The Anticipation is Torture!

Around this time last year,

Richard Armitage did not exist in my world.


I had not become familiar with North & South yet,

I had never heard of Lucas North or Guy of Gisborne.


I had learned that Mr. Thornton was set to play the lead

dwarf in The Hobbit from my friend, the North & South fan

*Thornton Oakenshield, at your service!*
*Thornton Oakenshield, at your service!*

but Richard

just wasn’t on my radar yet.


I had been waiting years for The Hobbit to be brought to the big screen though! I remember reading the magazine snippet announcing the plans for a major motion picture and Peter Jackson’s involvement in it. In our excitement, my husband and I debated how it was all going to play out. Would it be like LOTR in style and casting? What would inevitably be lost or gained through adaptation?

*the barrels! I can't wait to see the barrels!*
*the barrels! I can’t wait to see the barrels!*

It’s funny how clear that memory is in my mind

(I was standing next to the piano; it was sorely in need of dusting)

dwarves may be messy eaters but I envy their clean-up technique!
dwarves may be messy eaters but I envy their clean-up technique!

The years that followed were less clear. We would check on the progress of the movie often

but it just didn’t seem to be happening; it bummed us out.

*quit harshing my mellow*
*quit harshing my mellow*

Years later when the movie had finally been green-lit and production had begun

…I was kind of over it already.


It wasn’t until I saw the dwarves in Entertainment Weekly magazine, that I started getting excited again. I was surprised that Thorin wasn’t old but very pleased with the warrior appearance, and the boots 😎

*who you callin' Grandpa?!*
*who you callin’ Grandpa?!*

I became frustrated when opening weekend rolled around; Holiday chaos prevented me from seeing The Hobbit in theatres for three weeks! Once I did see it though, well, you all know what happened then πŸ˜‰

Heart and Soul, meet Richard Armitage and his eyes…and voice…and…


It is now a whole year later and once again Holiday chaos is trying to thwart my happiness;

not this time!



Tonight is a no-go because Husband and Son have plans. Tomorrow won’t work either because Husband and Son will be tired after their all-nighter

(video-game marathons and over-dosing on sugar will do that to you)

plus I have to bake for the Holiday party we will be attending that evening. Bah Humbug!

*your life is such a tragedy*
*your life is such a tragedy*

Sunday our fan loyalties are being tested:

go to the movie and miss our favorite team’s football game, or hold off until evening? I suggested we DVR the game and vow not to listen to the radio on the way home from the movie, but Husband isn’t really on board with that plan.

*did you see that amazing touchdown pass?...BE QUIET!!*
*did you see that amazing touchdown pass?…BE QUIET!!*

So, it looks like Sunday evening it is.

Did I mention that it’s also Husband’s birthday?


It’s a good thing he wants to see this movie too because it’s his gift 😳

(real gift has been waylaid in the mail; I’m not the best planner)

well, it's not his *only* gift...
well, it’s not his *only* gift…

22 thoughts on “The Anticipation is Torture!

  1. Well, does that mean it’s time to congratulate you on getting through the first year of the RA madness?? Congrats on making it. You are firmly in, then.
    I am just back from the film – and it is stunning! Won’t spoil your enjoyment with anything else now, but it is must-see! You won’t be disappointed.


    1. yes, it’s been almost a year since I first discovered Richard! 😎 it’s smooth sailing from here, right? πŸ˜›
      I’m VERY excited about the movie…and even excited to see what all these “changes” are everyone keeps alluding too; I like when things get mixed up (as long the changes aren’t in another universe, like “The Scarlet Letter” πŸ™„ )


  2. YAY! It is just about a year for me in Armitageworld too. I had to see AUJ twice though before it really set in. I left the first viewing with the thought of Thorin in the back of mind. Second time sealed the deal. Not sure when I will see DOS. Maybe Sunday. Happy birthday to your hubby!! πŸ˜€


  3. OMG your gifs, πŸ˜† your hilariously captioned gifs!!! πŸ˜† But may I make a suggestion? Family, friends- cut ’em loose. They’re too demanding and they’re coming between you and Richard. Get cats instead.


    1. funny you should mention cats…I had two to begin with, then two weeks ago on a whim I brought home two kittens (I named them Fili & Kili). my reasoning? (besides the cuteness factor) “now we won’t have to get a dog” my brain is obviously addled 😯


    1. if we make it to the movie πŸ˜• it’s been snowing all night & promises to do so for the rest of the day. I would not be heartbroken in the least if the Holiday party is canceled this evening, but if the weather prevents me from seeing the movie tomorrow, there will be hell to pay!!

      (p.s. did you get my e-mail about N&S, by chance?)


  4. Congratulations! I’m coming up on my year as well. I hope you enjoy the movie… it’s a real thrill ride. πŸ˜€ Happy hubby’s birthday as well as happy RA-Fanniversary to you!!


    1. thank you πŸ˜€ this was also my 95th post; I feel like I should do something special for the 100th one but my mind is blank πŸ˜• when I started this blog I had a nice long out-line all planned out, then I just kind of trashed it after those first few months and have been flying blind ever since 😳


  5. It’s a pity you and I can’t pal up and go to the movie (a few times) together. My friends who love Tolkien are leaving the country until January(!) .


    1. I’ve never really had anyone who I can fangirl with in my everyday life πŸ˜• last night I was rewatching The Hobbit: AUJ and every time I saw Thorin mumbling to Dwalin I was picturing him saying “let’s use the toilet and leave” and I was cracking myself up πŸ˜†


  6. I enjoyed this post! It parallels my own experience. Since seeing AUJ on DVD via Redbox, I’ve been hooked. I have now seen everything available that is out there. The man is a wonder to be sure! I have a question. Probably everyone else knows except me, but I’m wondering about the picture above *quit harshing my mellow*. I’m not familiar with that one. Inquiring minds want to know….


    1. Son came down with a fever and sore throat! 😑 I *may* have thrown a little tantrum…

      so now I’ll be going some time during the week when the kids are in school, I guess πŸ˜•


        1. the concern for my son is appreciated, he needs *someone* to care 😳
          it’s only a low-grade fever but he’s feeling dizzy with an upset stomach off and on too; I have a feeling he’ll be staying home from school tomorrow πŸ˜• even if he’s feeling half way decent but tries to stay home, I’ll probably let him…parent’s guilt 😐


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