He Found It

In my last post I talked about how picky I am with the background images I choose for my computer because my husband teases me about them if they’re fangirl related. You think I’d be used to the teasing by now…when I was an early teen, my favorite band was Def Leppard. My mother and brother thought it was great fun to sing the hit song “Love Bites” in an Elmer Fudd voice outside my bedroom door. in the background when I was talking on the telephone. when they dropped me off at friend’s houses. It got old real fast.

when you make wuv, do you wook in the miwer..

when you make wuv, do you wook in the miwer..

This past weekend I hooked my laptop up to the flatscreen tv so that my husband and I could watch The Crucible. Unbeknownst to us, our son was downloading an update to one of his games, slowing down the internet connection so that it kept buffering every two minutes.

do you think we might have overreacted?

do you think we might have overreacted?


He only had 20 minutes left to go, so my husband was switching it back to regular tv while we waited…and my computer desktop image showed up right there in his face. He jumped like he’d seen something really offensive and then whined, “ah, now he’s there too?!”



I told him that he could put an actress on his computer screen so that we’d be even. better yet, he could start a blog about her and I could help him! My mind went blank on actresses to suggest though. Jennifer Lawrence would be fun but he’s already got one clown to deal with, he doesn’t need two.



He suggested Sandra Bullock, who he despises. umm. you’re supposed to pick someone you like. If I’m jumping on the crazy train, might as well go all the way. He’s an over-achiever.

Bollocks for Bullock

Bollocks for Bullock

He’s Worth It

I finally did it. I now have a picture of Richard Armitage as my laptop background image. Most of you are probably thinking, “WTF? I have Richard’s picture on every device I own. and I even add him to my friend’s devices when they’re not looking”. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer.

that's for putting your smirking mug on my phone!

that’s for putting your smirking mug on my phone!


I don’t buy a lot of movie merchandise or display it much. Having Pop! Thorin on my mantle is so out of the ordinary for me, it makes me laugh each time that I see it! So I’ve resisted the (very strong) urge to have Richard as my background image for quite awhile. My husband occasionally uses my computer and teases me for whatever is on it. That’s not exactly true, he doesn’t use my computer he fixes it. I’ve always been jinxed when it comes to electronics, computers especially. If something is going to go wrong with any of the countless media devices in our household, odds are that it will be mine.

me every.single.day.

me every.single.day.


Normally I have nature images as my background but recently I’ve had a pic of Jamie Fraser in period costume. It’s a compromise of sorts since there’s a nice bit of natural Scotland in there as well. I can get by with a picture like this with little to no teasing because it’s of a fictional character. The fact that it’s not historically accurate though has been bothering me.

no Tree Farms in 18th century Scotland, afaik

no Timber Farms in 18th century Scotland, afaik

I do have a picture of Richard on my keychain (that my kids tease me about), as well as a Crucible poster on my wall….in the laundry room. But the background image on a device that I use every day is a little different. I need to feel connected to it. When I ran across this image of Richard a few weeks ago, I found myself going back to it again and again. It comforts me for some reason, makes me feel good, lighter somehow. And that’s a feeling I’ll endure teasing to keep.


** my computer suddenly turned off for no discernible reason while writing this post…

What’s What

My husband was watching a DVR’d episode of “Agents of Shield” recently and I decided to watch along. Most of the time I only half pay attention, usually occupying myself with something near by within hearing distance- it gets confusing trying to follow who is good, then bad, then good again. I know enough to be able to follow the storyline though so I wasn’t totally lost. At one point in the program I noticed these guys in a picture that was hanging on the wall:


I perked up and said, “hey, those guys are from the first movie!” (Captain America: the first Avenger) to which my husband backed up the program to see if I was right (18 years of marriage and he still doubts me. when is he going to learn?) Then the characters in the show started talking about fighting Hydra and how they were going to take them down even if it might seem like a never ending battle. to which I said…

-say it with me-

Cut off one head…two more shall take it’s place.

Hail Hydra!


Then I felt all proud of my geeky self. see, I know what’s what!

(thanks Richard!)


this is what, and then some…


Here We Go Again

Music & More Challenge

35.) movie/episode you’ve watched twice in one sitting

Take a wild guess on that one…

The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

I get distracted and so I go back to watch a second time for the actual story.

things I get distracted by:

the stripey sweater and the way Harry says “well, there you go”


that whole “hint of softness underneath” bit


that cute little barrette in Geraldine’s hair


the glasses


the configuration of those cottages


how cute and stylish Rosie is


everything about the dream sequence


how the awkwardness clashes with that wallpaper


the way Harry clasps his hands while kissing Geraldine


I get distracted by much more but that’s enough for now!


music question:  a song you always listen to twice in a row

Sort Of by Ingrid Michaelson

aside from how mesmerizing I find her pronunciation, the lyrics always end up distracting me from the song as a whole. they are apt for me in many ways.

And if I was stronger then I would tell you no
And if I was stronger then I would leave this show
And if I was stronger then I would up and go
But here I am and here we go again

so I come back and listen to the song a second time because it really is a nice sounding song all on it’s own.

Unconditionally and Irrevocably

Once Upon a Time I didn’t know who Richard Armitage was. 

hard to fathom, I know

hard to fathom, I know

Then a friend posted this pic on our forum:


I’d like to say the clouds opened up and glittering rays of sunlight suddenly filled my world…but they didn’t.

I think I misheard you

I think I misheard you


Not to be deterred she then posted shots of Mr.Thornton and waxed lyrical about the cravat. 

or, rather, lack thereof

or lack thereof

I browsed happily but still no heralding trumpets were heard.

surely this cannot be?

surely this cannot be?


Then I saw this Richard Armitage fellow for myself in The Hobbit and something stirred.

tell me about this stirring

oh, did it now?


I was ready to take my friend seriously.

it's about damn time!

it’s about damn time!

Who is this guy? 

your density

your density

What else has he been in?


things that will bring you hours of entertainment


What should I watch next? 

it's not what you should watch, but what you should listen to

it’s not what you should watch, but what you should listen to

She suggested The Vicar of Dibley: The Handsome Stranger


…and my life has never been the same.


Today is that friend’s birthday and I’d like to thank her for sharing her crush with me. It’s changed my life irrevocably <3


Off Topic Fanvid Friday: Outlander

Since a lot of us RA fans seem to be Outlander fans too, I didn’t think you’d mind if I went “off topic” a bit and featured an Outlander themed Fanvid Friday. As someone who appreciates the creative nuances that some vidders place in their fanvids, I could not pass this one up! “Uptown Funk” by E. Jamie

(Warning: several instances of nudity appear in video)

Yes, it’s that “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. And that’s one of the reasons I like this vid so much, because it’s such an unexpected song choice for 18th century Scotland! That funky beat starts and you wonder what am I getting myself into? Here are some of my favorite parts:

-the hand slaps that go along with the music in the beginning. I didn’t realize there was so much touching in Outlander…

-Jamie’s quick finger kiss after the lyric “kiss myself, so pretty”

-Geillis’ “hot damn!” LOL!

-Jamie’s slightly arrogant smirk after “say my name”

-that whole first set of “Hallelujah”s. Brilliant!

-“fill my cup, put some liquor in it”. the sheer amount of choices that could have been used for this part…

-the women waulking wool in time with the music

-Claire’s hand sways

**another Outlander fanvid by E.Jamie that I like is “Bohemian Rhapsody” . again, a song that you wouldn’t expect, but she uses the music and lyrics to her advantage in a poignant way.