I’m Sorry Sir, I Can’t Answer That Question!

my thoughts about the first episode of Strike Back: part 2

( continued from here)

-Porter stakes out the safe-house that was being used seven years ago, in hopes that it will lead him to the suicide bomber that Katie snapped a picture of before she was taken.

Note to bad guys: using the same hide-out for seven years negates the “safe” factor.

*great, now the whole neighborhood knows I'm here!*
*great, now the whole neighborhood knows I’m here!*

-Porter is a man who thinks ahead,

he doesn’t do things half-assed…

"this road better be flat"
“this road better be flat”

-He gets himself taken, hoping that they’ll throw him in with Katie. First he has a stare-down with the suicide-bomber, crawling inside the kid’s soul with those eyes of his, and then gets his tracking device ripped out of his mouth.

those glasses are there for our protection, not his
those glasses are there for our protection, not his

-Meanwhile: after losing contact with Porter, Collinson mans up and tries to get official support to follow his lead. Unofficial support will have to do, so the next reasonable step is to devastate John’s family. Porter’s daughter knows his game though, accusing Collinson of lying to her dad and sending him on this mission that he’s now MIA on. Mrs. Porter claims that it’s just as well, because they’re all better off without him.

maybe John should have brought her flowers more often?
maybe John should have brought her flowers more often?

-Back in dusty bad guy land: Porter’s hunch was correct and he gets thrown into captivity with Katie. John hobbles over and tries to reassure her that everything will be okay, she just has to trust him.

*I would have been here sooner but I got stuck in traffic*
*I would have been here sooner but I got stuck in traffic*

-After some upsetting torture where I’m sure Katie was wondering if John actually knew what he was doing, they get thrown back into their cell. Porter now knows they mean business, so he puts his plan into action.

*all heroes must wash hands before returning to work*
*all heroes must wash hands before returning to work*

-The bad guys lie to John (shocking, I know!) and screw up his escape plan by taking Katie ahead of schedule. John is pissed! Now we get to see him kick things, a lot, and it’s very enjoyable πŸ˜€




-Porter is able to save Katie without a minute to spare and kill the bad guys*claps* He then tries to suck the boy’s soul out through his eyes again and then turns the gun on him, ignoring his pleas, until Katie intervenes.

*I told you I was all heart*
*I told you I was all heart*

-The three of them flee together as more bad guys start to chase them.

There’s a stand-off, then a dramatic rescue by a completely silent helicopter.

*shh! I think I hear something...*
*shh! I think I hear something…*

-After Collinson orders to leave the boy behind,

Katie is whisked away to safety

and wrenched from John’s capable arms.

so verrry capable
so verrry capable

-Porter is reunited with his family

*cue tears*


-and then he visits a downtrodden Katie

in the hospital.

*see: all heart!*
*see: all heart!*

-and we end with Collinson trying to talk his way out of why he ordered the boy to be left behind. John knows he’s full of it but just smiles sweetly and bides his time, which will be easier now that he’s accepted a job working alongside of Collinson…

*special features*
*special features*


20 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Sir, I Can’t Answer That Question!

  1. In my imagination – the one that ignores episode 1 of the fist Cinemax season of Strike Back – Porter ends up married to Katie and they live happily ever after. A girl can dream, right?


    1. I never felt the sexual tension, though there was *something* there. I really liked her though and thought she was pretty; I would approve of that match πŸ™‚ so get working on that fanfic! πŸ˜›


      1. At least you know what is going on. Making up your own name would be much more fun, I will watch football if you commentate. πŸ™‚


  2. LOL – the special features…
    Sorry, I am starting at the end – very bad. Loved your summary. (Please include SPOILER note at the beginning… Actually: don’t. there’s not a fangirl in sight who hasn’t seen the delectable Porter in action…) The stares were really quite intense in SB, and some of the details you picked out I also didn’t get. Should really rewatch…


    1. I’m of the opinion that if you haven’t seen something and you read someone’s thoughts on it, you’re reading at your own risk πŸ˜‰ plus, if I start censoring my thoughts on his projects, then I’ll automatically start censoring my thoughts in general, and then I’ll turn responsible and start citing sources and whatnot; it will be anarchy! πŸ˜†


      1. Thanks to the recent Cinemax interview, the ‘in-joke’ (pun intended?) can be enjoyed even by those who have not seen the original. πŸ˜‰


  3. OMG, I Love Strike Back (the DVDs actually work in my computer thank goodness because they don’t on my DVD player). Anyhow, I have read/watched your “I’m Sorry, Sir, I Can’t Answer That Question” a few times now and I kill myself laughing every time! Who knew Porter could be so funny?


    1. even without my “help” Porter is rather funny, he’s got that dry sense of humor and delivery that comes at you when you’re least expecting it πŸ™‚


  4. It’s so funny to see you screen caps to serious shows like Sparkhouse and Strike Back (both of which I love). The shows are so serious and then I see your work and it is like a whole other show, a comedy. And they are so funny because they are so silly yet so spot on. Love it! Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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