RA Character challenge

6.) Least Favorite Couple

Lucas and Sarah

I’m basing this choice solely on lack of chemistry.

Other couples I may not like because of their storyline or maybe even how the female looks but with Lucas and Sarah, I have a hard time feeling in relation to them as a couple. When I step back and look at the storyline they share objectively, I do feel quite a lot but when I’m witnessing it on screen

it’s just dead.

I should feel something here but I don’t (for Sarah. I have all kinds of feels for Lucas)

I’ve never seen this actress in anything else that I know of, so I’m not judging her overall, just the way she chose to portray this particular character (the dialect coach was asleep on the job as well :/ ). When I used still pictures of this couple to illustrate the song lyrics for Chris Issac’s Wicked Game , I had no problem feeling multiple things;

so it’s not the character, in and of itself, that I have a problem with…

where are you from: Boston, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Houston? it’s time to choose

10 thoughts on “Feel

  1. I don’t share the real dislike for Sarah that everyone else seems to have, though obviously she turns out to be pretty nasty. I wonder if it’s partly because, as a Brit, her accent doesn’t bother me (apart from the glaringly obvious ones most Brits are hopeless at recognising regional American accents – or at least the subtleties that would place them for you guys).

    I think they are a couple using each other, both for sex and for information, and (don’t shoot me) I think Lucas is almost as bad as Sarah in that respect. And while that isn’t. Dry nice, it happens enough in real life…


    1. I know the accent issue is more obvious to me, as an American, and I try to keep that in mind (it’s something I struggle with often, for English and Irish too, not just American πŸ˜‰ ) but Sarah’s just sounds so ridiculous to me, whatever it’s supposed to be. there are stretches where I want to reach into the TV, “there! right there, just keep doing that. stop trying to over dramatize it!”
      but aside from all of that, Lucas and Sarah’s relations seem very wooden. in the beginning they were both using each other and they both knew that the other was doing so but then they grew to depend on each other for human contact, so it was more a “better the devil you know” situation, IMO. I don’t think either one of them thought they could do better, that they could have something real with someone in that way, so they convinced themselves that this relationship was it. very sad on both ends 😦


      1. She was supposed to be from Boston (at least according to Ros) but sometimes she sounded southern (although I’m not expert on Canadian regional accents) or midwestern. Or something.

        I think that Lucas turned to her from a very real need to have someone, anyone, after all those years alone. Sarah? I know it’s popular to assume she didn’t feel anything for him, but she certainly *wanted* him because he was (in her words) ‘beautiful’ (not too different from most of us RA fans, tbh) and ‘clever’. Maybe she thought that she would be well off with him because she knew that their relationship existed in an atmosphere of lingering mutual distrust and pragmatism.

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  2. John Mulligan and Ellie, William Chatford and his partner in Malice Aforethought, Marie Lloyd and Percy Courtney. There’s actually quite a lot of them I don’t like, chemistry or no chemistry. It’s so hard to choose.


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