With Sugar On Top

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 18

Remake I’d like to see Richard do

Answer: It Happened One Night


Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert:

“A spoiled heiress, running away from her family,

is helped by a man who’s actually a reporter looking for a story.”


That concept isn’t new by any means, it’s very similar to many modern romantic-comedies. One of these that I enjoy is “Chasing Liberty” starring Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode.


The spoiled heiress in this instance is the President’s daughter

and the reporter is actually a bodyguard pretending to be a photographer.


Richard did the “straight man” so well in Vicar of Dibley, and he found himself indulging a spoiled headstrong woman as Guy of Gisborne; he’d have no problem in a role like this!


a lighthearted film about love,

Pretty Please, with sugar on top?



17 thoughts on “With Sugar On Top

  1. Oooh.. if you’re going to go that route, go for Roman Holiday! *swoon!*

    I think I’d go for the role of Mitch in The Birds. That whole sarcastic flirty thing with the fancy lady in one breath and tenderly taking care of his mother and sister in the next? I’d pay to see that.

    Although I am in general against movie remakes and I would actually be appalled if either of these moves were ever remade…


    1. the original question was “remakes: friend or foe?” πŸ˜‰ my answer would be “friend” b/c I like to see how they reinterpret or modernize a story (like fanfiction! πŸ˜† )


  2. The older the original the better – and then translate the whole thing into the present. The one you suggest sounds good. I’ve never seen it.
    My other remake wish would be the classic “Bicycle Thief” – RA as the wronged and humiliated father. Interesting.


    1. I’d never heard of that one so I looked it up. it sounds very simple, but I’m assuming it’s the emotions that give it it’s punch? we all know how good Richard is at conveying emotion 😎


  3. What I want most for Richard is to do a full blown romantic hero who gets the girl (complete with a North & South topping kissing scene at the end) Period or modern, I don’t care. Maybe a Hugh Grant kind of role because RA is also so funny. Your idea is really great but I’d even more like to see RA create a role all his own. Cary Grant is a good model though, because like RA, he had a character man’s sensibility in a leading man’s body. RA is better, though, because he disappears into his roles where CG was always CG. Sigh. RA is just so yummy.


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