Richard Armitage 30 day challenge


20.) Q: something you would say if you met him

A: That’s difficult to answer without some context. If I ever met Richard Armitage, my first response would be this:


Assuming we had time for a bit of conversation though, it would most likely center around England in some way.

what do you mean Fish & Chips aren’t served in newspaper anymore?!

I wouldn’t want time to think about what I was going to say beforehand

should I ask about Thorin or Fanta Bread?

though a safety measure of some kind does have it’s appeal…

Oh well, if worse comes to worse, I’ll just tell him my bear joke!

is this where we laugh? …I’m not sure

⭐ I’m going to switch from the @particularra twitter account to my personal account of @akakelbel75 I’m all about simplicity (I’m finding it difficult to keep them both straight!)

who am I today? I can’t remember!

19 thoughts on ““Hi”

    1. sure, I’ll talk for the both of us 🙂 and I’ll make his face go through a myriad of emotions, because there’s no telling what I’ll actually be saying: sweet, funny, odd, who knows? depends on the day 😉


  1. That’s a good question~
    If I were alone I might be more talkative than if I was with someone who might tease me endlessly…
    That happened to me last year when my mom and I met Gordon Ramsay in LA


    1. why did she tease you? did you make a fool out of yourself? tell me, tell me! I’ve never met anyone famous, so I like to hear all about when others do 🙂


    1. oh, I think about it a lot too, but mine are never realistic! like I’m in NY city/London and I get lost…why the hell would I be in either city by myself?! (big city’s fluster me) or our little group of bloggers gets picked for a special promo where we have a little round-table with members of the Hobbit cast (this actually happened to a Twilight friend of mine who got to meet the author 🙂 ) or I just happen to be on the same flight as RA & our plane goes down, like “Lost”… okay, I’m shutting up now before I *really* embarrass myself.


      1. LOL! Now I don’t feel so crazy! Good to have company in crazyland, anyway! 😀 I think all of those are perfectly valid fantasies! Mine are so boring. Just walking down the street, I see him leaning against a wall reading a book, waiting for someone. It’s a book I’ve read! So naturally can start a conversation. 😀 Or he’s sitting next to me in the theater (I like that one because it involves rubbing knees!) 😀 Boring. I like yours better!


        1. I live with my head in the clouds, so I’ve got a million of them! I want to hear more about this knee-touching though; it’s the little innocent things that make me swoon 🙂


          1. LOL! Well, the seats in Broadway theaters are really close together and with long legs and all…it’s just natural that there will be a little, um, physical contact. Also the seats share arm rests, so there might be some arm contact as well. And if the person next to you “accidently” steps on your foot, well you have to start a conversation apologizing, right? 😀


  2. I would never know what to say to people I admire. Usually I’m just speechless and that’s happened before. Now if I meet them through work, that’s a whole different story but then I get pretty clueless, too. Once I asked someone famous, “so, what do you do?” even when I did know what he did. But it was the first thing that came out of my mouth.


    1. I think about that scenario a lot, actually: what is the proper etiquette for a situation where you know who the famous person is, but don’t want to treat them any different than you would a non famous person? do you let them go on like you don’t know who they are? do you acknowledge that you know, but then avoid all talk of “the business” like a white elephant?

      I couldn’t act completely clueless, I’d feel like I was lying to them. but I wouldn’t want to talk about their career, even though I would be insanely curious, because I would want them to feel “normal”. most people automatically ask what you do for a living as small talk, I usually wait for them to bring it up themselves because I despise the “what do you do/what are your hobbies?” conversation. me? I’m into “domestic-networking”. no, I’m not a spy; I’m a house-wife who likes the internet 🙄


  3. I love your idea of a bloggers’ round table chat- oh the stories you could report back to us all. Inspired choice of visuals for this post, might I say!


    1. I like the bloggers round-table, in theory; it could go horribly wrong if I get nervous and clam up though! most likely I’d get too familiar with everyone, jump in to talk when it wasn’t my turn, and go off on tangents that had nothing to do with the movie *blushes*


  4. Oh dear, I tend to talk too much if I get nervous and no one is talking back so he is going to have to say something so “Hi” isn’t going to work well so I’d have to ask him about working and what is next as a starter. I don’t think pretending not to know who he is would work at all. This is all if I could even get a sentence out of course. Perhaps we could discuss Discovery of Witches since he is interested in it and that could start a very nice conversation I think..


    1. has he ever said he was interested in “a discovery of witches”? I know a lot of *us* are, but I’m not aware that Richard has ever mentioned it.

      I wouldn’t pretend I didn’t know who he was, I just wouldn’t go into fan-mode instantly 🙂


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