We Think You Got A Lot Of Potential

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

21.) Q: a role of his you haven’t seen, but would like to

A: Staged


This story seems like it’s full of raw emotion, the push and pull of an unstable relationship that’s been overshadowed by ego.


The simplicity of it’s stage-show format and short length has me intrigued, not to mention seeing a young Richard Armitage, full of potential, just starting out on his cinematic journey.


I didn’t really know about it, until everyone started to receive their ordered copies. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have bought one without hearing/seeing some reviews of it first anyways.


I really like you Richard, but you could have been really horrible in it!


After seeing the trailer though, I don’t think you were horrible. at all.


13 thoughts on “We Think You Got A Lot Of Potential

    1. I won’t buy anything until I’ve at least seen parts of it first. I limit myself to one floor-to-ceiling bookcase and one dvd cabinet that’s only half that size (which I share with the kids) so I have to choose my purchases wisely! I’ve been very grateful that Netflix streaming seems to be an RA fan 😎


      1. Yay Netflix streaming! I use it almost daily for my RA fix. I didn’t buy Staged, although I knew about it. Having been in a fandom before, I’ve learned not to buy everything the loved one was in. Mistake with RA, I think. EVERYTHING he does is worth seeing, I’ve found. (Unlike some of the clunkers Sean Bean was in!) Or maybe I just love RA the most of any actor I’ve ever crushed on? 😀


        1. it’s been the same for me. I’ve not loved everything my other crushes did, but that’s not the case with Richard. but I’ve never admired the actor *and* the person as much as I do with Richard 🙂


      2. I don’t limit myself at all with books. (Or chocolate, but that’s a whole other story 😉 )
        However I have learned to really control what dvds I have the impulse to buy. I recently found that I’d bought a bunch of movies I’d never watched and forgotten I owned. At one time these were my favourite movies too!


        1. I often feel the *need* to buy certain movies, just so I know I own them & they can never be taken away…and then I never watch them. I used to do the same with books. I need to snuff those hoarder impulses before they have a chance to catch! which is why I limit myself to one bookshelf and one cabinet.

          “Vicar of Dibley” “North & South”, “Strike Back” & “The Hobbit” are all in the cabinet, so Richard is represented 😉 he needs to catch up to Christian Bale though, who basically has his own shelf. make more movies, Richard!


  1. Note to self: Have to get hands on “Staged”, too – haven’t seen it yet. I agree that the trailer looks promising. I think the general consensus was, that it was worth seeing but was no masterpiece?


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