A Gentle Reminder

I’ve been turning to this passage from one of Richard’s messages a lot lately, in conversations with others and with myself as well. I don’t think we can be reminded of it enough:

So please, once more, let me implore you to put your grievances aside and enjoy the fun. If it stops being fun, then it must stop altogether. I am really proud to have such a united fan base[…]if it all falls apart because the ‘foundations are cracked’, it would be such a great shame[…]

I get quite a few very personal letters telling me how this community has helped them through difficult times or given them a great hobby, so I suppose the letters which tell me how upset the community has made them, is all part of the ebb and flow. I just ask you to look after each other, thats all. There are quite a few sensitive souls lingering out there which need protecting not to mention the younger members who are looking at you as role models. This angst goes against everything I believe in, I think you know that.

“To live and let live, without clamour for distinction or recognition; to wait on divine love; to write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart – this is the sanity and perfection of living.”
~ Mary Baker Eddy


Much Love
Keep up the good work and SHINE





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  1. Good point! We’re all here to enjoy Richard’s acting skills. (And yes, he is great to look at on screen or stage!). Let’s all remember this and play well with others! 🙂


    1. there was (is?) a blog that is a place where others who have been frustrated with Servetus would go and talk to other like-minded members about the hows and whys, etc. I commented there a few times myself, sometimes I stayed on track and conducted myself well, other times not so much 😳 suddenly the people who run the blog started gathering “evidence” from Servetus’ older blog posts, often taken out of context IMO, so that they could send a complaint to Richard’s management stressing that Servetus and her blog are a threat to Richard himself and try to get her blog shut down. many of the commenters on that blog did NOT agree with this action and voiced their opinions. the blog wiped out all of it’s content (I’m not sure why) and then posted a statement today explaining why they think Servetus is still a threat and letting it be known that they have not abandoned their plan. I do not condone this at all, this is not how we should be treating each other 😦


      1. Thank you petal, I’ve also commented there, I read the comments both you and Kiplingkat put up strongly objecting to the proposed action, I added my own voice against it. It seems we were ignored.
        I’ll say it again for those who didn’t hear the first time,
        ‘ Two wrongs, NEVER make a right.’


        1. I didn’t want to call you out on commenting there, just in case 🙂 also, it seems that everyone is outraged, yet no one is telling the others what happened 😕 so my comment was an explanation for anyone who is feeling lost 😉
          this kind of action is using the same tactics they claimed to be fighting against 😐


          1. My thoughts exactly.
            Thank you darling, yours seems to be one of the very few sensible voices being heard, As usual those wishing to whip up spite are doing the shouting.
            I don’t have a problem with anyone knowing my opinion on this. A good person I know is still being pilloried,[…]I could never condone what a appears to be similar conduct against anyone, even the original instigator.
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          2. Yes, that was what was most disturbing. They did start to take on traits they slammed Servetus for. What they did in digging up all her personal information with the intent to intimidate was cyber stalking. I’ve been through that and it’s not cool to do that to anyone[…]If Patchy was really just concerned about his well being, they could have emailed his agents links to the offensive blog posts and be done with it. But they spent the time and energy to dig up all that information and made a huge production out of it.

            I understand being angry at someone, gods know I do, but you can’t let them drag you down into becoming someone you don’t like.
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      2. I remember finding the blog and reading some funny parody stuff from months ago, and wishing I had the nerve to join some of the funny pirate stuff or confess that I felt hurt by things in the fandom, but I never did get up the nerve to do so.
        I am in the midst of some serious personal stuff right now so I didn’t know anything about the proposed actions until today. I am sorry that the people who ran the blog went off the deep end with this. And I’m even sorrier that a reverse witch-hunt seems to be in the planning stages.


  2. I’ve spent the last two days watching My Little Pony episodes as an anti-dote.


    Now maybe I can go back to catching up with the dark mess that is A Dance With Dragons in prep for the next GoT season.


    I have some of the same concerns Patchy has about Servetus’ attitudes and behavior, and there is information floating around out there that should not be that heighten that concern. But it was clear from things Patchy had said and done and the very public way they were taking the action that what they were doing was more motivated by anger at her than concern for his well-being. That I am not down with. I think Patchy had too long “battled with monsters” and “gazed into the abyss” and became what they hated.

    As we discussed on Patchy’s blog, drama within any group is inevitable, but I agree with Guylty’s oft-quoted sentiment that we should focus on what unites us rather than what divides us.


    1. yes, people had valid concerns and they should have a place to talk about those concerns but the atmosphere on Patchy’s blog shifted rather quickly and became too hypocritical for me to stomach. I’m not naive enough to think that everyone can just get along, and I’m not asking anyone to take the road that I am taking in regards to wiping the slate clean and starting over, but it’s the justice aspect of this issue that really concerns me: if fans think that this is the way to deal with conflict, then a precedent has been set, and who will be next to get the boot?

      that My Little Pony pic was cute, btw. my daughter is growing out of liking to play with them so much and I kind of miss their sassyness 😛


      1. I got pulled in when I saw bronies popping up in the military. It’s a kids show, but it’s like a Pixar movie in that adults can enjoy it too.

        Plus Fluttershy rocks.

        It did turn rather quickly from a fun place to vent into something venomous. Though thinking back on the fact that we had to stop Patchy from revealing her info twice before this, there was an undercurrent of rage there that we did not pick up on. I worry that in my relief to finally have someplace to tell my side of the story, I ignored the signs. I worry that I should have taken a stronger stand. (I worry that i am incredibly self centered.)

        I think the reaction to this shows that the majority of the fanbase did not approve of Patchy’s actions. If a precedent has been set, it’s to not take it this far.

        As for starting over…well, for most, yes. That’s is an ideal.


      2. Just a little reminder for those who don’t know who KiplingKat is. […]I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate some people on the company they have been keeping. You know you have crossed a line when KK pops up and you seem to end up on the same side of the fence.
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        1. I know perfectly well who Kipling Kat is, and I know that in this instance she saw the light and tried to do what she could to stop this horrible thing from happening despite what she perceives as real harm done to her by the very person she is now trying to protect. I don’t think I crossed any line in this instance and I don’t think raising this now helps one bit.


          1. Well said, Perry. We all agree that Patchy went over the line. Slinging mud in another direction, however, does nothing to ease the fractures in the fandom. It just makes more of a mess.


    2. I agree. The early posts were funny and not as frequent but the recent stuff was too personal for me and not fun.. It was as if they were different people completely (I mean, there supposedly were, but the tone was like two different blogs) and some of them had wrong information which IIRC you called them on, but then they recently repeated it. It’s as if they were becoming their own evil twin.


  3. I agree with Cill on this. Please let’s not get into this old stuff now. […]We started out here on the same side of this awful thing. Let’s keep it there.
    And with that, Goodnight.
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  4. I am so disappointed in the readers who thought it necessary to come into this discussion and slam other fans directly on this blog. you don’t like what things went on daily at Patchy’s blog, so you felt it was justified to do the same thing here? no matter your feelings towards Kipling Kat and what went on before, that was then and this is now; and if you would[…]do some research before blasting off you would know that she was one of the voices speaking out against doing this current thing to Servetus. you went off topic to air your grievances here without any respect to me or to what I am trying to do here.[…]

    Edited to add: I’ve since tried to edit the comments so that others could make their opinions known *without* attacking each other directly or veering off-track into past incidents that went on long before this one. for some, the whole point of this post was lost among past hurts and grudges, which is a real shame. it seems we can’t even pull together against a shared injustice without drawing those lines and staying on “our side”. comments will remain closed on this post.


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