Here’s A Story

So ever since I saw this picture


I’ve had The Brady Bunch theme song running through my head! If you’re not familiar with the song, or forget how it goes, I’ll help you along:

So there I was, looking at a nice picture of Richard Armitage and reminiscing about childhood television programs, not really paying attention to where my brain was headed

when this happened…


“There is a story that I’m relating

of some handsome lads sought after by us girls,

All of them were of a true & noble nature

the shyest one in curls;


Here’s a story of no debating,

how each one of them was loved all on his own

Though eight men on separate journeys

they need not stand alone;


Till the one day when we saw who was creating,

then we knew it was much more than a hunch

What this group of gents all held in common,

that’s the way they all became the RA bunch;


The RA Bunch,

Richard Armitage bunch;

that’s the way they became the RA Bunch!”


(I am so sorry! *laughs*)


29 thoughts on “Here’s A Story

      1. You may have got it out of your system but it’s stuck in my head like the proverbial “earworm”! But I have to say your lyrics are *so* much better!!


      1. I didn’t notice either until you mentioned it! 🙂 The man himself surrounded by these wonderful characters he brought to life for us in such an unforgettable and unique way! Perfect!


  1. Fabulous- I bow to your mad photo finding skills.You must have a very good visual memory, or else spend a LOT of time poring over screen caps. Either way, we your audience, salute you!


    1. I could’ve found better pictures that were more in proportion with each other, if I took more time with it 😉 but I just looked through what I had with the intent of “I need one looking left, I need one looking down, etc.” 🙂

      I do have a good visual memory though. I can’t remember anything unless I’ve seen it or written it down! it’s not that I read the list/calendar later and then know what to do, I remember the actual writing of the word. or if someone told me something in a phone call, later I’ll think of what I was doing while I was talking to them, then I remember what we talked about. so you have to make sure I’m truly paying attention when you’re talking to me! I’ve I’m distracted by something I’m reading or watching on television, I can have whole conversations with you that I absolutely will not remember later.


  2. LOL, I loved the Brady Bunch, but would def tune into The RA Bunch. You know how it’s always about Marcia Marcia Marcia! Which RA character is the Marcia of the bunch? It could be a tie between Thornton or Thorin. Probably the latter as he could sit in front of the mirror and brush his hair a 100 times 😉


    1. it’s so funny that you mentioned the hair! just the other day I was telling my daughter that if she’s going to keep her hair long she needs to start brushing it at night to keep the knots out. then I said she had to brush it 100 times; she looked at me like I was insane *laughs* (I want her to get it cut because I’m sick of fighting with her about it 😉 )


    1. a few days ago a “brady bunch” marathon was on tv. my 9 yr old had never seen it before, so I had fun watching it with her 😀 when the theme song played though, *this* version kept running through my head 😆


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