I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!

I felt it was time for another post-every-day series, so I’ve been looking around for a challenge to adapt like I did with the Alphabet Movie challenge. Most of them ask the same standard questions: favorite episode, favorite photo, etc.

still my favorite

but the Disney Princess challenge (yes, you read that right) actually has some interesting points to ponder.

Tinker T(h)orin?

I’ve adapted it into the RA Character challenge though, so there won’t actually be any princesses.

now she tells me

The first few handful of questions are the same old, same old but I hope you’ll stick around to see how the others differ πŸ™‚

RA Character challenge

1.) favorite character

Harry Kennedy

what a coincidence…

12 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!

  1. Harry Kennedy+1, sometimes it’s Thornton. Toss up. Porter is cool too…

    My favorite pic is one of Harry Kennedy’s with book looking down, or the one when he leaned down to kiss Geraldine walking back at night, or at the Berlin premiere or the NY reading. Ah…any of those will do. πŸ˜€


  2. The photo you have chosen for your header give me feels (and the less detail I go into about the nature of those the embarrassed kelbel will be πŸ˜‰ ) but it’s not my all time-favourite.
    For that, there are so many to choose from!
    There are two Lucas North photos I love: one where he is staring at Sarah Caulfield lost in reverie, and the other two in which he looks at Elzvieta with tears in his eyes. (So I’m a romantic. So sue me).
    There are also some profile shots, including one of Alex from The Golden Hour that I love.

    I also like the Speedos and I make no apologies;-)


    1. so the blog header is good then? that’s all I need to know πŸ˜€

      you’re proclaiming you are a romantic and you like the Speedo? that’s too much shocking info to just throw out there all at once! 😯 πŸ˜›


      1. Well it’s only because of the anonymity of the internetz that I dare admit to any sort of romantic bent. (I suspect however that my idea of ‘romance’ doesn’t dovetail too closely with that of Thornton’s stans πŸ˜‰ ).


  3. I’m excited that you’re doing another series!

    I can’t possibly pick one photo for my favorite. He has so many different characters and different looks and I like almost all of them. I think Harry is most likable as a character but I still love John Thornton. I like pictures from Spooks and Strike Back better than the actual shows as I’m a wimp when it comes to violence (I have watched them though.) Something about the pictures at CinemaCon got to me too.


    1. from the “Into the Storm” trailer you mean? that one is going to be hard for me to watch too! there are diff’t kinds of gun/fighting violence in movies and television, so while I really like some there are others that I can’t stomach; but natural disaster/braving the elements movies can get to me :/ my mother loves violent films, “the bloodier the better” is what she always says (I don’t know where I come from sometimes!) so anytime I watch something that is too violent for me, I’m always sure to tell her about it πŸ˜›


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