Salvation Lies Within

While recently watching one of my favorite movies,

The Shawshank Redemption


I had another It all comes back to Richard moment


turn back if you haven’t seen the movie


It was the climax of the film, when Warden & company

find that Andy is not in his prison cell for morning roll call.

As we’re taken through his escape plan, it’s revealed that Andy tunneled his way out


using an ordinary rock-hammer

that he kept hidden in his bible


much like Geraldine hid a chocolate bar in her bible

Salvation Lies Within

On a related note, I took my kids to see “Catching Fire” today…

because they needed schooled on how to overthrow me properly.

Not to worry though,

I already have the poster for my prison wall picked out:


salvation optional

18 thoughts on “Salvation Lies Within

  1. Brilliant! I needed to laugh out loud and this made it possible. Hope you are learning how to survive on The Hunger Games. We need you around here! Congratulations on your plans for future incarceration. Let me know if you need me to spring you from the slammer. I love the Shawshank Redemption. It is one of the best dramas ever made, IMO.


    1. The Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies ever made 😎 I might hit you up for some help escaping from my future incarceration, but not too soon, might as well enjoy the scenery a bit first 😈


      1. And here was I thinking I was the only one guilty of spending *that* much time with him! ;( *turns beet red*

        I haven’t seen TSR yet but planning to sign up for Netflix as I believe I can find it there.


  2. The Shawshank Redemption is a perennial favourite on a local station (I think they must show it once a year at least) so I’ve seen it more than once. It is a great film.


    1. I actually read the short story it was taken from when I was 15 but then totally forgot about it. when I saw it at the theatre 4 or 5 years later I was all freaked out b/c I kept “knowing” what was going to happen before it actually happened 😯 I went home and told my mom and she just rolled her eyes at me and said “you’re so dramatic. you read that story before! it was in that book of short stories by Stephen King I have on the shelf” she was right, of course 😳 the movie is much better πŸ˜‰


      1. In my mind it is inextricably linked with The Green Mile, both for obvious reasons (prison setting, Steven King story, themes, etc) and for idiosyncratic ones (both are perennials on that same local station) yet both are so different. The execution scene of Michael Clarke Duncan’s character in The Green Mile was so harrowing that it took me three tries to watch it to the end.


  3. Great movie with lots of cameo roles+ outstanding Morgan Freeman..I have a crush on him (and Allan Rickman πŸ™‚ ) since K.Reynolds’s Robin Hood.


  4. This is one of those films – like The Green Mile – that if I happen to see that it is on while channel surfing, I will probably go ahead and stop to watch it. It is because of Frank Darabont’s involvement – as well as Andrew Lincoln’s – that I watched Walking Dead when it premiered. With talent like that behind it, I knew it could only be good, at least in terms of character creation, development and evolution. The gore would later be just cartoon-like for me. But that pilot episode was pure Darabont and riveting for that reason. Darabont never shies away from such intensity. I miss Michael Clarke Duncan.


      1. I had the same problem with the gore. I lasted only a few minutes until someone poked a stake through a character’s forehead. Really wanted to see more of Andrew Lincoln and see what the fuss was about.


        1. It was the zombie that was missing the whole bottom half of it’s body, just slowly pulling itself across the park lawn, that did me in *ick* from the few episodes that I saw though, I really liked Andrew’s character.


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