There’s Something About You…

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

23.) Q: a confession

A: I have a Richard Armitage inspired playlist

I can’t believe I just admitted that. it’s not a lovey-dovey type of thing, certain words or lines within each song remind me of Richard or his characters in some way– not necessarily the whole song, or the focus of the song. I’m willing to share a few of them with you, because evidently I’m not opposed to embarrassing myself endlessly…

better you than me
better you than me

So first on the “why am I admitting this?!” playlist is “Haunted” by Sinead O’Conner and Shane MacGowan. This was picked for the general way that Richard and his characters haunt me on a daily basis. Specifically the chorus:

“you’ve got a way of walkin’,


you’ve got a way of talkin’. And there’s something about you, and now I know I never ever want to be without you.  I want to be haunted by the ghost…”

I like this part too:

“all the girls ask what’s he like, I say he’s kind of shy but that’s the kind of girl I am, he’s my kind of guy.”

Up next is “Blackbird” by Sarah McLachlan. A classic song of redemption that reminds me of Guy of Gisborne.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these sunken eyes and learn to see. all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free.”

Number three is “At My Most Beautiful” by R.E.M. The lines that stand out to me:

“I read bad poetry into your machine. I save your messages just to hear your voice

(I would totally do that. both the poetry & saving his voice…)

You always listen carefully to awkward rhymes

(Richard always seems to listen so attentively and I can imagine him trying to be encouraging, even if my poetry was horrible!)

“You always say your name, like I wouldn’t know its you”

(He introduces himself respectfully, even when it’s clear that everyone knows exactly who he is)


This next one is a bit more serious, “Lover’s Eyes” by Mumford & Sons

“This mirror holds my eyes too bright,  I can’t see the others in my life”

this speaks to me of the downfalls of obsession. It can bring things about oneself into better focus but in so doing, real life tends to get neglected.

“I feel numb beneath your tongue,  beneath the curse of these lover’s eyes.”

The things Richard says and the way he says them, entrances me sometimes; as does that haunting stare of his.


“tame the ghosts in my head,  that run wild and wish me dead”

that line sounds dire but it’s actually positive for me. This admiration of mine, and all that it entails (especially blogging), helps me tame the chaotic thoughts and emotions that constantly jostle around inside of me.


The last song that I want to highlight is “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding. This one just fires up my imagination and I tend to put all the different RA characters into the various scenarios along with me.

“cover your eyes so you don’t know the secret”

“after the war we said we’d fight together”

The important line though, is:

“I’ll give you everything you need, but I don’t think I need you. I know it’s gonna be alright.”

Because as fun as this fandom thing is and as much enjoyment and insight that I inadvertently get from Richard Armitage, I don’t need it/him. I  do enjoy it, though!

64 thoughts on “There’s Something About You…

  1. I don’t have a playlist, but I’ll to give it some thought.
    I hat thought that Guy will show up heavy metal and not Beatles/Sarah “Blackbird”, but “In the Arms of an Angel”for dying Guy just popped into my head. The lyrics are very appropriate:

    “Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
    For the break that will make it ok
    There’s always some reason to feel not good enough
    And it’s hard at the end of the day
    I need some distraction oh beautiful release
    Memories seep from my veins
    Let me be empty and weightless and maybe
    I’ll find some peace tonight ”
    The rest of the lyrics are at

    OT: My favourite song by Sarah is called Steaming

    I will have to give this more thought


    1. Oh, I did have some songs inspired by Richard himself:
      because of his confession that as teenager he had a poster of Wham (which he said very quickly came off his wall) so I can’t hear “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” without imagining teenaged Richard. 😀


          1. Richard doing the moonwalk! I wonder if his preference for Wham! extended to George Michael’s solo stuff? I’m thinking of the “Faith” video particularly…


          2. Well, since he said that he took the poster off the wall very quickly, it’s probable that he also moved on musically. Certainly he’s never mentioned George Michael in any sort of context of things which he likes from the 80s, although I think on the twitter chat he said something about Depeche Mode.


          3. I just mentioned George Michael because the “Faith” video had him dressed in a leather jacket & sunglasses, all scruffy faced, with an opening shot focused on his denim-clad behind 😉


          4. I wondered if it was because of the interviews where Richard said he believed in destiny or fate or something.
            I personally liked that era George Michael, especially “Freedom” and “Father Figure”


          5. With “Father Figure”, I liked the music more than the lyrics which *are* kind of creepy. (Of course every time I hear that song, I associate it with models thanks to the video)


    2. I don’t like heavy metal 😉 and I know Guy personifies the “rock star” for a lot of people, but he never has for me.

      I was a big Sarah McL. fan when she first became popular; her lyrics are very emotive 🙂


    1. thanks 🙂 I’m not on the cutting edge of music or anything, I just like what I like. maybe I’ll have a few more future posts where I reveal the rest of the playlist…


      1. Well, that’s me, too. I don’t listen to music radio stations other than KCRW, which is independent radio so I’m not in the know with what’s cool. But I do like what I like – and thank goodness for fanvids and playlists like this because that’s how I get all ‘cool’ and in the know 😉


        1. my kids are 9 and 13, so I try to keep up-to-date, just to make sure what they’re listening to is appropriate…or as “appropriate” as I’m willing to let it be 😉 my personal tastes are all over the place, though I prefer the less “noisy” singer-songwriter stuff. my mp3 player is loaded with a little bit of everything, which can get interesting when you hit “random” and a Van Morrison tune follows some old school Beastie Boys 😛 (and I’ve discovered some of my favorite songs through fanvids too 🙂 )


        2. Hello sister from another Mother. 🙂 I really only listen to KCRW. I just know what I like and most often it is not a pop song. 90% of the time, they are right on the mark.

          Incidentally, the first time I heard Gotye was on KCRW, which was long before the pop stations got a hold of “Someone That I Used To Know” and overplayed it into oblivion.


          1. Hooray for KCRW! I donated my car to them 3 months ago and love Morning Becomes Eclectic, and the weekend music shows. Same here with Gotye 🙂 I love how artists often start there before they hit he mainstream stations. I like their author interviews, too!


          1. The easy ones are the ones from favorite fan videos: Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run” and “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Ray. I’d have to think a bit longer before coming up with others. Oh! Except “Smoke And Mirrors” by Gotye, because I can imagine him identifying with the lyrics.


          2. He’s a big fan of Gotye apparently and I think he said that part of the thrill of the Aria Awards was giving out an award for a song he was constantly playing (which I think was ‘Somebody that I used to know’)


          3. associating that Gotye song with Richard makes me sad 😦 I guess we all feel like a fraud now and then though. “Blue Jeans” on the other hand, I can get behind


          4. I imagine anyone in the public eye could associate with “smoke & mirrors” to some degree 😉 and I know a lot of people think “Somebody That I Used to Know” is overplayed and they hate it now, but I still like it. aside from someone actually knowing what a record still is! I like the structure of the song, how it’s told from two different points of view that are distinct in their emotion.


  2. Oh yeah, I’ll join the confession queue – I have a RA playlist, too. Some tunes from fan videos that I have seen (“Sexy Back” from the HeathRA vids, anyone?, “Confession” by Josh Groban for a Guy fanvid), some whom RA has mentioned himself (Master and Servant, Hamburg Song, Love in an Elevator *LOL*), some whose lyrics somehow immediately brought up RA in my mind – Two Door Cinema Club’s “He Sleeps Alone”, Florence and the Machine’s “Howl”.
    I have to admit I am a total music snob (despite having been the laughing stock of my even *more* music snobbish DJ friend), and I get very opinionated about other people’s taste in music. So far RA has not *quite* disgraced himself, but oh-oh… Gotye… That’s the one I really can’t stand.


    1. I know a few Gotye songs just by browsing youtube, but I’m not actually all that familiar with him. I know quite a few people balked when RA said he liked Coldplay too. *shrugs* I’m not a music snob…unless you’re really into Hip-Hop, then I might judge you 😉

      I have a few fanvid songs on my playlist too: “Confession” and “Hamburg Song” of course 😉 also the Magnus Tingsek version of “Can’t take my eyes off you” (I really like that one 🙂 ) “Something Beautiful” by Need to Breathe and “Your Song” by Kate Walsh.


      1. My confession is that I really like “Do Bad Things with You” fanvid, and “I would do anything for love”.
        I’d never heard any Gotye until recently, so I guess where I am that song (Somebody I used to know) was very late in being discovered here.

        For myself, I am a snob about not being a music snob, but I’m fascinated by music of late 1960’s , which ties with the 90’s for my favourite era. (The 80s are my guilty pleasure.)


      2. And since I’ve copped to having “awful” taste in music 😉 I’d like to nominate “Wicked Game” (yes, the one by Chris Isaac) as my Marian and Guy song: I think the lyrics are perfect.


    2. Nice choices. Out of all of that, I really can’t stomach the Hamburg Song, so I might be a bit of a snob. “Someone That I Used To Know” was essentially murdered with overplay here in the States. I love “Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver”, which is instrumental and musically very creative. But if it’s his voice, I do get it how some voices can just rub us the wrong way. *cough* Katy Perry *cough*


          1. Okay, here’s the album version of “Seven Hours…” –

            This is a good live version here (There is a better one, but can’t find at the moment) He plays much of the percussion here, but in the recordings I think most of the instruments, if not all, are just him –

            The song actually reminds me of a leisurely camel ride…not that I’ve ever had one.

            Also I love these:

            “Wonder Why You Want Her” – which has a sexy, heavy, ethereal middle eastern flavor to it:

            And especially, “Baby” –

            And “Hearts A Mess” from The Great Gatsby soundtrack –

            None of these songs sound like some recent albums or anything much like that of “Someone…”, except maybe his voice in “Hearts…”

            Anyway, he prolific and his music is quite varied. He has obviously been a very busy boy long before hitting U.S. shores.


          2. Nah, sorry, really not my thing at all. I can’t quite understand the hoohaa over Gotye. But thanks for your missionary zeal 😀


          3. Hehe, I know, we are horrible. But rest assured, I only snob in private. I usually do not tell people to their face that I think their music test is sh*t… Unless they are Armitage. I think, he can take the slagging 😀


          4. Ah, Katie Perry is a musical genius 😉
            If only she had better taste in men and didn’t go for the incredibly ott girly-girl image.


          5. I was partly tongue in cheek, but it’s true that she is genius. She’s a bit like early Madonna: the perfect pop icon, visually and musically. I actually do not usually watch her videos (I haven’t watched videos for about a decade) but I chaperoned my little cousin’s birthday trip to the Katy Perry 3D movie, which was actually quite enjoyable.
            My favourite songs of hers are Teenage Dream and California Girls (more for the music of the latter and Snoop Dogg) and video is “Waking Up in Vegas”. This video is a mashup of a lot of songs that more or less gives the flavour of her oeuvre 😉


  3. I love music so much, but so rarely listen to it. I caught up with more popular stuff in the 90s listening to Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) soundtracks and later Torchwood’s. iTunes and iPods have screwed me up because I have music on one iPod that doesn’t sync with any computer, my laptop doesn’t sync with anything else I have. Life was so easy with cassettes and cds. I love so many different kinds of music, some very eclectic. Don’t suppose RA listens to much of that stuff, but I’d be happy to teach him about it. LOL!


    1. I don’t have an actual “i-Pod”, mine is the “Walkman” brand. when I see the logo, it reminds me of my first Walkman, which was the cassette player type 🙂


    1. Kate Bush! I used to dance around my room to her songs when I was a teenager, especially Wuthering Heights.
      I think I would chose “Hounds of Love”, but not about Richard, about myself.

      But this challenge is about Richard and his characters :-D, so I would pick “Don’t Give Up” for Lucas


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