Charmingly Endearing

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

11.) Q: a habit of his which you find endearing

A: self-depreciation


The modest way that Richard tries to take the spotlight off himself.

In the Radio1 interview when Richard claimed he only had two fans, or inΒ  one of the Hobbit press tour interviews where he deflected the “hot dwarf” comment by mentioning how physically hot the costumes were.


It’s an endearing way to try and stay on track with the character he’s promoting, instead of Richard Armitage the person.



21 thoughts on “Charmingly Endearing

      1. I saw a cast picture from the days of filming The Hobbit and only the top of his head was visible. Nice trick that for a six-footer.


        1. were they on a raised platform, or was he hiding? πŸ˜› I have a picture of me in 2nd grade where a small group of us are posing for a formal picture on a set of stairs. I’m in front, on the bottom stair while everyone else is one stair up behind me, so we can be level. I’m slouching and rolling my ankles; I hated being taller than the boys!


          1. That’s my usual response, even when I know Rob going to be there. πŸ˜€
            With Richard in those photos, I always think “could he *get* any farther back?” πŸ˜€
            there is one with Richard in the back where Martin is carefully positioned in the front, but nobody has bothered to get the the dwarves into any order. In fact, someone is hiding behind Graham and only his elbow is visible.


        1. “Today, he knocks on my door with a pencil and pad. Can he ask me some questions about his character? I tell him, truthfully, that I can’t believe he is here – an actor of his talent, sitting on my sofa, talking to me about playing this part. I feel so lucky. Suddenly I stop myself – do I destroy what little (gamma-male) authority I have by being so candid? I glance at him. My concerns are unfounded. He is blushing. A man of his talent. I remind myself that the only folk more insecure than writers are actors.”

          (thanks for the link!)


    1. I’m not as “refined” as the English, but I must have enough of it in my blood because the way that he reacts to things and treats people, is not out of the ordinary for me.


  1. I think a lot of it is the way he was raised. Don’t know about “the English”, though. I relate a lot to that kind of behavior. I’m very happy to let someone else take the lead or be in front. I think it’s unusual to see it in an actor though. He’s such a sweetie! πŸ˜€


    1. my husband still opens doors for me sometimes, and I have no problem letting him do so (I kind of like it πŸ˜‰ ) but often there are two sets of doors to get into a building. he’ll open the first one, but then I’ll have to open the second so I don’t hold up the line if there are people behind us. and I always think “darn it! must remember to open first by myself & let him open the second, so I’m not the first to enter the building!” πŸ˜›


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