Then and Now: the Glamour photoshoot

After seeing The Hobbit and being haunted by the eyes

I was talking about Thorin but these eyes are good too!

I was curious to see what this actor looked like in real life. I had only seen random pictures of Mr. Thornton, and a few from Richard’s younger years. Then my friend posted the Glamour photo shoot.

At first I didn’t exactly turn into a pile of mush. I wasn’t feeling it. Although I definitely liked the debonair waistcoat and shoes, the style didn’t really seem like him.

no fainting? too bad, I could have helped with that

I feel differently now, of course, I’ve seen the video photoshoot.

So I thought I’d do a little comparison of then vs. now


Then: Cary Grant, suave & sophisticated

Now: pretty much the same


Then: shadow on face, stiff pose

Now: all I see are legs & boots

(Edit: I now know this pic is from Robert Ashcroft and not the Glamour shoot but I’m keeping it here because: Legs & Boots! )


Then: wish I could see more of his hands

Now: unfortunate association of animated dwarf hands from video – positive association of hearing his voice in video


Then: forearm, hand, stare

Now: yep, still like this one.


All in all this just made me more curious. What type of man was this Richard Armitage? Is this how he normally dresses? What other film work has he done? I loved his accent and voice in The Hobbit, how much of that was his own? Looks like it’s time to IMDb!

IMDb: a fangirl’s best friend!

Little did I know what was about to happen…

me, flattened by Richard’s awesomeness!



16 thoughts on “Then and Now: the Glamour photoshoot

  1. My favorite moment of this is where he’s standing at the window. I can’t say exactly why. Or rather, I have an idea, but you know how it is … writing it all down!


    1. I like that one too. his contemplative stance as he gazes out of the over-sized window across the city skyline, almost like he feels how his life is about to change on a larger scale but is not exactly conscious of it yet.


  2. Welcome to the fandom! Nice to meet you. I fell for Mr. Thornton in October 2009. I was afraid to know the actor, thinking it might spoil the character for me. Nope. Not a chance. Trouble is, Richard is himself indescribably interesting. I valiantly tried to avoid becoming a fangirl – that was for teenagers and …er…others. I’m happily ensconced as a fangirl everywhere there’s a mention of Thornton or Richard. Thorin was pretty damn amazing, and I wasn’t into fantasy! 😉


    1. I’ve fangirled over a few other celebrities before Mr. Armitage, so the denial aspect didn’t stand in my path this time around but I did avoid Mr. Thornton for awhile, didn’t want to be disappointed. I was very wrong, of course! after discovering N&S I searched out the fanfiction (starting with yours!) and have not been disappointed yet


  3. I think your blog is fabulous, entertaining, intelligent, witty and funny as hell with a richly symbolic subtext. Much like myself. I am a pre Thorin post Strike Back fan. I was worried that dwarf Richard wouldn’t attract new fans, but I underestimated the power of the eyes and the voice. His smouldering hotness can’t be hidden under pounds of hair and prosthetics. Welcome, and you have great taste in men.


    1. such kind words, thank you so much! I have a very contrasting personality most of the time, equal parts silly & serious; I hope that transfers to the blog in a balanced way


  4. Welcome to the madness! Loving your blog.
    I first saw Richard in North & South about a year after it aired in the UK (2005?), and I watched the Impressionists and Robin Hood, and almost all I could watch of his work. But I knew little about the man for a number of years, and really “joined” the fandom years later, over three years now, when watching him helped me at a sad moment in my life. Then I felt an overwhelming need to find out all about Richard Armitage and I’m now very happy I did so. I know you’ll meet some wonderful fellow fans on this journey. Enjoy.


    1. I enjoy hearing everyone’s varied paths on how they found Richard; many are similar, but still different in their own unique ways. when we travel the path of admiration and fascination together, it’s much more meaningful and fun


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