Sweet and Salty

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 19

Snack I enjoy most while watching all things Armitage

Answer: Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Sweet and Salty…just like me! 😆

I do like the chocolate and salt combo the best but I rarely have them, because I will eat the whole bag and then be sick; I have no self-control 😳


so instead, I try to trick myself and eat pretzels interspersed with handfuls of M&Ms. Somewhere along the way the pretzels get forgotten though and I eat all of the M&Ms 🙄


Fun Fact: my husband has a stash of mini dark chocolate bars that he surprises me with on random occasions. I suspect he keeps them in his briefcase so that I won’t find them 😛

he's talking about chocolate
he’s talking about chocolate



14 thoughts on “Sweet and Salty

    1. my mother-in-law always takes the big pretzel rods, dips them in chocolate and then rolls them in sprinkles or mini M&Ms, etc. for the Holidays. this trip my husband forgot to bring them back home with us, I was so mad!!! 😆


    1. I’ve never had chocolate covered potato chips, but I agree the crunch is important too 😀 which is why I put potato chips on my sandwich whenever I can get away with it 😉


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