Still Into You

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 6

Favorite Richard Armitage Franchise



(The Hobbit 😆 )

Even now, when I watch An Unexpected Journey, that door opens to reveal Thorin and it’s:


even after all this time. after all the fangirling and all the behind-the-scenes secrets, and all of the endless discussions about book versus movie….

the ride is still just as thrilling


I should be over all the butterflies

but I’m into you (into you)


and baby even on our worst nights

I’m into you (into you)


Let ’em wonder

how we got this far


’cause I don’t really need

to wonder at all


Yeah, after all this time

I’m still into you.


lyrics from

Still into You by Paramore


**this post is dedicated to a special someone who talked me down from a ledge today.

“if it stops being fun, then it must stop altogether”

it all comes back to Richard 😎

(non-Armitage answer: Harry Potter)


13 thoughts on “Still Into You

    1. that gif is my new favorite thing 😎 it’s when he’s doing voice overs and he delivered the “let’s use the toilet and leave” (or variation thereof 😉 ) line. you can hear his giggle just by looking at it! he’s so proud of himself 😀


      1. Yes, I remember it well. I without watching the video again, my mind’s eye can also still see Philippa Boyens flopping back on the couch in laughter after he does.


  1. I love this one! I kept thinking, is this a song? Why is there a chorus? (I can be daft at times, I know)

    Now I wish I did my Movie Alphabet meme this way. Your way is way more fun! And I’m so glad you stepped off that ledge. I remember someone special talking me off the ledge once, or even more than once, too 🙂


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