This Time Last Year

While cleaning up all of my folders and downloads on my old laptop so that my daughter can use it, I had a look back through the browser history to see what I was doing on-line at this time last year. I hadn’t started blogging yet but had just gotten through those first few months of Armitage frenzy and finally felt things evening out a bit.

some randomness:

⭐ this reading nook:


⭐ voting in’s March Madness

⭐ reading blog posts on: Me+Richard; RAfrenzy; Love, Sex & Other Dirty Words; My Sort of Bloke; and Such is life

⭐ this DJ kitty:


⭐ wondering when members of message board in different fandom are going to overthrow me and friend for decorating excessively with Richard Armitage pics

Strike Back kicking gifs:



⭐ looking forward to visiting parents for Spring Break to introduce my dad to Strike Back and force my mom to watch The Hobbit dvd with us

⭐ Dean


⭐ hunting down “The Almighty Johnsons” and regularly saying Kili when I mean Fili


⭐ reading news about Spooks movie, and Black Sky financial concerns

⭐ defending Robin Hood series:

-Guy’s misguided and gullible nature

-Jonas/Joe casting switch personally preferred

-admit to enjoying the cheese factor…


⭐ calling “fake” when manip of Richard wearing kilt appeared and guessing it was Gerard Butler rather quickly


⭐ finding recipes for my Harry Potter themed Easter dinner; Butter-Beer has become a family favorite


⭐ always hiding my eyes when the Speedo shows up, while eagerly awaiting the Flirty-Girty


⭐ this fanvid,

which makes me smile and tear up at the same time:

19 thoughts on “This Time Last Year

        1. I’d like to say that was true but I was addicted to fanfic before discovering Richard so not much has changed :/ quality cannot be discounted though; Richard comes out the clear winner 😎


          1. If you’re going to go crazy over something, yeah, this is a good one. It dawns on me sometimes that I’ve been blogging almost four years. But it’s been a lot of fun. Even with some of the ups and down, it’s still enjoyable.


          2. I’ll be coming up on one year in May 🙂 although there have been some ups and downs socially (that’s nothing new for me, I struggle w/the same in “real life” too) I’ve had tons of fun with the blogging part, and I look forward to interacting with other fans about Richard’s upcoming projects; so all in all it’s been a big plus for me 😎


          3. before blogging I did the Fan-Forum thing, commenting *and* moderating. the power went to my head, I wanted MORE! 😆 with blogging, I can share my thoughts in an enjoyable way without having to depend on someone else to further the thread 😉


  1. You and I are almost on the exact same calendar. It was April for me and the end of June when I launched the blog. I remember in the beginning just assuming that you were really experienced at blogging,and even asking you if you could help me make a gif. LOL – you said you got them off Tumblr.I think that was the first I ever heard of Tumblr. Oops. Getting a little sentimental here looking back. P.S.How’s the kitten.


    1. that’s one of the things that was so fun, all of us learning together 🙂 not that we’re not still learning, we just mask it better 😛
      the kitten is doing well. had to get stitches and wear a bandage for a couple days. got the bandage off yesterday, so fingers crossed that she doesn’t pull the stitches out! giving her medicine twice a day isn’t all that fun but at least it happened to the most passive of my bunch; it could be a lot worse! it’s Kili that got hurt, just like in the movie 🙂 Fili isn’t exactly being the supportive sibling though :/


  2. just an FYI: with the new blog layout you can now “like” individual comments too! I got more excited about that than I probably should have 😳 simple pleasures.


      1. don’t you have to sign in to “like” the post too? sometimes I just want to echo what someone else said without having to write a short “I agree” or whatever 🙂


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