“G” is for Gallant

Gallant: adj. 1.) brave, chivalrous 2.) grand, stately; finely dressed 3.) markedly attentive to women; concerned with sexual love

 noun. 1.) ladies man 2.) escort to a lady 3.) flirt.

When trying to think of a “G” word that could be associated with a Richard Armitage character, Gallant seemed like a safe bet.

(once I had discarded my original thought of grappling hook (?) followed closely by giggle-snort…)

try making a pic spam sing-along out of that one!
try making a pic spam sing-along out of that one!

John Thornton, finely dressed man that he is, came to mind first.


John is chivalrous and it could also be said that he is brave;

going against popular opinion with his choice of Margaret.

Ladies man, though? Flirt? Markedly attentive to women?

That sounds more like Guy.

*this* is "attentive"
*this* is “attentive”

I wouldn’t describe Guy as grand or stately, though.

Nor was he particularly brave and chivalrous.

scary? yes
scary? yes

What about Thorin, then?

Certainly brave.

Finely dressed and stately too


but not so concerned with sexual love,

at least not that we know of…

"come and take a ride on my disco stick"
“come and take a ride on my disco stick”

Is there a Richard Armitage character that encompasses all the different aspects of Gallant?

John Porter, maybe?

hey there, Romeo
hey there, Romeo

 Probably not so finely dressed, though.

"fine" is in the eye of the beholder
“fine” is in the eye of the beholder

What about…Richard Armitage, himself?

he can be quite a "character"!
he can be quite a “character”!

Finely dressed? check.


Brave? check.


Chivalrous? check.


Concerned with sexual love? check.

not really "proof" but I'm counting it!
not really “proof” but I’m counting it!

Flirt? check.


Ladies man?

does a whole army of ladies count?


Escort to a lady?

I’m sure he’s escorted a few in his day…


So, “Gallant” is for Richard Armitage.


15 thoughts on ““G” is for Gallant

  1. Good word. Oh that delicious kiss. I think the panicked “get my horse” scene qualifies. He saving Marian from a “fate worse than death”…well, HIS fate too.) That Porter “look”! (and there’s that gutteral animal sound again.) And I have always loved that Richard III fanart composite…wish I knew who did that? This is great.


  2. Hahaha! I actually didn’t know that definition of the word. Concerned with sexual love? I would not have associated that with gallant. Thanks for the lesson. And the pretty pictures. And I totally agree that our man meets the definition. In spades. 😀


    1. I didn’t know that part of the definition either 😉 my dictionary is one of my favorite books…my husband bought it for me for Valentine’s Day one year *laughs* he knows what I like 🙂


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