It’s Not My FAULT!

It was around this time in my pursuit of all things Richard Armitage, that the Fault photoshoot emerged.


I had heard whisperings and murmurs of anticipation for this particular shoot, and was interested to see if it met expectations. Some parts I really liked




those that seemed to be the fan favorites though, I didn’t.


that pocket-flap is really distracting
that pocket-flap is really distracting

I think it was the use of black and white in this instance that I didn’t like. The texture of the stripped shirt seems too rough, the scruffy facial hair looks like wire, and the distortion on the magazine cover itself just looks dirty. *cringes and waits for backlash* This gruffness looked so unlike the Richard Armitage I was becoming familiar with, that he almost seemed like an impostor.

nope, don't really like the shirt in color either
don’t really like the shirt in color either

Looking back on my reactions now though, maybe I was being a bit biased. For you see, only days prior I had discovered some older candid shots of Richard in a wool cap….Street RA had gotten to me first!


I loved these photos instantly, and I still do.

The Friendly Demeanor


The Modest Magnetism

pocket flap still distracting
pocket flap still distracting

The Hat


The Jacket


The Jeans


even the worn leather Attache Case!

So the fact that I wasn’t moved by that highly anticipated photoshoot wasn’t my Fault at all! Candid Richard Armitage just has a sneaky charm about him that Professional Richard Armitage has no hope against.


21 thoughts on “It’s Not My FAULT!

  1. He looked very serious, if not downright grumpy in the Fault shoot, didn’t he? Not quite my favourite, but certainly a shoot that had serious pretensions of artfulness.


    1. I can definitely appreciate the aesthetics of the B&Ws on their own merit, but not with Richard as the subject. and that short-sleeved sweater thing? do not understand *crinkles brows* but I would have liked to see different angles of him sitting on the picnic table πŸ™‚


      1. Well, there was more art to it than just the b/w – the whole process of creating the end-results, for instance. But never mind that, I just thought he looked a bit grumpy in all the shots, almost annoyed, particularly in the accompanying video teaser.
        The short-sleeved knitted sweater was WEIRD. But then again – fashion shoot, so no choice in clothes, I suppose.


        1. I really liked the shots with the brick wall/t-shirt. how some of them were off-center and taken from different angles,etc. but I did not like the pics of the photographer actually taking the shots. it was an interesting behind-the-scenes look, especially with her standing on the picnic table; but I really didn’t want to see her in the final product. her & her process, alongside the finished result, would have been better in my opinion.


        1. I thought of this because those bearded fashion shoots show an even grumpier Richard. That was full-on Thorin, obviously πŸ˜€


  2. I love this photo shoot because it apparently took place on Franklin St. in NYC and I walk down that block every day. The houses look like this and there are trees and gardens that remind me of this shoot. So I think about RA every day when I walk by there. Otherwise, not really in love with these pics. Yikes! πŸ˜€


    1. so you love the location of the shoot and the idea that it took place there with Richard, but not the pictures themselves. you’re in love with the “idea” of the shoot. I feel that way about a lot of movies/tv shows, “it had such potential!”


  3. Come to think of it, I’d put the Fault photoshoot as the one I hated the most for the 30-day RA challenge – if I even put any effort to remember any of it at all. It just tried too hard and in the process, there was no soul that was Armitage in it.


    1. I’m starting to see that I’m not the only one who wasn’t crazy about it! maybe it was just the Tumblr crowd who loved it, or maybe it was just the excitement of having something new at the time πŸ™‚


  4. It’s Not My Fault too..and you are right girls.. it was triumph of form over substance…though I love photo #5 ( never noticed that flap pocket! πŸ˜€ )


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