My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter

When I discovered the messages Richard Armitage had written to his fan collective, I became very excited!

Monet and friends in gallery
more excited, less stylish (I was in my pajamas)

These messages reinforced the kind of person I suspected he was already, while also giving me a peek at some new aspects of his personality I had yet to encounter.


Richard Armitage is sweet and silly.

dancing Richard

The majority of the messages are in response to the never ending support the fan base has given Richard through the years, which he is extremely grateful for. The bulk of the content is repeated apologies for not sending individual Thank-Yous for gifts received. Some of the gifts mentioned I found particularly unique, but Richard emphasizes his appreciation for all of them.

“I don’t think any of your gifts are WEIRD, I love them all.”

He often painstakingly highlighted each gift individually, while other times he gave a more generalized Thank-You; silly commentary almost always included.

“Many other cards and gifts from Austria, Canada, USA, Czech republic, Belgium, Australia…The Moon…Mars…Snickers…Uranus…NO don’t start all that!”

bashful laughing on The Today Show

Another way he showed his appreciation was by looking out for his followers and trying to protect them, as best he could, from afar.

I would and have never “ridiculed” any fan for their dedication, I have always corrected interviewers when they talk about “crazed fans”, I make sure they understand the respect and intelligence with which most of you all conduct yourselves. I am mortified that this has somehow been misinterpreted, but take responsibility for this and will stand firm in the face of future ridicule.

BBC America Robin Hood interview
we’re all in this together

He even went so far as to apologize directly for the infamous relationship article, expressing his sincere regret for revealing those very personal things; not in embarrassment for himself, but rather for how the article may have affected his fans.

“The arena which I work in trades with this kind of information currency, I intend to be a spendthrift in future.”

So when he pointed out his love for Keane’s Hamburg Song, because “if you listen you might understand why”, it’s clear that he truly was sharing a part of himself.

Richard Armitage is wise.

One of my favorite excerpts from these messages was written in response to drama within the fandom. Jealousy had reared it’s ugly head and a dispute arose about which sites were receiving the letters and why.

stern expression- in suit
we’re only human

What Richard said in response touched me so deeply that I now have it written down and close at hand, as a personal reminder during my daily online activities.


“I just ask you to look after each other, that’s all. There are quite a few sensitive souls lingering out there which need protecting, not to mention the younger members who are looking at you as role models. This goes against everything I believe in, I think you know that.

To live and let live, without clamour for distinction or recognition; to wait on divine love; to write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart-this is the sanity and perfection of living. (Mary Baker Eddy)

Keep up the good work and SHINE.”

Truly words to live by.

brown jacket, against stone wall
you help me shine, Richard

Richard Armitage is creative.

During the filming of Robin Hood, he mentioned how hot it was in Budapest that summer. He illustrated this fact by sharing a (faux) Health decree issued by the government listing several warnings including: not to dress “head to toe in black leather”, and comparing the castle where filming was taking place to an oven that could roast internal organs. The situation was “ridiculous and illegal”.

Guy, in black coat, turning forward gif
Guy should be ridiculously illegal

During the filming of Spooks/MI-5 Richard was prevented from corresponding because of the (made up) accusations claiming that the letters had not come from the real RA; this eventually led to his (fake) arrest for “fan abandonment”.

“It’s not true, I always wrote everything myself. I even put in bad grammar, spelling and inappropriate humour to appear more down to Earth.”

inappropriate humour? like (in thanks for a particular gift):

“Mini Wooden Cello and Bow (having trouble getting it between my legs: as the actress said to the bishop)”

laughing, stripped tie gif

This was all relayed by a “Spooksperson”

These messages represented what I had already come to know of  Richard Armitage: he was a gentle man, who excelled creatively.

premiere suit, maroon tie


What I had only gotten a glimpses of, up until that point though, was that the man is just plain funny!

re: the Keane song, just liked the song really. Good job I didn’t mention “Smack my Bitch up” by Prodigy (No, not one of my favorites!)

(that one cracks me up every time!)

Andy, Martin, and Richard laughing gif

It seems that Harry’s cheekiness came naturally.

24 thoughts on “My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter

  1. Such a beautiful post kelbel 75. Thank you! I totally see why this song is a favourite of his. The words are so perfect it could have been written for him. He is beautiful inside and out and he certainly brought love and light into my life and continues to do so. I’m so thankful for him every day.


    1. I was smitten before I found the letters, but after reading them he became a real person to me. they’ve since become the foundation upon which I build my continuing admiration, and a constant reminder that although he may often seem larger than life, he’s just a regular guy 🙂


  2. Humour is immensely attractive. The fan messages are one of the things that attract me to RA – more so than his outward charms. Humour is a sign of intellgence. And also belies an inherent tendency to take things with a lightness of attitude. Maybe I am so attracted to it because it does not come natural to people from my own country, but in any case, like you, I really enjoyed those old fan messages when I read through them. A great pity that he hasn’t got time for them anymore – or that he has learnt not to give too much as it creates expectations. Thanks for taking me back on the RA fan initiation trail, Kelly 🙂


    1. I agree, humor is immensely attractive. I personally like dry-witty humor, which Richard seems to have, but he’s often too shy to follow through on the delivery; I find that adorable!


  3. Thanks Kelbel75 for this lovely post and for reminding me (and us) to re-read his letters, many of them written long ago. At times in fact it was hard for me to believe that he had actually written all such lovely messages to his fans as some of them left me simply teary-eyed. But mostly I remember when reading them the first time, Richard’s funny lines and ideas made me roar with laughter and giddy with exitement!! I love this writings so much, his humbleness that shows through, and his endeavours to say thank you in detail, and in hilarious words, to as many people as possible. Sometimes I’m yet a bit sad that he almost entirely ceased to send new messages, even though I totally understand why this was bound to happen. Still there is always this keen hope for a new letter….. 😀


    1. yes, it’s a shame he doesn’t communicate in this way with his fans anymore, but I think most of us understand why 😉 it’s a fine line for him to walk, how open and available he makes himself to his followers; it’s bound to get confusing for both sides. the fact that he was able to, once upon a time, is something to cherish 🙂


  4. He’s a keeper. Maybe we’ll get a Christmas/New Year’s letter in a few months. I thought the last letter (pre red carpet from Wellington) was about the most astounding gift he could have given his stalwart fans before he headed off to wider fame. A beautiful, thoughtful man. And yes, Guylty, his humor signifies a lightness of heart and an awareness of others that will keep him beautiful for years to come. It’s a joy to watch his life adventure as far as we can. No shame in being a fan of Richard’s.


    1. I thought the red-carpet letter was very thoughtful as well. in his reflective mood before the big event, he thought of his fans, and took the time to share his thoughts with them 🙂


    1. Marie, thanks for reblogging this. I missed it the first time and enjoyed it tremendously. It makes me happy to think of RA as such a decent man.

      It also makes me think I should go read all of your old posts kelbel. I enjoy your blog immensely. I am reblogging so that I can find it easily when I have doubts about why I am a fan.


      1. I go back to the Letters when I need reminding of who Richard is to me and why I started all of this, too 😎

        I’m slowly trying to make old posts on this blog easier to find, w/tabs (“top posts”) and archive pages at the top 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. You RA fans are very fortunate to have an archive of letters with his musings on his own work, and particularly his relationship to his fans. I think it must be a rare thing. Treasure them!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “Many other cards and gifts from Austria, Canada, USA, Czech republic, Belgium, Australia…The Moon…Mars…Snickers…Uranus…” I had read this quote a few times in the past and it just struck me tonight….Mars and Snickers are both chocolate bars….and ‘snickers’ as in giggles before saying ‘Uranus’…therefore linking ‘snickers’ with the word before and the word that follows. That guy is really clever. (I know, I’m a little slow).

    Liked by 1 person

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