“Brilliant Fun”

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

6.) Q: your favorite interview

A: Radio5 live with Richard Bacon, 2010

(source: Richard Armitage Central)

I think it’s safe to assume that you all know I really like the Richard & Martin 60 seconds interviews. And I just highlighted my favorite audio interview, Radio1 with Scott Mills, quite recently. So for this question, I decided to go with my second favorite audio interview, Radio5 with Richard Bacon.

Something great about this particular audio interview, is that it’s also available to us in video format. When just listening to the interview, I picture Richard sitting up all nice & straight, politely looking the interviewer in the eye, while giving his dignified answers…not the case at all!


Richard constantly talks with his hands, fidgets with his fingers or the pen that has no purpose, and he’s slouching with his elbows on the table…and I love it all to pieces! (because it’s just like me) The interview itself is enjoyable too. It’s clear that Mr.Bacon has done his research and actually seems to really like Strike Back, which is what Richard Armitage is promoting.


The interview touches on several aspects of the production: marketing, film making, plot, stunts, etc.

Richard gives a good description of what the series is about, as well. Not only the specifics of the plot, but also the heart of the story: John Porter’s struggles with being a programmed soldier vs. the more human attachments of a wife and daughter. Richard also mentions that he did all his own stunts, apart from one, and challenges us to spot it.

(jumping off the cliff into the water)


In the third part of the interview, the past-time of canal boating arises, which Richard calls “nasty”. What’s so bad about canal boating? Is the water smelly or something? Floating down the water on a house-boat with no cares or worries, sounds pretty good to me! Maybe it’s just that his favorite past-time of skiing, is seen as the opposite of that.

Then we end, of course, with the infamous “belt buckling” You sure about those “danger sports”, Richard? because I’m thinking you like to kick back & relax more than you’re letting on…


28 thoughts on ““Brilliant Fun”

  1. I’ll reply properly later but I would think the reason he calls canal boating “nasty” is because of his fear of water, especially the deep dark kind. As we know the reason for this fear I believe we can totally empathize with the dear man.


    1. I’m not particularly fond of deep water either, though it doesn’t bother me as much if I have a shoreline on each side of me. I’m not all that familiar with the UK canal system, but I don’t imagine they’re very deep.


  2. Brilliant fun post!

    We know he’s not mad keen on water – maybe that’s the reason canal boating doesn’t appeal (and I wonder if he was pleased the insurance people wouldn’t let him jump into the river!). Or maybe boating is just too s l o w . . .


    1. the water thing could be a factor certainly, but I think it’s more about being daring and having fun, which a “danger sport” would fit better. I went white-water rafting once (even though I’m afraid, I still like to push myself occasionally πŸ˜‰ ) and it scared the crap out of me!! (I almost fell out of the boat)


        1. you are so busy trying to paddle your way through the fast-paced water, you don’t have a whole lot of time to be afraid. but we found ourselves stuck in a current on a cliff, within the water, & it brought us to a stand-still. I didn’t realize what had happened, so I leaned my body forward to dig into the water only to be met with air! I lost my balance and started to fall out of the boat, at which point my brilliant plan was: if I’m going over, someone is going with me…so I grabbed onto my brother, who was sitting in front of me (& is so not the chivalrous type). lucky for both of us, my boyfriend was sitting behind me and slapped us back into the boat with his paddle. my brother was not amused.


      1. I’m not a fan of deep water myself as I almost drowned in the ocean when I was little (and imagined myself walking on the ocean floor – or maybe that was my mind telling me everything was okay LOL) but white water rafting is fun! I’ve done it with 49 of my friends (we needed 50 people to book the tour bus so I guess that makes it 50 friends – goodness!) and though it can be quite dangerous, too, there’s no deep water like deep water in canal boating πŸ™‚

        The second time we went white water rafting, one of my friends fell in the water and surfaced underneath the boat – she got stuck from the current and it was the scariest scariest thing! We haven’t done it since.


        1. I don’t like water. In the words of the Dufflepuds (Narnia books), “it’s powerful wet” stuff. πŸ˜€
          But seriously, it’s because I don’t like the feeling of being stuck in the confined space of a boat And I get wicked seasick.


        2. when I was young I got trapped in a canoe that had tipped over while going through some minor rapids. I don’t remember it, really (just the blanket I was sitting on; weird) but that’s why boats make me nervous. I still canoe, have ridden in speed-boats, raft along lazy rivers, etc. but it does make me very anxious to do so. I will not go out on the ocean or a great lake though, I need to see that shoreline or a panic attack will quickly ensue!!


  3. Canal boating can be nasty in some European locations because raw sewage is dumped into the canals. I have friends who did a trip in France and he accidentally fell in while trying to tie up someplace. Ugh. Also, depending on where it is, it’s a bit of work and waiting if you have a very small crew, when you get to the locks.

    But for favorite radio interview, I would have guessed it’d be the one with Fanta bread.


    1. I grew up in the country, sewage and industrial waste are old hat to me πŸ˜› I’d rather not think of what was actually in the water of those lakes and streams (aka strip-pits and cricks πŸ˜‰ ) that I swam in when I was young!

      and yes, the Fanta bread interview is my favorite- along with the 60 seconds interview. the number 3 spot goes to this one, followed closely by the infamous print article about his relationships. the top 5 is then rounded out with the BBC video interview where Richard talks about practicing his riding skills with his action figure horse…I do so enjoy interviews πŸ™‚


    2. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. My mum’s favourite mystery author is Dorothy Sayers and I read a couple of them in a bonding moment. Sayers writes about being on the river near Oxford and running into the corporate sewage outlet.
      When Richard said “nasty”, that was the image that came to me.


      1. when my brother first started dating his wife, we all went canoeing on a small river near her home. it was a hot day, so half way through our trip I jumped into the water for a swim. she was horrified! πŸ™„


  4. Heehee! I love the one about practicing riding with his action figure horse! He’s so funny! I love whenever we get to see him during an interview. His face and hands are so expressive.


  5. I’m sorry but I need to ask about the belt buckling. At the end of the last clip it even looked as though he was refastening the jeans as well! Must have been an impressive lunch. Theories anyone? Maybe he wasn’t aware of the video camera being switched on.


    1. I would assume he didn’t know he was going to be filmed (he seems surprised when the host mentions it to him after the start of the interview). those belt buckles can really dig into your skin when sitting down, which is why I see some men wear them off to the side a bit. Richard does tend to wear his jeans tight- not that we’re complaining πŸ˜‰ so maybe he unbuttoned them too?

      I think it’s funny that he has to leave the room and can’t really buckle up properly without standing up, and there’s a lady in the room ready to do the news or something, that he has to hurry up and walk past as he does up his jeans. cute!


      1. Oh dear, tight jeans/buckle malfunctions, Guy’s leather trousers…I’d better quit while I’m behind. Great interview excerpts!


          1. “nicest possible way” because I’d never straight up make fun of him; just lightheartedly tease (or did you mean because we benefited from the circumstances? πŸ˜‰ )


      2. I imagine those square metal belt buckles would dig in even more when someone has to hunch over to the mic, as he seems to be doing πŸ˜€


  6. I guess we have benefited because we, or I should say *I* have benefited by some light hearted amusement, but I don’t mean to give the poor bloke a hard time. I’d probably trip over my own feet with nervousness if I ever had to give a public interview.


  7. btw: I checked out some Canal Boating sites in the UK…I change my mind, I don’t want to do it! the canals are super narrow, and the water resembles creek water, i.e. “nasty” πŸ˜‰ also, the cabins are very small and cramped; not being able to stand up straight for days on end would definitely bother me.


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