Just the Facts, Please

What you need to know about Ricky Deeming:



leather jackets


cuffed denim, hair wax, rolling cigarettes and the ghost in the machine

murders, career-climbing inspectors

and white scarves


there’s actual plot as well

we know, Billy. us too.
we know, Billy. us too.

let’s not lose focus, though…

born to be wild

Did I forget anything?

what? I said there was plot!
what? I said there was plot!

14 thoughts on “Just the Facts, Please

  1. Love it all. Ricky’s a great character and I love the accent even even if Richard doesn’t think he got it right. My father came from Durham and it sounds good to me. 😉


  2. (Finally have time to comment and not just press “like”). I marvel again that you obviously have a direct connection to my brain, Kelly. Ricky Deeming has totally wormed his way into my affections over the last week. Love him – a close second after Guy. Must be the leathers. Or the uncompromising unconventionality. Standing up for beliefs. Thanks for a great collection of pics.


    1. aside from how he looks, I like that he’s a philosopher & a poet. he has his vision of what he’s fighting against, which isn’t particular people but society’s skewed perceptions. the first time I saw it I was very worried about that ending, like biting fingernails & talking out loud to the character kind of worried…


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