Puppy Love

RA Character challenge

3.) Favorite Couple

Harry & Geraldine

Their courtship is so cute and sweet, it makes me feel like a teenager all over again!

The serendipity of first meetings

The enticement

of being pursued

The nervousness

of first dates

The camaraderie

of courtship

The playfulness

of friendship

The pull

of attraction


stalking 😛

The vulnerable


that it will someday

lead to:

banner by Angelfish69

7 thoughts on “Puppy Love

    1. the fairytale feel of it makes you forget reality for awhile. I know some fans want to witness their life after the wedding but I don’t; I want to keep it innocent and carefree 🙂


      1. Just re-watched the whole shebang. Always cheers me up. As you said – the fairytale quality of it. Who wouldn’t want to dream of being courted by such a gorgeous, lovely man…


        1. and one who fell for you right away, so much so that he proposed so quickly; after having mulled it over with his best friend first, of course, who was also his sister…


  1. I have to confess (sadly) that I’ve never been able to buy into them as a couple. I suppose it’s because I was not a big fan of the show before hand. (Father Ted stan all the way. Not that it was ever a real rivalry 😀 ).


    1. I never saw the show before I watched that episode. it’s all about Harry for me 😉 Geraldine is interchangeable, if I’m being honest. but really, what other couples do we have to choose from besides John and Margaret? everyone else is tragic in some form or another :/


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