What’s So Amazing That Keeps Us Stargazing?

What is it about certain actors that cause me to pursue them and follow their careers, while others pass me by or get left along the roadside? this is something I think about from time to time because the actors I follow do tend to have certain things in common, yet they can be very different at the same time. 

if you even breathe the word "Circus", I will leave you here!

if you even breathe the word “Circus”, I will leave you here!

the way I initially become interested in an actor can differ. I may take notice of them after several projects or it may only be one that causes me to want to know more about them. in the case of Richard it was the latter, when I saw him in The Hobbit: an unexpected journey. it was his expressive eyes, his commanding stance, his soothing voice, and how he made me pay more attention to what was going on inside the character, that reeled me in to him.

and his sword. it is the biggest...

and his sword. it is the biggest…

sometimes it’s the depiction of a true story, or a certain period of history, career, geographical location, etc. that peaks my interest and sends me off to find out more. the behind-the-scenes features and promotional interviews are vastly interesting to me and helpful in this regard. through the viewing of these, I might find something about the actors themselves that sparks my interest, whether that be personality traits, knowledge about the subject, or just general “off-screen” appearance. then it becomes a dual interest that sends me off in all different directions.

off-screen appearance: hot mess

off-screen appearance: hot mess

that’s what happened to me this past week with the movie Unbroken and it’s lead actor, Jack O’Connell. I have a fondness for movies that center around hope and the human spirit. this true story definitely fit the bill for that, along with it’s subjects of World War II (which I’ve always had a fascination with) and the sport of running (which my son is currently involved in). I was particularly impressed with Jack’s mastery of an American accent and the respect he held for the story itself, as well as the art of acting in general (his playful cheekiness didn’t hurt either). how long will he hold my interest though?

soulful eyes? check.

soulful eyes? check.

several years ago when I first watched the movie Atonement with James McAvoy, I followed a similar path. I became curious about the battle of Dunkirk, which played a part in the story, along with James himself. his real life accent instantly hooked me and I found his general demeanor very likable, so I followed his career for awhile. I still enjoy James when I see him in movies but I never quite reached that level of curiosity that caused me to delve into the man behind the actor- he doesn’t have that special something, the umf! that reaches out and grabs me. no offense to James, of course. there have been many that I’ve taken an interest in that didn’t end up panning out in the end: Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Sam Heughan, Peter Facinelli, Eddie Redmayne, just to name a few. 

touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me!

touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me!

when I was younger it was the movie Young Guns and the wild west that held my interest in this way, which eventually came back around to Christian Bale in his 3:10 to Yuma role. I first became aware of Christian because of the WWII drama, Empire of the Sun, which is what started my WWII interest at the age of 13. this led to another WWII related movie of his, Swing Kids, that introduced me to that era’s music when I was 19. I love when movies spark my interest in a subject I’d never paid much attention to before, and the trickle-down effect of books, music, etc. that following actors and their fandoms can bring. 

P-51 Mustang, "Cadillac of the Skies"

P-51 Mustang, “Cadillac of the Skies!”

I’ve always enjoyed war/military movies in general. Richard doesn’t share the WWII aspect specifically, but John Porter fits the military connection. Thorin embodies the “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” attitude rather well too. I used to think that redemption was the theme that ran through my interest in Richard’s characters, but lately I’ve pondered whether it’s not the act of lying instead- lying to others, lying to ourselves.


what first impressed me about Richard in the promotional interviews for AUJ was his grasp of the subject matter. he was very well versed in Tolkien lore and the ramifications that surrounded that character. an actor that takes the time to research his role and really tries to understand it, will always impress me. the more I watched/read about Richard, the more I noticed how different from the character of Thorin he was off-screen. I think that’s the thing that intrigues me the most, when I’m able to see the depth an actor gives his characters through details of voice, body language,etc. in comparison to their real life self. “ohhh..he was just acting!” Christian Bale isn’t actually a serial killer and neither is Richard Armitage, or Jamie Dornan for that matter…uh oh, I hope “serial killer” is not an emerging theme of my admiration. someone put Richard in a bomber jacket, quick! 


close enough, for now

what connections can you make between Richard and your other interests? if you follow the careers of other actors, what do they share in common with Richard?


bonus pic:


for reasons.

for reasons.



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Fanvid Friday: I Lived

As I continue to see clips from the special features of The Hobbit:the Battle of the Five Armies-Extended Edition floating around the fandom, this fanvid really stood out to me when I stumbled across it recently. it documents, through still photographs, Richard’s journey in relation to his involvement with The Hobbit franchise. along the same vein, I happened to read an older fandom discussion yesterday that centered around where Richard’s career was headed, pre-Hobbit, and so the way this video touches upon all that he has seen and done because of Thorin Oakenshield- it hit me in the feels!

I Lived by KingAslan4

I particularly like the use of Richard’s Twitter selfies and how they highlight the geographical places he has visited: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Soccer Jersey and his trip to Brazil, the Great Wall of China and exercising in the park,etc. Richard has traveled the world because of/for The Hobbit– the places he’s seen, the people he’s met, the experiences he’s had, on top of the chance to portray such a complicated and iconic character as Thorin Oakenshield. that’s the stuff dreams are made of, and he’s lived it.



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Fanvid Friday: Good For You

“Good For You” by Girl of Gisborne. I can watch this video again and again without losing that initial feeling of having stumbled upon a treasure. it’s classy and edgy, sensual and mesmerizing; it represents it’s subject very well. The perfect fanvid to coax me back into Fanvid Fridays!

First of all, I really like the rendition of the song used in this video. It’s originally by Selena Gomez but this acoustic version by Anton Hagman switches the gender of the lyrics, while giving it a raspy sensual sound.


The images chosen for the video are all taken from filmed versions of Richard Armitage photoshoots. the contemplative stance perfected in the Fault shoot, the sensual sophistication of the black & white  Esquire shoot, the fashion highlights of the Glamour shoot, among others.


Some of my favorite bits of editing include: the way the video chops up to match the beat of the song as Richard walks by the reflective window; how the lyric “I’m gonna wear this suit you like skin tight” is matched to a quick shot of a dress shirt stretched across Richard’s chest in reaction to his body’s movement; the slight way the film shakes and fades from the color of the taxi cab to an artsy black & white, as we hear the final strum of the song. 


the only complaint I have is that it ends just as I become consumed by it. no worries though, that’s what the replay button is for!


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Ugly Sweaters and Awkward Silences


I was attending an event in celebration of The Hobbit films.  it was taking place in a small pub and I was sitting in a large booth with an array of fandom friends. some members of the cast came walking through, shaking hands with fans, as they moved to the front of the room where each shared a personal anecdote about working on the films. my friends and I became excited. they wondered if Richard would stop at our table, while I was more interested in the story he might tell the audience. when Richard did walk through, he had his parents with him and they moved down the line quickly, like it was a red carpet. and it kind of was, because cameras were flashing and it was a bit chaotic.


Richard turned around and made a point to walk back through to interact with fans. I started to get nervous. what if Richard stopped at our table? I was on the fence about whether I wanted that to happen or not. I was seated on the inside end of the booth, so I doubted he would interact with me anyway. as it turned out, he didn’t stop at our table, but his mother did. she was more social and upbeat than I thought she would be. Guylty was sitting next to me, and Richard’s mom took a liking to the sweater she was wearing.  it was, umm…not really something I would choose to wear myself. 


Richard’s mom loved the sweater and so the two of them started talking about knitting and technique,etc. but they were speaking in German. soon the conversation took on a lighter tone and I realized that Richard’s mom was including me in the discussion. I had no idea what she was saying, so I timidly smiled while trying to make subtle eye contact with Guylty, hoping she would help me out. she didn’t, because she had a sick sense of humor and enjoyed watching me squirm! I continued to nod along, hoping Mama Armitage would move on soon and put me out of my misery. 

No! I think I might faint...
No! I think I might faint.

suddenly Mrs. A’s smile faded and she looked at me with a frown on her face. oh, no! what did I just nod my head to? I looked around the table, not knowing what to do. the rest of you were no help, no help at all! starting to sweat bullets, I nervously blurted “Guylty smokes cigarettes!” Richard’s mom snapped her head back towards Guylty, while Guylty stomped on my foot under the table (that shit hurt!) luckily, Richard’s Dad came round then to usher his wife forward, so the event could continue. and our table became deathly quiet. 

*awkward silence*
*awkward silence*

none of us knew what to say. each of us were looking down at the table, over our shoulders, anywhere but at each other. I tried to break the ice and said, “let’s just use the toilet and leave!” we let out a collective breath and then all started giggling. Dean O’Gorman happened to be telling a story at that moment and thought we were laughing at him. he gave our table a chin nod and wink 



which sent us all into another round of laughter! mixed in with a few swoons- or maybe that was just me.


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The SinnaBunny visited my mailbox yesterday and left me: Belstaff Francis *fangirl squee*



he was through the door without even a “you owe me awe” before he commandeered a living space for himself

he seemed especially intrigued by the attic...
he seemed especially intrigued by the attic


Belstaff Francis was made by the talented Nancy Soares of sinnabunny crafts. her Etsy shop is filled with similar plushies from various television shows. I don’t think Francis should be left to his own devices in that big old house, maybe he’ll need a roommate in the future?

Guy of Gisborne could be a nice fit


or maybe John Proctor


I don’t know who this Garrett fellow is but he looks capable


decisions, decisions…

the sinnabunnycrafts shop on Etsy can be found here.


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