The Finish Line

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

30.) your favorite picture


did I actually complete the challenge? all 30 days without skipping any?


I didn’t keep to my original plan of blogging everyday, on top of keeping up with my normal two posts a week that weren’t challenge related, but I did try to fill the challenge posts with actual content, instead of just answering the question;

I think it all worked out.

Now I’ll get back to recounting my fan-path, working on completing that A to Z challenge that kind of fizzled out, and just sharing my random Richard Armitage related thoughts.

so stay tuned…



21 thoughts on “The Finish Line

        1. I thought I knew all the answers I was going to give but when it came time for certain questions, I changed my answers. it really made me think about what I like and why


  1. Congrats! I think 30 day challenges are great. Sometimes a little structure to regular blogging is needed, especially when you open a new post window and have no idea how you’re going to fill it 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s next!


    1. the 30 day challenge was actually opposite for me. I have a structured outline for this blog and although I don’t know exactly how I’m going to write a post until I sit down to do it, I do know what the subject is going to be. sometimes as I’m typing the actual post, things change & I tweak a few bits, but I’ve written it out on paper before hand. with this challenge though, I didn’t really have the time to do that since I was putting out a post everyday. so often times I would be typing it on the fly. there were a few posts that I scraped completely after typing them all out, with pics and everything! and decided to go a different route; those times were frustrating!


      1. Those are the horrid draft posts that linger and never go anywhere. Then a year later during your blog spring cleaning you wonder what the heck happened there 😉


  2. Really? That’s your favorite picture? You didn’t say why. You don’t have to, of course. 😀 the bottom one is one of my favorites, btw. 😀 And congratulations on finishing the challenge!! 😀


    1. I think I mentioned the picture in the “favorite photo shoot” question, I don’t remember, but yes it is my absolute favorite!

      I like that the background and the t-shirt are blue (I like that layered look too), which really brings out the blue in his eyes (my fav color is blue) I also like that he looks trim in this pic without being too buff. I like the pose he’s in, with his arms back and chest out a bit but at an angle, it portrays a kind of quiet confidence to me. The look on his face though is what I really love; it’s a little bit challenging but also inquisitive. the raised eyebrows, the full lips, that lovely bump in his nose…as you can tell, I don’t really mind talking about it at all *laughs*

      when I saw the bottom picture for the first time, I automatically thought “there’s my number 2”. you’ll notice that the pose and look on his face are very similar to the first one, though he’s looking off camera instead of at it.


  3. Thank you. Now I understand! Don’t agree, but… 😀 I don’t like the shirt. I see what you mean about the expression on his face. He is looking right at you. I like the second one because he looks more mature. The first one is too young for me. 😀


    1. there are a few shots of his younger self that I really like: the BBC interview Robin Hood/Spooks era is a favorite, as is the white background pic from The Golden Hour time period. but I like the more mature shots too 🙂
      I’m just equal opportunity: beard vs clean shaven, young vs. older; I almost always prefer shorter hair but there are even some Robin Hood mullet pics that I like too.


      1. I guess it’s because I’m older than he is. I just prefer the photos of him in his 40’s. I admire his younger self, of course (as I do my younger self, LOL), but to drool over? Give me the more recent ones.


        1. I like that Richard is older than me, but when I look at younger pictures of him that I like, I know that’s not him “now”; doesn’t mean the younger self inside of me can’t still appreciate them. it’s all relative 🙂

          speaking of age though, were the women he dated before/rumored to have dated older or younger than him?


          1. I think they were the same age. I’m no expert, but I think he dated women who were in drama school with him? Of course, with Mr. Private Private Life, who knows?? ;D You know, Hugh Jackman’s wife is like 15 years older than him? 😀


          2. I always wondered her age (Hugh’s wife) because she does look a good bit older. that’s exactly why I asked though, because it seems that male actors always end up marrying older women; at least the actors I like (Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale, James McAvoy, etc.)


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