Udderly Outlandish!

I’m currently in the process of re-reading my favorite book, Outlander. It’s being made into a television series, did you hear?

-No, I did not (this is an RA blog, right?)-
No, I did not (this is a RA blog, right?)

Anyway, I came across a part about money and, well, here’s the passage:

“…my share of the Mackenzie rents comes to about twenty pounds a quarter… and that’s Scots, not Sterling. About the price of half a cow.”


Twenty Pounds… Half a Cow

-should I know this one?-
should I know this one?

so now, the fact that in 1743 the Scots equivalent of twenty pounds could buy you half a cow,

-oh, right! that's from Martin-
oh, right! that’s from Martin

will be added to the enormous stash of useless facts inside my head, that I will never need but always remember.

you could find need? right. never.-
you could find need? right. never.

Thanks, boys!


P.S. I make no apologies for the title of this post. because puns are funny.



25 thoughts on “Udderly Outlandish!

    • when I first saw the “60 seconds” interview, I got stuck on the “20lbs=half a cow” thing. I had to go look it up to see how much half a cow really weighed in “pounds” and what 20lbs equaled in Metric…so maybe it would catch my attention more than it would other people but we all love that interview, so I knew the gifs would be appreciated 😉


      • My math is horrible but I’m guessing that 20lbs is about 8 kilos~?
        I remember when I watched that interview I laughed when Martin mentioned that 20lbs was about half a cow. Richard’s expression was priceless~!


  1. Hi Kelbel, Thanks for the huge smile in my face. I had read that scene soooo many times, and watched the interview , but I had never made the connection before. Love it!

    PD: I’m really excited because they’re making Outlander into a series (finally!) Althoug, I’m not sure that Ill be able to watch it so soon in my country 😛


    • another “Outlander” fan! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for them to do something with this story for years, I’m so glad it’s finally happening. I will be subscribing to Starz before the Spring, it’s a must 😉


        • while talking about it with my mom, my dad heard me say I’m going to have to subscribe to watch it. he suggested I just wait and rent the series when it’s over. my mom and I both looked at him like he just grew two heads *laughs* Jamie cannot wait! 🙂


  2. Helen says:

    Brilliant 😉 particularly like the last gif of the giggle! That 60 seconds is completely addictive. As an aside, £20 sounds to me like an awful lot for half a cow in 1743…


  3. fitzg says:

    Half a cow?? 200 Ibs? That much? That could be approx. RA’s weight.
    There will be a Starz Outlander? Have to subscribe. Time travel – yes.
    Barbara Erskine: Lady of Hay, anyone?


    • yes, half a cow would be close to Richard’s weight which is why I found it so funny that Martin equated that to 20 lbs. would I rather gain 200lbs or shave my head? I’d go with the shaved head too!


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