It All Comes Back to Richard

Today is Mother’s Day, here in the US.

my Johnny, so handsome!

My son made me several coupons that I can cash in for different things: empty the dishwasher, mow the lawn, make his bedthings he’s supposed to do anyway.

not the proper way to put away dishes!

It was a nice thought, and the graphics he created for them were cute and funny. They were titled meme face coupons, which reminded me of a certain interview:

I was vaguely aware of what an internet meme was before this but I didn’t know how to pronounce it (meem, not me-me) Thanks for keeping me hip, Richard, and saving me from yet another teenage eye roll!


 What has reminded you of Richard today?

Richard drinks from a cup, I drink from a cup…soulmates!



10 thoughts on “It All Comes Back to Richard

    1. SpongeBob is very wise. my pinky finger just automatically does that on it’s own though, my subconscious way of feeling sophisticated even when drinking cola out of a plastic cup!


          1. I can’t remember which Hobbit promo interview it was, but the writer noted that RA washed down a plate of steal tartar with 2 Cokes and a double espresso. If only he knew how perfect we all are for him! Such a shame harems are out of fashion 😉


  1. Hello Kelbel! I’ve been directed over here by Servetus; you have a lovely looking blog. I’m signing up!

    I’ve spent the morning sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee – he drinks coffee, i drink coffee, we are SO well suited – regaling my friend ( a non RA fan- what is wrong with her?) with tales of RA at the Cremorne Orpheum. Phone whipped out to show her the photo’s and i only stopped when she completely glazed over..


    1. I’ve made the mistake in the past of over saturating friends and relatives with my fangirl ramblings first, then being forced to go find like minded people to share with second. this time around I’m doing it in the correct order, so maybe they won’t roll their eyes every time the object of my affection is mentioned. and they may even grow to appreciate him themselves!


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