Please, Please, Pretty Please?

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

15.) Q: a role you would love to see him in

A: Matthew Clairmont from A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness


“…well over six feet…And he definitely was not slight. Broad shoulders narrowed into slender hips, which flowed into lean, muscular legs. His hands were strikingly long and agile..”


“With a soft, satisfied sound, he deliberately fitted his lips to mine and kissed me, gently but thoroughly, until my entire body-not just my hands-was tingling…His mouth drifted to my cheeks and eyelids. When it brushed against my ear, I gasped. Matthew’s lips curved into a smile, and he pressed them once more against my own.”

“My beloved vampire, with a face that would make an angel envious, looked at me with Sorrow. “You know how I feel about you.” I shook my head. “No, I don’t. When you’re ready, you’ll tell me.” 



19 thoughts on “Please, Please, Pretty Please?

  1. *ooof* Never thought a vampire could elicit that sound from me. Maybe it’s the visuals you have employed that got me going? Off to check on Matthew Clairmont now…


  2. I had never thougt I could be interested in a vampires story. Never ever.
    Never ever been so wrong. Started reading on Saturday, finished yesterday. And reading English still is hard work for me, but the story took me in completely. Although this is definitive no high-brow literature, it’s a gripping (and not too difficult) read – even for a non native speaker.
    But – oh, dear – I do not dare to imagine what RA would do to his female audience when taking over the part of Matthew Clairmont. All cinemas would first have to stock up their first aid kits to be able to deal with dozens of fainting women. Hyperventilation all around. And no mortal men would ever again have the chance to win a womans heart.
    This movie with RA as male lead would need a tag with a safety warning.


    1. it may not be classic high-brow literature, but I think it’s still intelligent 🙂 there’s all that stuff about genetics and the history of elements being depicted through paintings, etc. I found all of that really interesting. I do have a background of enjoying vampires (it’s the neck biting 😉 ) but it’s the historical context that pulled me into it all. I like both the male and female main characters too; that doesn’t happen that often for me.


      1. Oh, I really don’t think he should only do high-brow stuff (I like him / watch him in more or less everything…). There is not enough audience for that kind of stories that a big company would put big money into it. That is a pity – but that’s how it works. For A discovery of witches would very likely be a big enough audience that it might be of interest for an investor. And I am sure it would make a lovely movie. At least if they would really cast Mr. A. and a glorious heroine that matches his standards. Both characters are great in the book – but that could very easily be spoiled when their chemistry would not fit.
        I do like these rumors about this project far more thant I liked the ones about the guy in the latex costume.


        1. yes, chemistry is very important as is the script. so many books have their “tone” changed when they get adapted to movie form. that’s not always a bad thing, there are some movies I like better than the book 🙂 this would be a perfect book to find that middle vampire ground with though, not too classic, not too…whatever Twilight was 😛

          and I was one of the ones who didn’t want RA to do Batman, so I am relieved 😉


  3. I fell in love with Christopher Lee as Dracula too many years ago to admit (and loved the Anne Rice vampires) but haven’t been at all interested in the recent twilight stuff. But I do love the Discovery of Witches (and the second book too) and I must say RA would be heaven on a plate as Matthew Clairmont. I do think the books are well written – she is an historian I believe – though I agree they aren’t highbrow. I wonder if he would feel they weren’t “serious” enough? Nah, if he managed to make Robin Hood classy he could cope with this 😉

    The second book involves time travel too, to Elizabethan England, and that would be good fun – and needs someone who rocks a beard. Just saying 😉


    1. I’m thinking his fears of being seen as too serious and “boring” may have some merit, here 😉 why is it an assumption that he would only consider “high brow” projects? (this is not directed at you, Helen, just the fandom as a whole, because I’ve seen this mentioned before 🙂 ) he had a bit part in a super-hero flick and, as was mentioned, a campy family show not to mention the zany Vicar of Dibley. it’s true that he does “intense and tortured” really well, but I don’t think he’s at a place yet where that would necessarily define him 🙂


      1. Yes, quite right. And he has said he’d like a romantic hero role, even though he doesn’t think he has the face for it (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief, get a grip!)

        Not sure why I think of him as serious – looking at all the clips of him giggling (and hugging Kermit!) certainly suggest he doesn’t take himself too seriously at all 🙂


        1. I think he just holds back in interviews and whatnot, until he can gauge the atmosphere, and then if he’s comfortable he lets the silly out 🙂 above all he is respectful, both to who he’s talking to and the film he’s trying to promote, so that can come off as serious if who he’s talking to isn’t giving the film the respect it deserves 😉


  4. I’d love to see Richard biting on necks any day of the week, so I’m giving this idea the thumbs up! I haven’t read the book, I think I started and got sidetracked after a few pages, but when I get back, I’ll gladly give Matthew Clairmont RA’s features.
    BTW, Richard wouldn’t be the first dwarf in a movie based on a YA book. I can’t wait to see Aidan Turner in Mortal Instruments, getting all werewolf fangy 🙂


    1. I didn’t know Aidan was going to be in the mortal instruments movie. that’s just one of the many books I mean to read but never seem to find the time to; Richarding takes precedence 😉


      1. I thought the story was interesting, but I didn’t care for how it was written. The writing seemed somewhat clumsy and it being a YA is no excuse! Someone also recommended Vampire Academy which is going into production soon, so I’ll be accessing my inner teen and I’ll start reading that or I might just go back to The Discovery…


        1. well, that was the one that started out as a “Harry Potter” fan-fiction, wasn’t it? I support fan-fiction wholeheartedly but I’m of the opinion that it’s meant for practice & confidence, not to just change stuff around to sell. when you practice to deceive…it shows 😉


          1. Well, I’m just finishing my MA thesis on the subject of fandoms and fanfiction, but I’m also an avid reader and hold the writers in high regard. I actually judge “professional” published books to the standards of fanfics, and, let me tell you, they often seriously fall short. if you’re going to charge me for something, make sure it’s up to par 😉


          2. I think that’s why fan-fics have been able to break into the industry the way they have, because the standards of some companies aren’t what they used to be 😦 I don’t really know much about publishing/editors, but it seems to me that there are different levels; grocery market check-out line vs. front shelves in the bookstore. within the last few years, it’s been really hard to tell those levels apart 😉


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