That Was Wicked: a poem

MAX 60 seconds with Richard Armitage,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

       Ms. Browning, I apologize in advance for what is about to happen

(I won’t be using Metric Richard, so try and keep up )

       half a cow = 300lbs., not 20


I love thee to the depth, and breadth, and height

of the fattest, tallest troll. which is a lot, since they’re such crackin’ good cooks!

  how high are we talking here, Keira? I’m Natalie!


by sun and candlelight

more candlelight than sun though.

         pale is “in”


I love thee freely

to lift those pints of wine and weights with abandon.

                         ’nuff said


I love thee purely

as the sound of your sincere laughter.

I love thee with a passion

that hearing you say horse invokes.


and with my childhood’s faith

like the innocent memories of those lovable Muppets.

  how ya like being green now, Kermit?


I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

along with the contents of my stomach, thanks to Martin


I love thee with the breath,

which is in short supply when you have a bow in your hands.



that appear when you tell the only joke that I know as well, with a slight variation.

                  a duck walks into a bar…and says Ouch!



that fall when you call that particular outfit shit.



and I shall but love thee better after death

and no, death does not equal Twitter



In closing, I really like these interviews



7 thoughts on “That Was Wicked: a poem

  1. Lovely post as always! Where does that gorgeous smile gif come from, Kelbel? And I love those 60 second interviews too!


  2. Look at RA’s expression at 3:09-3:10 of Martin’s interview. As well as RA did in both of these interviews, and as much as he enjoyed the laughs, he’s done — and done listening to Martin’s clever quips, enough already.


    1. yes, I’ve always noticed that too. I won’t say he’s pretending or acting in his responses but the goal was accomplished, it’s time to “turn it off”. that’s how I work too: there are certain people, that when I come home from spending an evening with them, I feel like I can finally let my facial muscles relax! my face hurts from smiling too much. I’m not smiling on purpose but I can only take so much of their “energy” before I have to shut it down.


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