False Hope

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

13.) Q: a favorite character quote

A: but Mother, I daren’t believe such a woman could care for me

That whole scene melts me! John believes, for propriety’s sake, that he must propose marriage to Margaret. He truly cares for her but knows she only sees him as a brutish mill master and an unrefined northerner. John’s mother fills his head with hope though, and you see his spirits rise to the possibility. The missing cravat, the open and vulnerable countenance, that sigh…

then the proposal

the rejection. the feels!

damn you, Mrs. Thornton!


8 thoughts on “False Hope

  1. That is my favourite scene from North and South. He is sincere yet he keeps interrupting Margaret aggravating her and when he proposes she has lost her temper. It’s like Mrs Thornton tells her, she showed her feelings for him defending him from the mob and the very next day she changed her mind.


    1. Margaret wasn’t really aware of her feelings, in denial, until after John proposed. so, who’s to say what wouldn’t have happened if Mrs. Thornton didn’t convince John to propose? Margaret may have never entertained the thought, or been open to the positives of his character from then on. it’s still painful to watch though 😦


  2. My assumption was that he was doing it because it was expected for him to propose, after what people saw her do out there on the landing (in the book, people assumed it was Fanny, his sister). He proposed to Margaret to protect her honor – something which she believed she didn’t need to have him do – BUT John did it primarily because he loved her.

    But her prejudice towards him being a mill-owner was still very strong at this point, the differences between her upbringing in the south in total contradiction to his upbringing and way of life in the north.


    1. yes, that’s why I said he proposed for propriety’s sake. he was going to do it, regardless, but his mother convincing him that Margaret actually cared for him was cruel. not that she did that with malicious intent, I think she was trying to convince herself of what she was saying, and steel herself to the fact that she was going to have to accept what was to come.

      I’m extra hard on Margaret, because I come from a similar area as John; so I feel offended for him. I’ve not read the book yet, though I do have it 🙂


  3. I love the scenes with John and his mother. Sinead Cusack is such a great actor that she brings extra depth out of RA’s acting. You can see him working hard with her. Very focused. When she brushes the hair off his forehead with such tenderness… It always gets me.


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