A Real Chance

RA Character challenge

2.) Favorite Female

Lisa Bolton

Lisa was a breath of fresh air. She was bluntly innocent, perceptive, selfless and had no problem seeing the good in John and being mature enough to appreciate what he was doing for her and Carol. Lisa treated John like he was normal, often ribbing him like a younger sister would. Others often approached John with kid gloves, not knowing if he was daft or dangerous; Lisa threw all of those pretenses out the window.

Lisa felt like she had an ally in John, I think. He loved Carol and so did she, something no one else could understand. Lisa and Carol weren’t on their own anymore, John would be there for the both of them.

John had given Lisa a real chance by choosing to help them

and in knowing that, she gave one back to him.


8 thoughts on “A Real Chance

  1. I so agree. Great observation, Kelbel. Lisa’s a toughie-in-the-making who still exhibits a lot of kindness. To wit: “Nice haircut!”

    I had a hard time watching the actress play a conniving adult in The Borgias (though she was terrific in that, too), because I so associated her with this Lisa role.


    1. I’m in the middle of The Borgias now and the only objection I have to her is that she still looks 13 years old.

      Which is why her role on Robin Hood creeped me out so much.. especially after having watched Sparkhouse… =\


      1. I kind of like that I have the association of her as Lisa when seeing her play Meg in Robin Hood b/c that storyline isn’t about romance necessarily but more just human kindness; so “Lisa” helps with driving that home to me, w/out getting distracted by matchmaking πŸ˜‰


      2. IIRC what I have been told by my Renaissance history geek squad, the real Lucrezia Borgia was married off at about age 13.


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