You’re Just Too Good to Be True

Just a little Harry Kennedy appreciation post…



 “actually, I’m rather pro women vicars myself, there’s something quite sexy about that collar thing. it’s a bit like nurses, something about the uniform that I just can’t resist. stark, crisp exterior with the promise of softness beneath.”


“I must get to know you first, before I find out what you do. imagine, for instance, if someone said they were an accountant. You’re immediately going to think less of them, when there are probably some really gripping accountants.”


“I loved you the second I laid eyes on you. and I absolutely know that we are meant to be together, forever. and we will always be happy.”



You stole our hearts.



6 thoughts on “You’re Just Too Good to Be True

  1. I´m just a boring accountant myself. Never met someone like Harry Jasper Kennedy in my whole business life. Where´s he hiding?


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