Explosion of Blue

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

5.) Q: your favorite photoshoot?

A: David Venni

banner made by me

It was difficult for me to pick a favorite photo-shoot. I never seem to like all of the pictures from any one shoot, but at the same time, really love a few specific ones.

Like this one:


or this one:


and most definitely this one:

it’s my absolute favorite photo-shoot picture of Richard Armitage. The challenging stance, the cocky look on his face, and all that explosion of blue!

I like the “stop!” hand gesture picture too:

Some of the shots have odd background choices or poses that are too flashy for my tastes though.




shots that focus on the hands are able to distract me, in a good way:


Unfortunately, a lot of this shoot remains tagged. There is a nice collection of them on the Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook page.


I do have a fondness for blue ❤

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