Just Be Merry!

Merry Christmas

to all my lovely readers!


or if you don’t celebrate Christmas…

Merry whatever-equally-important-holiday

you do celebrate!


or if you don’t celebrate

any holidays this time of year…

then just be Merry!


but if you’re in a bad mood

and don’t want to be Merry…

Sorry, Charlie


I’ll see you back here

in a few days, regardless πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Just Be Merry!

  1. Happy Christmas, K! Great Christmas tree there!
    Thanks for lightening up the mood with your funny posts this year. You put the gifs to great use πŸ™‚ Happy Christmas and hope to read more next year!


    1. thank you 😎 I snagged that pic of the Christmas tree a few years ago, I don’t drink myself but I think it’s cute πŸ˜€ we couldn’t have it around here even if I wanted to, the kittens would break it before I even finished putting it together 😯


    1. many hugs to you as well πŸ™‚ currently we’re watching “a christmas story”, since they show it for 24hrs straight on Christmas Day. Santa just pushed Ralphie down the slide, “Ho, Ho, HO” πŸ˜†


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