There is One Who I Could Follow

there is one I could call King

While watching the George Stroumboulopoulos interview and preparing to wax lyrical about Richard Armitage’s insightful Tolkien knowledge,

two different quotes stood out to me. First, from the opening monologue by George in relation to Richard:

When Peter Jackson came calling, the actor known for playing heavies picked himself off the floor and steadied himself to play a hero.

*discreetly wipes eyes*

And then, from Richard in relation to Peter Jackson’s leadership style:

I wanted Thorin to lead with that quiet authority. I wanted him to inspire loyalty instead of command it, and that’s exactly how Peter Jackson works.

you’re doing it wrong

So I decided to dig through my notes and find some things that I’ve said about Richard, amidst my fangirling.

is this going to hurt?


He has a quiet confidence about him, that I find soothing.


Richard Armitage captivates me on so many levels.


Richard nurtures my inherent serious nature. He’s polite, a bit reserved and bashful, but has a sense of dorky humor underneath. I find his approach to acting quite admirable, and he’s a late bloomer (like me) he just makes me want to be a better person.


He has a subtle everyday charisma that sneaks up on you. He’s not an over-the-top, in-your-face kind of guy.

In a recent interview from Sydney, Richard described his method of acting as marinating.

it’s like marinating in a character, you’re not being him but he’s never very far from your thoughts… you just keep him in mind all the time.


I think that sums up Richard’s daily presence in my life perfectly. I routinely find myself surrounded by

Reliable Thorin Oakenshield


Devoted John Thornton


Tactile Lucas North


Focused Guy of Gisborne


Tenacious John Porter


Serene John Standring


and Harry Kennedy.

How to describe my fondness for Harry?

If the Matrix were real, I’d happily live in Dibley with Harry while machines sucked out my insides.




9 thoughts on “There is One Who I Could Follow

  1. Lol, I’d join you in the Matrix, and we’d sit on the swings in the playground at Dibley 😉 Don’t know if Dibley had a playground… Once again you put quite a goofy smile on my face, because I was reading and nodding in agreement. “There is one I could follow” indeed 😀


    1. I had to end on a silly note, it was getting way too serious & I was in danger of declaring myself or something *blushes* and I’m sure there’s a playground in Dibley too, Alice has all those kids after all!


  2. My very first blog was titled the same There is One I Could Follow – but I chickened out and deleted it because I thought it was too….much. But I LOVE your post and totally agree! Now that I have a little blogging experience I am not afraid to declare my love for Mr. RA. Yes, I choose to call it love. There are many kinds. And he is so worthy of it. Beautiful man.


    1. yes, I was undecided on that title as well, it’s so heavy! & the implications can be easily misunderstood. it’s true that there are many different kinds of love; as long as we can tell them apart, we’re doing okay.


  3. Hi, kelbel. I’m the same Cill you’ve seen posting on Morrighan’s blogs. I found yours by accident when I googling ‘George Stromboulopoulos’. I’m ver much enjoying your witty take on things.


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