My Kind of Perfection

RA Character challenge

7.) Favorite Outfit

I love this look of Harry’s ❤

if it wasn’t on him though, would I like it as much? The jeans appear a little too loose in the lower legs, the striped sweater is a bit geeky and the coat is kind of long

but in a way, I think that’s why I like it so much,

it’s not perfect.

Those jeans are nice in other areas, and seeing that the stripes are only on the front of the shirt makes me like it more; and let’s not forget the glasses!

I could just look at Harry all day!

*checks watch*

I have some time to kill, let me see what else I can find in my photo stash…


3 thoughts on “My Kind of Perfection

    1. I don’t like wearing sweaters myself; I get too hot in all of those layers, and the sweaters are too itchy to wear them without anything underneath :/ but cuddling with someone who is wearing a sweater, on the other hand, is a different story 😀 choosing between all of Harry’s sweaters is hard! the blue one that he wears with the red scarf would be my second choice though.


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