He Likes Dragons?!

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 11

original question: Kiddie movie I still shamelessly enjoy

modified to: CBeebies episode I enjoy most

Answer: I’m Not Going Out There!

Reading books to children should be fun, for both the child you’re reading to, and you as well; Richard illustrates this wonderfully when reading for CBeebies! The first time I showed my daughter Richard reading these stories, she said that’s how I read to her as well; I didn’t know whether to feel flattered or embarrassed, that I read out loud that animatedly…

my jeans are just as ratty as his too...soul-mates!
my jeans are just as ratty as his too…soul-mates!

I’m nowhere near as talented as we know Richard to be, so I don’t come up with distinct voices for each character

(mostly because I can’t keep them all straight!)

I just adjust my timbre to designate different speakers instead.

no, that was not an invitation to start singing Ke$ha!
no, that was not an invitation to start singing Ke$ha!

In this episode, I like how Richard starts out by saying

that he likes dragons

calm down, Thorin! he's just setting the tone
calm down, Thorin! he’s just setting the tone

and that monsters make him laugh;

it’s a playful reminder that this isn’t anything to be afraid of.

okay, Thorin?
okay, Thorin?

Aside from the voices and dramatics though, I just genuinely like the story! The way it seems to be building up into something scary but never really gets there because of the silly ghost and other characters

(also, I just love to hear Richard say “dirty underwear” πŸ˜› )

and then theΒ  way the story has that twist at the end.

*a twist, you say? that sounds intriguing*
*a twist, you say? that sounds intriguing*

I find it all

really cute πŸ˜€

yes, exactly like that!
yes, exactly like that!

(non-Armitage answer: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; Gene Wilder version πŸ˜‰ )


11 thoughts on “He Likes Dragons?!

  1. The CBeebies readings are so comforting! I think my favorite is the one about the squirrel. I also like the Dinosaur cafe. And Flat Stanley. And Winny in Winter. Gee I guess I love them all! πŸ˜€


    1. both of my kids have done “Flat Stanleys” of themselves as part of classroom projects. I thought it was odd at the time but now that I’m familiar with the book, I understand; it all comes back to Richard πŸ˜‰


      1. Ha, our universal does revolve around Richard, doesn’t it? Tonight we watched “I am not going out there”. I heard the dirty underwear part, had to rewind it, hehe. He looks so approachable. I like him best when he is not looking so GQ, character shots are good too.

        The storyteller and John Standring shots are freaking adorable. Love your captions!


        1. the captions, that reminds me, I was going to write a little note…to those who are not forced to listen to pop-music by their children: Ke$ha sings a song called “timber” πŸ˜‰ if you’re not familiar with the song, do not look it up. I repeat: do NOT look it up! the chorus will get stuck in your head and will take days to finally leave (not to mention the part sung by PitBull is disgusting πŸ™„ )


      1. I was wondering what a real dinosaur cafe would be… I was picturing you dressed in a Wilma Flintstone type dress, leopard print, taking orders with a pen that you stashed in your hair πŸ˜† a dinosaur museum makes more sense, though is less fun πŸ˜›


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