Standring On The Brain

This past weekend my family and I attended a small local Scottish festival that we go to every year. There are bigger and “better” (commercial) ones in the area, but I enjoy the ambiance of a smaller venue.

This year I couldn’t seem to get John Standring off my mind. I “saw” him at every turn.


It’s understandable that I would be reminded of John while watching the sheep trials

the dogs were cute, but John does it better
the dogs were cute, but John does it better

though there were no tall, dark and handsome men dressed in overalls;

just old men in wool caps.


I didn’t expect to be reminded of John while watching the Highland games. Flipping tall cabers (wooden telephone poles) and throwing massive hammers around doesn’t seem like something he would do for fun, though I’m sure he could hold his own.


They also had a sheaf toss though, which is kind of like pitching hay, so…

hey, hey, hey...hay
hey, hey, hey…hay

There was a Whiskey tasting

(that’s Whisky with no “e” Spell-Check *winks*)

and John does enjoy a drink now and then.

yes, I know that's beer...but look at those eyelashes!
yes, I know that’s beer…but look at those eyelashes!

There were Medieval weapon demonstrations too,

where Guy took over my brain for awhile, to give John a rest.


I found the birds-of-prey talk and demonstration very interesting;

there are Falcons and Hawks aplenty on the Moors.


and of course they had traditional food as well.

Haggis: the garbage dump of sheep innards
Haggis: the garbage dump of sheep innards

There was also a British classic car show too, but I can’t imagine John being able to fit into those tiny things…

there’s no back seat *winks*


All in all, it was an enjoyable day.

I was able to indulge in my love of all things Scottish,

with John Standring on the brain.


I still haven’t figured out what was up with the Braveheart Stormtrooper though

*scratches head*

11 thoughts on “Standring On The Brain

        1. well, I guess that depends on what your definition of “very” is. it’s very sad that John isn’t in the whole entire movie, I’ll agree with that 🙂 seriously though, the main storyline that involves two other characters is melancholy but John himself is just so lovable! and he doesn’t die, so that’s a plus 😉


  1. I first watched Sparkhouse on my iPad on YT with dodgy internet connection, all sliced up into 10 minute clips that took forever to load. It was sooooo worth it! And I’m not just talking about RA’s part. It’s just a brilliant take on Wuthering Heights and the perfect gothic story about how disturbing thing happening in isolated places, left unchecked by society.


    1. I’ve never read/watched Wuthering Heights, so I was able to enjoy Sparkhouse for it’s own sake without those prior associations (I’ve seen a lot of discussion about which character was supposed to represent the originals, how their actions differed, etc.) while I do find the overall story sad (b/c of the outcome) I don’t get bogged down in the “sadness” that a lot of people seem to get stuck on, maybe that’s because I grew up in a rural area so a lot of the atmosphere (people, places, things) resonated with me.


  2. I have a been a very bad blog follower, not commenting even though I read all the posts.
    i want to say that I am feeling the Standring love, thanks to you.


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