What Separates Richard From All the Rest?

Now that I’ve gotten the silly out of my system in regards to the I Saw Something Fine Flash Fan Event theme, I thought I’d turn contemplative for this post and explore what it is that separates Richard Armitage from all of the other crush-worthy celebrities out there; what makes Richard fine to me.

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My first impressions of Richard were based on his acting abilities, the eerie way that the individual souls of his characters come seeping out through his eyes. It wasn’t a physical attraction that pulled me in at first, that’s not to say that I didn’t find his looks appealing, just that nothing in particular stood out to me overly much in that department; he just seemed normal.

black jacket, wool cap

Once I had a few of his performances under my belt, I wanted to make sure this mesmerizing actor wasn’t a deplorable man. So I started to familiarize myself with his personality and the way he handled himself in public.

nape curls and scruff-interview

Richard remarked that he’s most like Harry Kennedy in real life. I have a soft spot for Harry, so Richard was already racking up points by comparing himself to playful Harry Kennedy!

Harry profile, glasses

The way that Richard handled himself in interviews was also a plus: his knowledge of the character he was portraying and how he fit into the story that was happening around him, his attentiveness to the questions being asked and his attempts at giving concise answers that weren’t repetitive, and just Richard’s general way of remaining friendly and approachable, gave me the impression that he not only cared about his work but he cared about those who were interested in it.

Comic-Con press conf.

As I continued to observe, a dry and often self-depreciating sense of humor started to emerge as well. Richard Armitage enjoyed his job, inside and out, and that was refreshing to see.

red carpet, signing SB book

His intention is not to lead but to share, he does not strive for attention but merely for a chance to keep on meeting the challenge.

brown jacket against stone wall

There is much for me to classically admire in Richard Armitage: dedication, initiative, modesty, patience, etc. etc. but I also admire the everyday struggles: he occasionally says the wrong thing, he’s sometimes a little flippant or a bit too aloof, unusually quiet and not able to get past himself; he’s human, just like me.

shadowed bars on face

Richard is someone I could bump into on the street, someone I may find myself standing behind in line, someone who might be sitting at the next table. This has made me more aware of those I encounter in my life; they could be somebody’s Richard.

Richard being helped at airport

I may not have Richard’s drive but there are things I’m dedicated and determined about, there are things that are important to me that I’m passionate about; So when I’m wrapped up in pursuing those things: I’ll try to be a little more understanding of others, be a little more generous and gracious, show a little more respect with my preparations, try to be a little more friendly & sacrifice my unease for someone else when I can, and try harder to acknowledge when others do these things for me.

As The Arkenstone recently said, “He makes you want to be a little bit better than you already thought you were.”

starched shirt with necklace

Now this is not to say that Richard is my Guru, that I look to him for spiritual guidance (that would be a heavy weight to carry) I’m not wearing a WWRD bracelet or hanging his quotes upon my wall ( those dwarf phrases of his would make excellent conversations pieces though…) No, Richard is simply someone I can learn a bit more about myself from, by exploring his characters with the depth that he gives them and the simple way he continues to live his life with grace.

patched jeans, blue shirt

It’s that subtle charisma, that special something that makes Richard who he is, that separates him from all the rest. And it’s through finding that something in Richard, that I’ve discovered that something in myself as well.

I saw something fine…and it was me.

Thank You, Richard.

brown suede, gold sweater


16 thoughts on “What Separates Richard From All the Rest?

        1. “I like what he inspires in me”, exactly 😎 I enjoy other actors and have fangirled in their fandoms too but there’s just something about Richard that makes him…more.


  1. Beautiful, Kel, and ended on something completely different than I thought. I very much like the way you led us through the various admirable traits to arrive at your conclusion. It’s all spot on. I love your penultimate sentence. Should be printed up and stuck to the bathroom mirror. Thanks for this honest post!


    1. this was one of those posts that kind of got away from me, and when I was done I wondered if it was too honest to share. I may joke around and let my inner teenager out in regards to his looks and general boyishness, but there is something more than that going on at the heart of things. we’re all in this together, right? so I knew you’d all understand!


      1. I don’t think it was “too honest” – what is wrong with being honest, anyway? You show yourself to be a thinking, feeling woman. You are not bestowing your attention lightly. And you reflect on what is happening to you. With a good outcome – getting to know yourself better. Yup, it’s a shared experience.


        1. I feel like maybe I’ve boxed myself into a particular tone on this blog, so I was a little nervous to veer away from that and get all introspective. I sprinkle seriousness throughout now and then but it usually has to do with fandom or a particular character, etc. not “me”. I use the silliness as an escape, and my readers really seem to enjoy that (I do too!) but I’d like to bring out my deeper side more often too, so I was “trying it on for size” 🙂


  2. What a well-considered collection of thoughts. As you say, a change from your normal funny vibe, so all the more meaningful. I enjoyed reading along, and nodding to myself in agreement.


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