Oh, It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping…

It’s snowing.

"oh, the weather outside is frightful"
“oh, the weather outside is frightful”

Which makes me want to look at pics of Richard, In Sweaters.

"but the fire is so delightful"
“but the fire is so delightful”

I don’t mind the snow but 10 inches in one day is a bit much. It’s fluffy snow though, so it’s very pretty. It won’t feel so pretty tomorrow, when the temperature drops and the electricity (or internet! *gasp*) goes out.

"and since we've got no place to go"
“and since we’ve got no place to go”

Currently only emergency vehicles are allowed out on the roads. That’s perfectly fine by me, I have nowhere I have to be. We are out of Ketchup though. Milk, bread, fresh fruit, we can survive without, but Ketchup? This is serious business!

"oh, it doesn't show signs of stopping"
“oh, it doesn’t show signs of stopping”

This reminds me of the time we had a blizzard when my boyfriend was home from college. I was so angry at my parents (and his) for not letting us out on the roads so that we could see each other. We lived 15 miles apart, or I probably would have walked.

"but as long as you love me so"
“but as long as you love me so”

The nerve of those fussy grown-ups, standing in the way of our love! It would be two whole weeks before I saw him again. It was cruel I tell you, cruel! I might have even pledged to pay my own bail if I was arrested for being out in blizzard conditions…

"when we finally kiss goodnight, how I'll hate going out in the storm"
“when we finally kiss goodnight, how I’ll hate going out in the storm”

It’s a good thing our football team had their play-off game yesterday, instead of today (Go Colts!) I lived in Denver one winter when their football team played in the Super Bowl. There was a blizzard then too, people were stranded all over the place, it was a mess; but you better believe the team made it to the airport. Nothing stops an American Football game! As fans currently braving the 5 degree (F) temperatures in Wisconsin can attest.


So to everyone out there dealing with difficult winter weather, keep warm and safe!

…but do it with more style than me.

"let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!"
“let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!”

20 thoughts on “Oh, It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping…

    1. 😆 my Mother-in-Law bought it for me because I was complaining about how cold it was in the mornings when I walk my daughter to the bus-stop. I wear a more stylish one (tho much less warm) normally.


  1. Those hats are quite fashionable you know ( although the first law of fashion is that the moment a mother adopts anything it becomes seriously uncool – unless your daughter wants to borrow it, that is).

    Thinking of you all in the north of America and Canada- stay safe and warm.

    PS: it’s hot here so does that mean I have permission to think of RA in speedo’s, based on your sweater theory?


  2. When I read the title I thought it was going to be about the latest round of gossip. This is MUCH better! :D. My blog has exploded for the post about Evangiline Lilly and Lee Pace! Yikes!


    1. the one post I didn’t read on your blog and I miss out 😛 you know I am of the NON RichLee persuasion, so that round of gossip has been a sore spot for me.


          1. I have to in winter, it’s just too darn cold waiting for that bus at 7am! but normally I don’t wear them either. 1#: I have no style, and #2: most hats don’t fit me b/c I have a big head! it’s true. family trait; the pitfalls of Genius 😆


  3. I just LOVE that Waterstones sweater. And I really loathe that LV jacket. I like Bollyknickers’ thinking though – thinking about the Speedos definitely epwarms me up. 😉

    Keep warm and safe!


    1. the LV jacket, minus that insane liner, is something I would probably wear. it’s such a pretty blue! don’t worry though, it will clash with my hat, so I’m going to have to pass


  4. Punishment! 😉 to have so many poses in the reviled LV number. But I love the post and the hat. I hope you’ve dug out by now. Rain disappeared the snow overnight – it was a white, snowy world yesterday, but no longer.


    1. we got 10 inches yesterday 😯 it’s not snowing today but the temp is currently minus 12. I have all of the blinds/curtains drawn in the house to help keep the heat in. I feel like I’m hiding from zombies…


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