Interview Richard

With talk this past week of introverts and the act of “being on” when in front of an audience, it got me to thinking of Interview Richard and who he is to me.

lights, camera, action!
lights, camera, action!

Interview Richard is able to maintain a good balance of affable charm, is informative, with a few slightly rehearsed quips thrown in to lighten up the atmosphere.

"it's nice to have a superimposable horse to go with it [Guy action-figure] because when I'm not in Hungary, I can practice my horse riding at home"
“it’s nice to have a superimposable horse to go with it [Guy action-figure] because when I’m not in Hungary, I can practice my horse riding at home”

An example of this balance can be seen in the Marilyn Denis interview

that Richard Armitage did in Canada last year.

These are certain traits that I’ve come to attribute to Interview Richard:

No Follow-Through

the way that Richard came striding out, intent on dipping the host, but not able to keep from mentioning that it wasn’t really his idea. He also does this when trying to deliver a witty comment but not being able to stick with the straight-face long enough; he gets embarrassed and stops short before the finish!





Deflection of Praise

when the host shares Peter Jackson’s positive feelings towards Richard, he gracefully accepts but then quickly jokes about not realizing it was Christmas time until he saw the decorations.

my local shopping stores have had Christmas decorations up since the beginning of October...
my local shopping stores have had Christmas decorations up since the beginning of October…


the way Richard weaved together his praise for Peter Jackson

with his explanation of how he chose to portray Thorin.

“In terms of his leadership I actually became inspired by Peter Jackson himself because he leads his team with such dignity and a kind of quiet authority… I didn’t want to command respect, I wanted to earn loyalty.”

"There is One who I could follow, there is One I could call King"
“There is One who I could follow, there is One I could call King”

Rehearsed Wit

big boots, quite camp? c’mon people, that was funny!

unfortunately, sometimes these attempts fall flat.

you're too distracting Richard, you kill brain-cells
you’re too distracting Richard, you kill brain-cells


this time the thankfulness was directed at the Armitage Army,

his fanbase, for the way we have supported Richard through the years.

aww! we <3 you too!
aww! we ❀ you too!

Interview Richard doesn’t forget that he’s in front of an audience and he tries to play that up when he can, but the slight nervousness is still there as is the desire to convey the passion he has for every character and project without coming across as too intense.


An introvert who knows how to work a crowd;

it’s not as rare as it seems.

13 thoughts on “Interview Richard

  1. This could have been a contest: “Name that interview!”
    I can recognize the photos are quotes or descriptions of actions for quite a few of these. But not all. Does that make me a bad Richard fan? πŸ˜€


    1. no, quite the opposite actually πŸ˜‰ the fact that they seemed familiar to you and not just a general description, shows that you are a good fan! if you know the exact interviews though, then you’re just a geek *laughs* I love my interviews, so I fall in the geek category πŸ™‚


      1. I recognize all the photos, and know which ones are from actual interviews, and which not. I can even tell you what Richard said after “I name my sword”. Probably still not geeking enough, though


  2. “Interview Richard”. LOL! Yes you are right. He has a specific persona when he is being interviewed. And he does seem to prepare for his “role” as an interviewee. Comes prepared with stories and quips. Even if he can’t *quite* pull it off sometimes!! Awww. Love him!!


  3. I too believe in the the existence of “Interview Richard”. When I have said as much, some have seen that as indicating that he is somehow “fake” or false in that regard, which is not the case. Everyone puts on a different face or mask with different social circumstances or aspects of their family relations. Some people are better at than others, and it would make sense that an Actor certainly would be (should be). And their are occasions when “another Richard” comes through and surprises. There was an interview during Spooks where he is asked whether he would ever direct a Spooks episode if asked, or something to that affect. His response to me was quite different than what I would have expected – “It would be all about me. It would be just close-ups of me!” He seemed to half joking. To me it was like hearing a completely different person.


    1. I agree. Everyone has an interview/professional persona, or develops one if they want to be successful in the professional world. It isn’t false, it’s just presenting more of one side of your personality at one time. (For example, the way I write in the academic world is quite different from the way I express myself here).

      I think he has a wicked deadpan, occasionally zany, and very British sense of humour that not everyone gets (as with his ‘bloody cat’ quote). When that slips out in interviews or public statements (like his message to fans and the example) many people are nonplussed. However it doesn’t mean that he is being fake, any more than the rest of us are fake when we behave more seriously or frivolously in one situation than another.


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