A Life In The Day

A Spooks-era print article that I always enjoy reading is

The Sunday Times, If Looks Could Kill…

I love how it’s written from Richard’s point-of-view and spans the course of a typical day.

(read article here)

To start the day off, apparently Richard will sleep through the alarm if it’s not loud enough.

Not me, I know when that thing is set to go off a good five minutes beforehand!

which leaves me tossing and turning until I hear it.

Why don’t I just get up?

Because that’s not how things are supposed to work!

I can be a bit stubborn.

I've looked at the clock three times & only one minute has passed?!
I’ve looked at the clock three times & only one minute has passed?!

“Then it’s a mad rush to get ready

and I’ll be picking something off the floor to wear

because my drawers are empty and I’ve forgotten to do a wash.”

I always think of drawers meaning boxers when I read this,

which makes me snicker

because I’d imagine Richard’s drawers are not really empty…


When he’s not filming, Richard’s mornings are more leisurely.

No alarm, a breakfast of hot oatmeal with fruit, and scrambled eggs;


Hey, it’s better than my normal cold Pop-Tart,

so you won’t hear me complaining!

make mine a frosted brown sugar-cinnamon, please!
make mine a frosted brown sugar-cinnamon, please!

Richard then sorts through his e-mails and telephone calls, and heads to the gym.

I bet he’d be a lot less productive if he were part of a fandom;

keeping up-to-date on the subject matter can wipe out whole mornings in no time!

Clickonline tweeted another answer=whole day, gone.
Clickonline tweeted another answer=whole day, gone.

For lunch and dinner Richard tries to eat healthy,

none of that boxed and frozen food for him.

Ah, the life of a single-ton, who doesn’t need to appease the persnickety tastes of children.

I used to eat real food too, once upon a time.

I get so little praise these days

if incorporating fake cheese products into our meals will earn me cheers,

I’m going to do it!

genuine smiles are valuable currency
genuine smiles are valuable currency

After filming for the day is done, it looks like more exercise is on the agenda; this time for mental stability.

Richard claims he’s a brooder who avoids confrontation.

If he can’t find a way to work that temper out of his system,

it may result in chairs being thrown out windows.

I’m a brooder with a temper too,

only I like to kick things.

that IS my password you idiot machine! Ugh!
that IS my password you idiot machine! Ugh!

Richard ends the day ignoring his messy house in favor of reading anything and everything,

(hey, I do that too!)

after he takes his bath…



22 thoughts on “A Life In The Day

      1. If you could see how I do them, they would more than lose their charm πŸ˜‰
        I’m like you in that I wake up and anticipate my alarm, usually a good 20 minutes in advance :-/ I sort of envy Mr. A being able to sleep through his alarm.

        As anyone who’s seen my comments on MorrighansMuse’s blog can tell you, I am the proud owner of a wall to wall “floordrobe”. The parts of my wardrobe that aren’t there are either in a hamper or hanging up to dry somewhere. leaving plenty of space in my drawers (*hee*) If RA and I were roomies, he could practice his moguls off-season on the mountains of laundry lying about. I seem to recall reading an interview about the stacks of books on his floor. Combine that with *my* stacks of books dropped on the floor in the process of writing papers, and we’d be approaching the kind of vertical needed for downhill πŸ˜€

        For breakfast, I’ll eat leftovers (cold pizza and coffee, anyone? :-D), or make a sandwich and eat half then, and half at lunch. Lunch is whatever I can get my hands on, often take-out. Dinner is often the only meal I make, usually (yay me!) from scratch. On weekends, I will often roast a chicken or roast of beef or something and use it to make sandwiches or cold meals. Weekends are also the only time I eat cereal, some nice and sugary πŸ˜‰ If someone πŸ˜‰ wants to make me some eggs (not microwaved), i take them scrambled, thanks!

        Those gifs will need close study, but I think that I can already say:
        ” Once again, another brilliant entry. Well done, kel!” (y)


        1. if I didn’t have a husband, I would be a total slob *laughs* which is odd because before I had kids, I was the neatest most organized person ever. time changes things πŸ˜‰


        1. I wasn’t correcting :-), just answering the eternal question: “lentils or couscous”. I hadn’t bothered to come and see that you had answered πŸ˜€


          1. It is where I live πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
            Since I don’t like couscous, the question isn’t really a tough one for me. πŸ˜€
            I think the Jamie Oliver recipe he referenced had tomatoes in it or something. I think that’s a better pairing than lentils, much as I like lentils.


  1. LOL! I love that interview also. I wonder how much of it is still true for him. He seems to have moved on quite a bit from those days. Maybe an S.O. in his life? Who knows? I’m sadly like him except for the gym going. I don’t go to the gym, sadly. πŸ˜€


    1. he’s filming on location now instead of being able to come home every night, but I imagine the general routine is still the same; old habits die hard πŸ™‚


  2. Loved the funny commentary, and as always, your choice of visuals seals the deal. All that gorgeous pale skin in the last one…..


  3. I loved this. I can tell you I did the same thing with the alarm. I’d lay there knowing it was going to go off any minute and nothing. Then fall asleep for 30 sec and zap the thing goes off and scares 5 yrs off my life. Being alone I can tell you that yes you do become a slob about everything. I get cleaning urges occasionally but the only way it seems to be neat is to throw everything or almost everything away. I too brood rather than confront. I’ve had amazing conversations with myself and the enemy that never went anywhere. Don’t throw things or kick things unfortunately but there is a thought. Now I’m retired and I don’t have to brood as much. He probably has little time to cook these days. It would be nice if he has someone special to enjoy all this with but not sure he has time for that either right now.


    1. when everyone is home the place is a wreck, but when they’re off on trips or sleep-overs, I get the sudden urge to clean. I have no idea why that is. every time my husband goes on a business trip, I move stuff around; like actual furniture: couches, bookcases, even the piano occasionally *laughs* I make no sense!


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