What Dreams Are Made Of

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 12

Location I’d most like to visit

Answer: Yorkshire Dales



rolling hills, wide open spaces,

stone fences, green pastures.


John could work on the farm, doing what he enjoys.

I could bring him lunch and sometimes get a little dirty

not that kind of dirty!
not that kind of dirty!

because I’m not opposed to helping out

when a set of extra hands are needed.

and by "helping out" I mean playing with the dog
and by “helping out” I mean playing with the dog

Long walks through the heather

would be our favorite pastime


when we aren’t cuddled up

in front of the television.

you're doing it wrong
you’re doing it wrong

I wouldn’t ask John to sell his Grandfather’s house though, that’s just wrong.

(because I don’t want to live in a falling down farmhouse)

what? I'm fragile!
what? I’m fragile!

The Yorkshire Dales look like a lovely, magical place

that I’d definitely like to visit.

a perfect reading bench, and by "reading" I mean fanfiction
a perfect reading bench, and by “reading” I mean fanfiction


10 thoughts on “What Dreams Are Made Of

  1. I love the Yorkshire Dales, too! And Cumbria, for Lucas πŸ™‚

    As much as I might love spinning wool into yarn, I’ll leave the farm stuff to you and Standring (getting dirty – or not) and stay with Lucas. We’ll just visit and sit on that bench you got there πŸ™‚


    1. sounds like a good plan! we’ll be living “in town” though, farmhand is just his day job πŸ˜‰ not sure what I’ll actually be doing, maybe I’ll waitress down at the Fleece πŸ˜€


    1. my husband would really like to go to NZ, so I may make it there someday too. we’ll see how I survive my Scotland trip this summer, before I start making plans to become a jetsetter πŸ˜•


        1. I’ve never been overseas before or been away from my kids for more than two days; I’ll be a nervous wreck as the time gets nearer! I’ve dreamed about going for years now though 😎


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