I’m All In

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 9

Important Moment in Armitage Viewing Life

Answer: Strike Back


When I first started wandering through the Richard Armitage fandom, I kept hearing whisperings about Strike Back. Most thought it was too violent, too much of a man film; well, that sounded intriguing to me.


Unfortunately, it seemed like it wasn’t available for me to view, but fortunately I was directed to where I could view it.. and I liked it instantly! I secured myself a copy straight away before I had even finished watching the rest of the episodes, I knew I would like it that much.


Why do I consider Strike Back important in my viewing life?

It showed me Richard had real range as an actor.


I had seen him as brooding Thorin, charismatic Harry, and now I was witnessing more still; how many layers could this man convey?! There was no turning back now,

I was all in 😎


(non-Armitage answer: Empire of the Sun, starring a 13 year old Christian Bale)


11 thoughts on “I’m All In

  1. Yes. Porter! It took me some time to really see it. When I first ordered the DVDs I got the U.S. version. 😦 Then I got the UK version. YAY! And of course now it’s on my DVR! I think this is my favorite RA role. Complex and hunky.


    • there is a really good balance of action and drama, that’s why I like it so much too 😎 our hero has inner conflict that he has to struggle with, amidst the job of just staying alive in those dangerous situations. it’s the battle of the mind that Porter has to constantly live with that I’m interested in the most; the mindless killing machine that is necessary in order to do what he does vs. the emotional human that is forced to deal with the ethics.


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