These Dreams Of You

I thought it might be time to share some more songs from my Richard Armitage playlist.


First up is Today by Joshua Radin.

I’ve had a few different celebrity crushes before Richard

and even been part of another fandom or two.

sorry, Richard, you weren't my "first"
sorry, Richard, you weren’t my “first”

It often feels like all of those past experiences have been leading up to this one, to him.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way, making it possible to enjoy this one.

The things that I found myself admiring in the various other crushes, have all seemed to come together in Richard.

perfect shadows align, behind us

I was wandering for awhile there, knowing I wanted something more;

I just had to find it.

This time I consciously chose him,

instead of being blind-sided by everything that comes with a celebrity crush/fandom.

you are the one I’ve been waiting for today

Being able to express myself freely through blogging and commenting, etc.

without the anxiousness that oftentimes plagued me in the past:

you looked right through me, when there was no one else.

I sat beside you and became myself


Next is a silly one,

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

because Richard said he was an animal on the dance floor


don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball


200 degrees, that’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit


Easy Silence by The Dixie Chicks

is one that sort of has a double meaning.

I hope Richard has someone like the description in this song,

someone who can be a refuge for him from the show-business lifestyle.

the peaceful quiet you create for me

and the way you keep the world at bay for me

but it’s also for the refuge that I find through him and this fandom.


Next is another Mumford & Sons pick, Not Without Haste.

your eyes, they tie me down so hard

I’ll never learn to put up a guard

I think that one is pretty self-explanatory


this ain’t no sham, I am what I am

I finally have the confidence to be myself, without hiding.

and we will be who we are and they’ll heal our scars

sadness will be far away


I get such enjoyment out of blogging and just chatting with people on-line.

Sometimes it’s light and sometimes it’s heavy,

but through talking with others I find things out about myself that I didn’t realize

or that I had forgotten;

which can indeed by healing.

I will love with urgency but not with haste


The last one for today is

These Dreams Of You by Van Morrison

(I talk a bit about my affinity for Van Morrison tunes

in the music section of the forum, go check it out *winks*)


There’s no deep meaning to this one,

just that when I do have dreams with Richard in them,

he seems to be doing odd things.

no steamy make-out sessions for you!
no steamy make-out sessions for you!

I remember one that had Richard and I as Ballet dancers,

which is insane because I do not dance…at all.

I just need a good teacher *winks*
I just need a good teacher *winks*

In another dream I was completely incompetent in the kitchen,

so Richard kept sabotaging the meals that I made for us

so that we would be forced to eat chocolate cake and ice cream instead.

yes, it was chocolate ice cream, Richard!

There was also one that had Thorin and I fighting against orcs,

back to back, trying to protect my daughter…

because she’s precious *laughs*

Our swords looked like they were made out of licorice candy,

and the hobbits were helping us by throwing tennis balls at the orcs;

they couldn’t resist chasing them, like dogs!

After the battle was won, Thorin was trying to lure me into the forest

so we could share in some amorous activities together;

he was doing so by charming me with horrible pick-up lines;

he knew the way to my heart was through humor.



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