Boys Will Be Boys

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

19.) Q: your favorite bromance

A: Porter and Gerry

Richard & Ewen in Strike Back
Batman & Robin

While looking through shots of Strike Back, episodes 5 and 6, to help illustrate the friendship between Porter and Gerry; a different scenario started taking shape in my mind. John Porter, big brother, takes an unruly Gerry off his mother’s hands for the day:

Boys will be boys and they like to play games, no matter the age.

Gerry searches for Porter

After an exhilarating romp, they relax in the shade. Gerry tries to bore Porter to death with facts found on the internet: “the soft-drink 7up contained Lithium, a mood stabilizing drug, until 1950”

Gerry reading handheld device
Porter could really use some Lithium right about now

Porter makes Gerry hand over the phone, claiming it will now be an electronic-free afternoon.

Porter holding out cell phone

Their next game, Capture the Flag, gets out of hand.

Porter tied to post
a Scottish accent is sexier than an English one. say it. Say It!

Porter eventually gets the upper hand again.

Gerry rubs wrists together
oww! why you gotta be so mean?

Gerry then tries to convince Porter to let him practice his knot-tying. Porter doesn’t fall for it.

Gerry hold up piece of leather

Gerry wants to play Hide-n-Seek next

Porter, hands over face
498, 499, 500! ready or not, here I come!

which ends up getting them horribly lost.

Gerry looks over vista
electronics could be very handy right now, just sayin’

Porter is so stressed by this point, that he doesn’t protest when Gerry discovers that his special canteen isn’t filled with water.

Gerry drinks from canteen
just don’t tell Mom

A decision he soon regrets.

Porter drives from exploding stone structure
no, this is not “just like Temple Run!”

Porter has had it with Gerry, and decides to cut their day together short.

Porter gestures with raised hand
if you weren’t my little brother, I’d…

Needless to say, the ride home is filled with tension.

Porter and Gerry in jeep


9 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Brilliant! This post is so funny- it gave me such a laugh.

    This pairing is my favourite bromance too- Gerry would have to be a soldiers worst nightmare for getting home safely, with his erratic behaviour, but Porter (literally) soldiers on and it’s great to see the bond forming.

    Brilliantly acted by both men.


    1. aww, thanks! I’m always a bit nervous when I let my brain have free rein, but I guess I should just let it loose? that could be scary, for everyone involved 😯


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