three choices per person. My picks are going to be:

Harry’s red scarf


Guy’s sideburns


and Richard’s stride

Okay, Your Turn!


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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

As I continue to try and curb my curiosity about Richard’s upcoming role in Hannibal, I’m trying to remind myself of the other projects we will be seeing him in soon.

Seedy ex-social worker Chop in Urban & the Shed Crew


Mysterious sleep doc Scott White in Sleepwalker


John Proctor in Digital Theatre’s download version of The Crucible


and the unnamed cameo in the Alice in Wonderland sequel: Through the Looking Glass, as well as the two different projects with Irish filming locations that have been mentioned in interviews.

call me Paddy. one more time.

call me Paddy one. more. time.

As fans, we never tire of sharing what we would like to see Richard tackle next: romance, comedy, thought provoking drama, action packed thriller, etc. maybe even something with a dance number in it…

 The announcement of new projects and the detective work that follows are like puzzle pieces that we fit together through behind-the-scenes film shots and snippets of interview mentions. this is one of the many things that makes following an actor’s flourishing career fun and exciting! but the lulls in new information and the anticipation of actually seeing the final product can draw out sometimes.


Dr. Scott‘s third leg: fact or myth? inquiring minds want to know

So as I wait for The Crucible download to arrive and new info about the intriguing Sleepwalker to appear, I find myself itching to revisit Richard’s older work. Lent starts today- maybe in addition to giving up drinking pop/soda everyday, I should also tack on a massive Richard Armitage marathon? 40 days of RA! I’m sure it could be worked into a bible study somehow: The Armitage Driven Life? The Richard I never knew? Armitage from the backside?


 *just me being silly, no sacrilege intended.

we’d all ace those studies though, just sayin’.


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Taking Care of Business

Music & More Challenge

34.) career you’d like to see RA portray

Hmm. Nothing automatically came to my mind for this one, so I had to think on it a bit. I started by considering the types of occupations I generally see in the television programs that I watch: Vigilantes ( Person of Interest), Detectives (Gotham), and Scientists (The Big Bang Theory). All good occupations but somewhat cliche.

an Intelligence Officer is kind of like a Detective, isn't it?

an Intelligence Officer is kind of like a Detective, isn’t it?

Things that I like to watch in reruns might be a little more promising: cooking competitions and home renovation shows (Chefs and Contractors). A Chef sounded intriguing to me at first but so many of them have ego issues and get all pretentious about their food (cheeseburger and cola girl here, remember?) though it can be mesmerizing to watch their hands


While I enjoy certain kinds of visuals in the renovation shows, what I enjoy most is the geeky technical talk; weatherstripping and flashing and caulking, oh my!


talk dirty to me!

The more I watch these shows though, the more I lament the fact that I don’t actually like to cook and I do not live in the Craftsman style house with the stained glass windows-wood burning fireplace- and abundance of woodwork, of my dreams



I remembered a series of Tumblr posts that portrayed Richard in various occupations, so I went in search of them to give me some other ideas. As I browsed through the mrpuddingston blog and was smiling at things like the Kindergarten Teacher and laughing at things like the Circus Performer, I came across something that made my heart stop. I had found my answer:


Richard Armitage- Pirate

this is both brilliant and slightly crazy, which is why I love it!

(special thanks to Crystal Chandlyre for showcasing the Vocationship creations)


music question: a song with your favorite guitar riff

any number of songs by Led Zeppelin.

they were one of my favorite bands in Middle School. I wrote the band name on all my covered text books and my notebooks too. I even painted it on my skateboard, along with a really horrible attempt at recreating Jimmy Page’s twin neck guitar. since I usually link a song here in answer to the question, I’m going to go with Black Dog. It reminds me of family camping vacations and cross-country road trips.


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Nope Nope Nope

When Richard’s role as Francis Dolarhyde in the upcoming season of Hannibal was first announced, I was ambivalent.

seems he was serious about wanting to play the dragon

huh. I guess he was serious about wanting to play the dragon

After reading up on the character I was uncertain that I would be able to dive into that kind of atmosphere as wholeheartedly as I might wish, due to my brain’s habit of over-thinking the psychological aspects of the storyline. I was right. After watching just two episodes of the series, the dreaded dreams did show up for an unwelcome visit.

off with you! you're not wanted here!

do not pass go. do not collect $200.

I turned to the original story in book form instead. I liked the feel of the book better than the television program (Will seemed less neurotic, for starters) but it opened me up to Francis in a way that was becoming uncomfortable, so I put that on the back burner as well.

I know you're there but I'm ignoring you.

I know you’re there but I’m ignoring you.

Then last week talk seemed to center around Francis again and it got me to thinking about the character, wondering if Richard’s portrayal would evoke sympathy from me and to what degree. And wouldn’t you know it, the dreams showed up again last night. One was dark but easy enough to push aside, the other though- not so much. It placed me in the role of Francis Dolarhyde, breaking into my real life house via the glass-cutting method, and concluding with the decision of where I should strike first: the children’s rooms or the master bedroom, where I could hear my own voice conversing with my husband behind the door…needless to say, I have been a jittery mess all day! This feeling of shadows jumping at my back was a constant in my life at one time- I am not enjoying the reunion.

I know some crazed killer is creeping around in the other room but I refuse to acknowledge his presence.

a crazed killer is creeping around in the other room but I refuse to acknowledge his presence.

So I think this is a clear indication that I will not be able to follow this particular role of Richard’s closely. And I’m bummed about that. I didn’t get to take part in The Crucible experience and now the thrill of Hannibal is going to pass me by as well.  I’ll still experience it through video clips and screen captures somewhat and Richard is bound to give interviews about it, along with the various posts and comments of fans sharing their reactions to it; I won’t be able to resist all of that! Maybe I can stay far enough removed from it to just enjoy it at face value? but, but, I love layers! *grumps* Here’s hoping that upcoming projects are more to my taste.


I know I’m not alone in sitting this one out. what will your approach be as the air date gets closer?


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