Stand By Your Man

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

12.) Q: something about him you don’t like

A: the possibility that he could stray

I don’t think that everything about Richard Armitage is all unicorns and rainbows. The less than satisfactory things are what make him more human to me, so I don’t really go on about them. I seem to be missing that nagging gene that gets credited to so many women.

throw it on the floor, I don’t mind

If forced to pick something about Richard Armitage that I don’t like though, it would be the cheating thing.

how you doin?
how you doin?

Richard was away shooting Robin Hood at the time he mentioned this possibility, in a relationship that he deemed fragile. He thought he may be in love, but feared that future job-related separations could prove damaging. He talked about lust, and how it seemed more difficult for men not to give in to the urgings, etc.


I think this was probably the first time Richard was faced with that special kind of attention that people in his line of work receive.

"strut, pout, put it out..."
“strut, pout, put it out…”

Maybe the thought that he could be in love but was afraid it wouldn’t last, factored in too. Fight or Flight.


There was also a later comment about not having a girlfriend at the moment, but never being short a date. Richard Armitage: playboy?

I don’t really think that’s the case anymore, if it ever was. What we have seen of his personality and character doesn’t seem to match up with that image.


He could still never be short a date, but that statement seems more like a “don’t feel sorry for me, I’m not exactly lonely” type of deal.


at least, that’s what I tell myself…


30 thoughts on “Stand By Your Man

  1. I think he also mentioned in interviews around that time that he could empathize with Guy of Gisborne because things which are unattainable always seem so much more attractive and implied that he liked the chase more than that the catch.

    However, this wouldn’t be my personal choice of thing to dislike. That would be the possibility of smoking. It’s a nasty stinky dirty habit and so unsexy.


    1. yes, i seem to recall that comment about the chase being better than the catch. it’s often times true, so I can’t fault him for that line of reasoning! as for smoking, it’s horrible bad for you, but it doesn’t exactly bother me. I would prefer people didn’t do it for their health though… and for their breath πŸ˜‰


      1. I’d also prefer they didn’t do for other people’s safety, and I’m not talking about second-hand smoke.
        Almost everyone I know who lives in a high-rise building with balconies has experienced fires started by people smoking on the balconies and tossing off lit cigarette butts. A couple of months ago I arrived at someone’s apartment building for a dinner party, only to find a raging fire under way that turned out to be caused by someone tossing a lit cigarette and the coals blowing onto a child’s dropped sweater on the balcony below. The family who lived there lost everything.


          1. that’s okay! you said you didn’t like smoking, and that story had to do with smoking, so not off-topic in my book. have you read my comments? my stories usually have nothing to do with Richard! πŸ˜›


  2. Interesting choice. Since we really don’t know anything about his private life, we really don’t know if it was BS that he was so lustful. Don’t seem to think that’s the case. He did say he didn’t “put it about”, too, didn’t he? He seems like a pretty monogamous kind of guy to me. He probably hadn’t met the right one when he gave that interview. I suspect he has met someone now. He just gives off that vibe to me. Could be wrong, of course.


      1. Don’t feel too bad – he didn’t say he did anything just that he lusted. Like Jimmy Carter? In his heart? πŸ˜€ It wouldn’t be a good thing if he was a man slut, though.


  3. I tend to agree with Marie Astra. That statement about lust seemed out of character based on other things he has said (when was the interview? it was almost like he was channelling Lee from Cold Feet!).

    As we know nothing about the real RA, this is very generalised statement but one thing i find a huge turn off is men who spend their 20’s and early 30’s with one partner – all the time saying they do want a family but not yet and then decide they aren’t ready to ‘settle down’ in their late 30’s when their partner is starting panic about fertility. They then split up and, dime to a dollar, he meets someone 10 years younger and goes on to have a family with that person. It’s happened to several of my friends and it’s heartbreaking to watch. I must admit that when i see photo’s of RA with Annabel Capper, i hope he didn’t do that to her.


    1. the article was from 2006. it was a female interviewer & he thought he was off record when he said all that personal stuff, so maybe it was his very awkward way of flirting? LOL! I have no idea.

      I do see the scenario you described, a lot. It always makes me wonder if they just realized their partner wasn’t “the one” and they should quit bidding time just because it’s a comfortable situation, or if they panicked a bit but had already ruined the relationship. so with the next person they meet, they’re *now* ready, since the failed relationship made them get their priorities straight.


  4. I have to go with the smoking here, too. The few pics I have seen of him “enjoying” a smoke during a break still get me to do a double-take. For someone so concerned with fitness and consequently being health conscious (?), it seems weird. But then, the pics I’ve seen were all somewhat older. So I hope he gave that nasty habit up. πŸ™‚ Other than that – nope, he’s fine the way he is. πŸ˜‰ Wouldn’t want to change a thing.

    As for the o.t. relationship thing: try this one on for size: girl meets guy, girl marries guy, has 8 (!) kids with him, guy decides that life is too much trouble, leaves girl, finds new girl with no kids. True story. 😦 Though I still think she is better off without him – and they are great kids.


    1. while that scenario definitely paints that particular guy as a selfish coward, at least it makes sense. these “I’m not ready to settle down yet” men who then go start a family with the first rebound, make no sense to me.


  5. Oh, I don’t think meeting him aka the REAL man would destroy the fantasy, at least not for me. There isn’t much he could do that’d kill my belief that he is perfect. (Maybe blow smoke into my face, but I know he’d never do that, so… ) πŸ™‚ No, I don’t really want to meet him, because I just know that I’d give a creditable imitation of a fish and I don’t want him to think that his fans are blubbering idiots. πŸ˜‰ Might destroy HIS fantasy. *LOL*


    1. I like to think of him as a real person, so I don’t really *want* him to be perfect; that would ruin my fantasy. but I know there are those out there who don’t feel that way, and that’s okay; we each have our own desires, and “perfect” is different for each individual πŸ™‚

      having said that, *if* I ever met him, it would have to be by pure chance because I would make a blushing fool out of myself if I was out of my comfort zone (a premiere, talk-show, etc.) so in that regard, I don’t want to meet him; I’m selfish and I’d want more than a “hi-bye” conversation


  6. Just to clarify: “perfect” for me means that he is just a decent, normal guy with all the bumps and warts, but one of the good sort. That is perfect enough for me. πŸ™‚ Agreed on the not just a “hi, please sign my book” meeting. I don’t even see the sense in collecting signatures. I know I am weird. πŸ™‚


        1. I really don’t get autograph collecting, with or without photos. No professional autograph hunters are going to make a penny off me.


        2. I’m with the both of you on the signature thing. what would I do with it once I got it? if he wrote me a letter and signed it, that’s one thing but just his name on a generic picture? for those who waited in line or got it at a premier,etc. they would have a memory attached, but the ones who buy it through the mail? do.not.understand.

          no offense to those who *do* like the autographs, of course πŸ™‚ if you do like them though: what do you like about them? I’m curious


          1. Yeah, no offense to those who collect autographs.
            Photos you take yourself or that are taken *of* you with your object of desire, those are different. Really different. They’re not in the same category


  7. Well I haven’t met him but I have been in the same room as him (at the Popcorn taxi event in Sydney) and there was a moment I could have leaned over and touched him and my overwhelming feeling was that he was just a regular guy. I couldn’t express it well without it sounding like I was saying he had gone down in my estimation- he didn’t, he went up- but having also been in the ‘I’d make a complete @rse of myself if I ever met him’ camp, his normality really affected me. I’ve always worried about the power imbalance between celebrity and fan but he seemed so humble and unassuming that I think it would put most people at their ease.

    I’m definitely not in the autograph hunter mindset – I know it has been debated ad nauseum but I cannot understand why anyone would want to own an autograph that has been gained as a result of pestering a perfectly nice man. If I met RA I doubt I’d come away with any physical evidence- I’d like to think I’d have the presence of mind to ask for a photo but I’m not sure I would.


    1. for me, the photo thing is no better, because I’d be expected to be in the photo too!

      part of all this is that I just can’t imagine myself going up to him uninvited, what would I say? I love your work, I’m a big fan? lame-o. how are you enjoying (what ever city your in)? hows the weather? πŸ™„ I’m horrible at small talk on the best of days, so in order to be myself I would most definitely say something very odd “why a red carpet, why not green or blue? who’s idea was it to arrange a massively long piece of carpet, outside, for people to walk on anyway? why did they think that was a good idea?” *facepalm*


      1. No. Not me in the photo. :-O

        The uninvited conversation? X-P (And I’m actually good at small talk).

        The strange red carpet conversation. I’m afraid that I’m a history nut and I’d probably pull a Sheldon Cooper and bore him into unconsciousness blathering about them, and the tradition of madder dying vs cochineal.


        1. if someone is talking about something that I find interesting, I’ll often be brave and invite myself into the conversation if they seem friendly, but to be the first to start the conversation? much harder!

          truthfully, I’d probably just try to catch his eye, smile and then give a friendly wave. if he smiled & waved back? goal accomplished πŸ™‚


          1. That is what I would probably do too. However, in the unlikely event I found myself somewhere with him where talking was appropriate, I think he would be easy to talk to. I think he might quite enjoy some of your conversational openers!


          2. I think he’d be very easy to talk to too. that might be a bad thing for him, where I’m concerned though…I’m a font of odd & useless knowledge!


          3. Hm. That makes is seem as if the best place for me to meet Richard is at a dinner.
            Unfortunately I have a genius for dropping or spilling stuff on myself so I would probably die of mortification if that happened and it would be the first and last time we spoke. But maybe he’d give my eulogy? πŸ˜‰


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