I Kind Of Like It

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 15

One movie I watched the most

Answer: The Hobbit


I only saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at the cinema once

but when I bought the DVD, I watched it three times within the first week


…two times a week later….then once when my parents came to visit the next week …then I skipped a week…then once when my In-Laws came to visit…

plus I watched all of the extras that first day…


I think it’s safe to say

I kind of like it 😉


(original question: One movie I saw in theaters more than once

answer: The Dark Knight)


6 thoughts on “I Kind Of Like It

  1. I’ve seen lots of movies in the theatre more than once, including AUJ – but only twice. In my Big Bang Theory-style life, my friends and I would also go to see remastered or re-released versions of things like Star Wars IV-VI. (No one in their right heads pays for JarJar Binks more than once 😀 )


    1. I’ve only seen AUJ and TDK more than once in theaters. I stood in very long lines (well, long to me anyway 😉 ) to see the remastered Star Wars movies when they first came out. wait, since I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” in the theater as a kid and then as an adult, that would count too, wouldn’t it? so I saw three movies in the theater more than once 😀 now at home, on the other hand, I watch movies over and over and over and…


      1. My friends and I went to see them twice. Not all of us. I had to go because I went once with one friend and then it was someone else’s b-day choice or a group was going. I’ve seen some movies in different formats – 3D vs. regular, imax, omnimax (which I think is crap) which serves as the excuse.


        1. yes, I saw TDK in regular and then in Imax and AUJ in the 3-D 48frames and then the regular, and the first time I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” was at the Drive-In 😛


          1. I’ve seen some things in the theater once and on tv or dvd many times, but I wasn’t counting those 😀
            Some things are better in imax though but you’d better not have a bad seat. Having a seat off to the end of the aisle ruined things for me a couple of times, so that I ended up going back to see them in regular theater. Ditto 3D. I enjoyed TH movies better when *not* in 3D.


          2. and I’d suggest only watching in Imax if was filmed in that format; the parts of TDK that were filmed in Imax were amazing, but the parts that weren’t just seemed like I was watching it on a drive-in movie screen, but way too close up 😯 I liked DOS better in the regular format than the 3-D too 😉


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