On The Right Track

I did a post about Alec Track from The Golden Hour as part of the  A-Z challenge series, but I forgot to include a regular post as well.


What I really like about this series is the hands-on-medical drama


and the victim back-stories, that we get to see in flashbacks.


I’m not all that interested in the doctor’s personal stories, to be honest; I like my drama wrapped up by the end of the episode.

tough break, buddy
tough break, buddy

There are four episodes, all available on YouTube…as long as you don’t mind watching them cut up in several different pieces per episode.

poor choice of words
poor choice of words

I like the third episode best, it revolves around a toxic truck crash. A father and daughter are trapped in the truck, while several different people inside a community center are wounded. There’s a lot of drama surrounding a male Yoga instructor and his girlfriend, but the father-daughter truck driver story is the one I really like: neglected husband and daughter, mother who works too much and pushes the girl to excel, while never really listening to her.

I also find the sound-effects in this series oddly addictive. The crinkling of their flight clothes, and the sound of plastic being ripped open during medical procedures.

will they be able to hear the crinkle of our flight suits over the wind?...oddly, yes
will they be able to hear the crinkle of our flight suits over the wind?…oddly, yes

All four episodes are worth watching, though the medical side of things can get a bit bloody.

just remember, it's only corn syrup
just remember, it’s only corn syrup

Each of the stories touch on relevant topics: like hard-to-spot child abuse, insurance fraud, cutting corners in the trucking industry and seat-belt safety, mixed in with real life drama (the girl in episode two with the scarred face, is a storyline I really like too)

Richard Armitage doesn’t have a lot of face-time in the series as a whole, but his character is still very likable


Talented, respected, dedicated to his job. hmm, that seems familiar somehow…


4 thoughts on “On The Right Track

  1. He’s very cute in this. And looks very young! Nice for him to play a good guy, too, for a change. :-). He can rescue me anytime.


    1. it’s nice to see him not die, too 😉 but I wonder what would have been in store for his character if the series continued? personal injury? questioning his vocation? falling in love with a patient? I really wish there were more episodes!


      1. I agree with both of these comments!
        He is so young looking, and his character so different from most of the others he played. It’s unfortunate it didn’t get picked up for more episodes.


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