“D” is for Dashing

This is Mr.Thornton, in his don’t-mess-with-the-boss attire:




This is Mr. Social-Call Thornton. I’m not crazy about top-hats but look at that poise:


Notice the splash of color here: a maroon colored cravat and a stripped waist-coat…


one dashing fellow!


Now here is Mr. Social-Engagement Thornton. I’m not really loving this look:



more dandy than dashing.


But here we have I’m-running-my-own-business-and-life-is-good Thornton:


Sinfully dashing!


While here we have my-mother-just-gave-me-some-really-bad- advice Thornton:


dashing but not as appealing, somehow.


if he would have just gone with this look to begin with:


Oh, no! Poor Mr. Thornton has gone from dashing to distressed.


where did he go wrong?


Was it the hat? It is a bit frayed.


No, the hat looks fine Mr. Thornton.


Was it the splash of color?


That color is definitely dashing, Mr. Thornton!


Was it the stripped waist-coat?


aside from the unwanted attention, it wasn’t the waist-coat either.


What was it, then? Maybe show more of those forearms?


Mr. Thornton,

*tries not to shrink from that intimidating stare*

you always look dashing!


…just try losing the cravat more often.




Really, Really.


16 thoughts on ““D” is for Dashing

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Even the intimidating looks make me melt… But the last scene, well. What can one say? 😉

    (You’re right, it definitely wasn’t the hat. Never saw anyone wear a topper that well. And I agree about the dandy look – too finicky for our hero.)


    1. the stares are intimidating, yet alluring at the same time. I can’t really blame Margaret for being confused! though hers came from a more arrogant place, I think.


  2. Well, I must say I never noticed those wardrobe variations! Well done! That certainly was not my favorite time for menswear. Although, I think the white wigs were worse than top hats. :p Mr. Broody-Pants Thornton looks suitably attired with the cravat. Looking at Henry right now – more colorful than JT. Not crazy about Margaret’s look, either.


    1. the cravats are all different textures too, which help them stand out from each other (the plain black one that he wears the most is the least impressive) the stripped waist-coat really surprises me every time I notice it, so not his usual style 🙂 I think my favorite is the charcoal waist-coat with the maroon cravat though; aside from the no cravat, of course 😉 (and yes, Margaret is very drab looking! except for the striped dress at the end.)


      1. Did you notice how pretty Henry’s clothes were? Quite a contrast in color and texture to the rather plain fabric JT wears. JT mostly is in black. That’s why I never noticed the maroon and striped waistcoat. I like the maroon cravat too. Margaret’s hats are unfortunate. 😦


        1. the one about Guy & Marian? I meant to ask you about that, because I read it in an e-mail update, then when I went to comment on it, I couldn’t find it. I assume you were editing it or something, so I checked back once or twice with the same results 😦

          I see it’s back now though, so I’m heading over to comment 😉


  3. Really!
    <3My favorite "hard but truthful" entrepreneur-very rare species ,IMO
    Thanks for the fun,Kelbel 🙂
    PS: pssst.. I can't stand this top hat..


    1. I resisted discovering John Thornton because of all the swooning hype but I fell for him right away, once I decided to watch 🙂 he’s my kind of people, from the same area as my ancestors and rooted in the same work environment that I was raised in. (plus I really like the way he talks 😉 those “R”s melt me!)


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